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ROT13 in action!

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December 14, 2018 03:42:47 AM GMT
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<p>ROT13_Demo Demonstrates a ROT13 library   What is ROT13?   ROT13 stands for Rotate 13. It takes every character in a string and moves it down the alphabet 13 places. If it falls off the end it wrap around to the front. It is the quintessential bad encryption algorithm. Why 13 places? It serves as its own decrypter. Resources https://github.com/jmohler1970/ROT13_Demo https://github.com/jmohler1970/ROT13 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ROT13 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/rot13 https://cflib.org/udf/Rot13 (Original)</p>
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Great demo James... and yes... <em>horrible</em> encryption!  LOL
Comment by David Byers
1509 | December 19, 2018 09:01:02 PM GMT