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Starting fresh with upgrade from CF 10 on Win 2008 R2 – recommendations?

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April 17, 2019 11:10:10 PM GMT
<p>Hello there. We wish to retire our Windows 2008 64-bit R2 servers which a number of them are still running CF 10 Enterprise. Which version of Coldfusion would your recommend that would be able to run well and security on a Windows 2016 R2 server? Thank you.</p>
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It all depends on your needs and risk tolerance for running unsupported versions of any software. I would personally not be comfortable running an outdated internet facing server software. Considering CF11 update support is ending, your choices are limited to CF2016 or CF2018. I am currently on CF11 but will soon be migrating to a newer version.
Comment by gobiem95484943
2002 | April 19, 2019 03:11:22 PM GMT
<p>CF2018 or 2016.</p><p>As for CF2018, it supports it, of course. Indeed, as of its update 2, it supports Windows Server 2019 as well.</p><p>As for CF2016, support for Windows Server 2016 was added only by way of a new installer released in early 2017. So if you find or have some existing CF2016 installer, beware it may be the original (or another) from 2016, which did NOT support Server 2016. But note that you can’t download CF2016 from the public CF site. you can get it only if you had licensed CF2016 from Adobe, in which case they have a licensing web site with whatever installers you have licensed.</p><p>As for CF11 or earlier, Adobe never updated them to support Server 2016.</p>
Comment by Charlie Arehart
2021 | April 26, 2019 12:50:16 PM GMT
To @Adobe Newbie 2013: Any thoughts?
Comment by Charlie Arehart
2034 | May 06, 2019 02:54:15 PM GMT