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ColdFusion API Manager

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November 26, 2018 04:45:30 PM GMT
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<p>I am new to this and in need of assistance with the ColdFusion API Manager.  If I add a User (such as Publisher), I cannot use the login credentials to log back into the API Manager.  I receive a “User not Authorized” error.  When I adjust any profile settings, I receive a “Form Error.”  Anyone with experience on this?  Articles are tutorials?  Thanks in advance</p>
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Hi, A user with publisher permissions would be allowed to login into the API Manager Portal (localhost:9000/portal), and not the API Manager Administrator (localhost:9000/admin). Can you please confirm if "localhost:9000/portal" is where you are trying to login? The publisher would be able to create and publish APIs from the API Manager portal. You could reach out to me at <a href="mailto:inoel@adobe.com" rel="nofollow">inoel@adobe.com.</a> - Immanuel  
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