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Adobe ColdFusion Support Policies and Options FAQ

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December 11, 2018 10:12:33 PM GMT
<p>Many of you might be interested to have more clarification around our support policies and time periods, especially with newer version releases and pending core support deadlines. Hopefully, this post will guide you through the support policies and different types of support options available. Which versions of ColdFusion are supported? Each release of ColdFusion includes five years of core support with an additional year of optional extended support. Please see the current schedule here for timelines.   What is the difference […]</p>
<p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://coldfusion.adobe.com/2018/12/adobe-coldfusion-support-policies-and-options-faq/">Adobe ColdFusion Support Policies and Options FAQ</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://coldfusion.adobe.com">ColdFusion</a>.</p>
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Thanks very much for the clarifications, Elishia.
Comment by Charlie Arehart
1501 | December 12, 2018 05:08:56 PM GMT
Great posting Elishia!
Comment by LuisMajano
1503 | December 12, 2018 09:32:13 PM GMT
Subscribing as well.  Thanks for the update and I assume this explains why there have been no plans announced to certify ColdFusion 11 for any JDK other than Oracle JDK8 even though CF11 has "extended support" until 4/30/2021.  (CF11 core support ended in April of 2019)
Comment by Bradley Wood
1504 | December 13, 2018 09:01:36 PM GMT
Correction on my previous comment-- I misread that CF11's core support had ended in April of this year (even though I typed the correct year in my comment!)  I was incorrect as CF11 core support doesn't end until April of next year which means there's ~5 more months of core support left.  That said, plans have been spoken about 2016 and 2018 in regards to updating for Java licensing, but CF11 hasn't been discussed yet.  What are the plans for providing core support for CF11 users in regards to JVM support so users can stay on a supported JVM past January 2019 when Oracle ceases their free updates.
Comment by Bradley Wood
1505 | December 14, 2018 03:15:22 PM GMT