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How to use Performance Management Tools

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January 24, 2019 01:39:29 PM GMT
<p>How should the Performance monitoring tools be deployed in production.</p>
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Do you have any access to production servers, eg can you access port 80 / 443? If not then I would suggest you just use the tool in your development environment. The only other thing I could think of would be that you could have your Admins take a backup of the data and move it over for you to analyze -- not really ideal. If you can get http/https access to your production infrastructure, then performance monitoring toolkit can be accessed via a web browser. The UI runs over a http server on a specified port (you will probably want to ensure that you have that running over TLS).
Comment by Peter Freitag
1581 | January 24, 2019 03:47:03 PM GMT
Hi, Could you please send an email to cfinstal@adobe.com Thanks, Priyank
1586 | January 24, 2019 04:40:36 PM GMT