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What ColdFusion IDE Do You Use in 2017?

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November 06, 2017 04:36:46 PM GMT
<p>Hello ColdFusion community.  Over the years I’ve used several different integrated development environment (IDE) tools for my ColdFusion projects.  Here’s a brief timeline of the IDEs that I’ve used over time in chronological order: Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver CFEclipse CFBuilder IntelliJ IDEA I feel like each IDE that I’ve used over time served a purpose.  Dreamweaver, for example, was a great learning tool and for someone just starting to learn web design, the “design view” and integrated FTP synchronization was a valuable […]</p>
<p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://coldfusion.adobe.com/2017/11/what-coldfusion-ide-do-you-use-in-2017/">What ColdFusion IDE Do You Use in 2017?</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://coldfusion.adobe.com">ColdFusion</a>.</p>
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I've been using CF Builder 2 because it is the only thing that will work in the same version of Eclipse with Flash Builder 4.7 -- I can run CF Builder 3 as a separate app if I want, but I don't want to use two different IDEs when I work, so I'm "stuck" with CF Builder 2. We're migrating away from Flex, so Flash Builder 4.7/CF Builder 2 is going away soon -- thank God! What an awful IDE it has been! I can't wait to be rid of it! We're switching to Angular 2 for our front end (almost done replacing our old Flex apps with Angular 2 apps), but we'll still be using ColdFusion for the server-side stuff. I've been using WebStorm for the Angular 2 stuff, and Flash Builder 4.7/CF Builder 2 for the Flex and ColdFusion stuff. When Flex is completely gone, I will upgrade WebStorm to IntelliJ IDEA and use it for Angular 2 and for ColdFusion, so I can have all my work in one IDE.
99 | April 09, 2018 10:35:29 PM GMT
Does IntelliJ IDEA do any of the code introspection on your components or ORM Entities? CFBuilder does that but Sublime and VSCode do not.
Comment by Josh Kutz
96 | April 10, 2018 04:01:14 PM GMT
Ctrl+R gives you quick access to your methods in a CFC, but I use the Keyboard Extension for Sublime Text 3 in VS Code. So Ctrl+R for VS Code by default might do something different.
Comment by Jim Pickering
71 | April 17, 2018 12:20:16 AM GMT
Yes it does. It's extremely helpful when doing OOP ColdFusion development.
Comment by Dave Levin
41 | April 26, 2018 11:25:45 PM GMT
Any tips for settings etc? Plugins that have to be downloaded?
Comment by dabinaz
1953 | March 29, 2019 02:53:46 PM GMT
Hey Dave, thank you for this post. Although 2 years old, I find it quite useful today as macOS Catalina does not support Dreamweaver CS6. The reason I love Dreamweaver CS6 and previous versions is because of its unique "related files" feature. I open one file and all the related files (cfm, cfc, js and css) will be shown in a subtab below the main file I open. This helps me to be more productive as I do not need to be looking for the included files myself; they are just there. Question: anyone that suggested other IDEs/editors knows if this feature is offered by those IDEs/editors? Thank you!
Comment by Daniel Szwarc
3578 | December 12, 2019 06:52:48 PM GMT
This might be a duplicated entry, but I don't see the one I posted yesterday, so here I go. Dreamweaver CS6 and earlier versions allow me to be more productive by showing me the related files, including cfm and cfc files. That has changed. Now it will not recognize ColdFusion files as related files. With the new version of macOS called Catalina, CS6 wont work anymore. For the moment I'll stick to macOS Mojave, but eventually I'll have to upgrade. So here is the question to the community: anyone knows of an IDE or Editor that will show related files in the way Dreamweaver does? Something like the attached image. Thank you!
Comment by Daniel Szwarc
3577 | December 13, 2019 02:09:22 PM GMT
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