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Is there a way to turn off enterprise features off on developer edition?

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August 15, 2019 01:11:37 PM GMT
<p>Hi, I recently got caught out trying to add advanced scheduling (Which I didn’t know was an enterprise feature) to scheduled tasks on a standard installation of ColdFusion. I had not encountered any issues during the development stage as the developer edition provides all the features of Enterprise. Is there a way to disable enterprise features in developer edition to better replicate the functionality of a standard licence instead? For reference, this is for CF 11. Thanks!</p>
<p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://coldfusion.adobe.com/2019/08/way-turn-off-enterprise-features-off-developer-edition/">Is there a way to turn off enterprise features off on developer edition?</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://coldfusion.adobe.com">ColdFusion</a>.</p>
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Hi, The developer edition is a full Enterprise edition with access limitation. We cannot suppress the settings intended for Standard edition in developer edition. Thanks, Priyank
2246 | August 16, 2019 01:20:05 PM GMT
This challenge Chris raises has always been the case for CF, and is indeed an unfortunate situation in some cases. (FWIW, it's true with sql server's developer edition, also.) Priyank, I'm not sure if you meant to say what you did. He doesn't want you to "suppress the settings intended for Standard edition in developer edition". Instead, he wants to suppress the *Enterprise* settings. It would seem it *should* be possible to offer this, an option during installation to allow choice of running the Dev editon as like Ent or Std. You say you "cannot" change this, but clearly you *can*. The real question is how hard it would be, against how valuable it would be. If one understands the challenge, it is indeed valuable--even if it may or be requested often. I realize the "cost" could be deemed too high, but it would help to hear that the issue had been given real consideration, even if perhaps in the past.
Comment by Charlie Arehart
2247 | August 16, 2019 02:02:40 PM GMT
Charlie, even if you select the option "Developer edition" during the installation, it will have all the features of Enterprise edition. My point is if you install "Trial" and it will convert to developer edition after 30 days, it doesn't remove the enterprise feature from the CF Admin. Sorry, I meant Enterprise feature, not Standard. Maybe I can raise this with the development team where we can mention in CF Admin itself that this is an Enterprise only feature, so the users can test their application based on the Standard settings.
2248 | August 16, 2019 02:15:03 PM GMT
I think this is a very useful feature request.  I personally never target Enterprise Edition with my code.
Comment by Tyler Clendenin
2249 | August 16, 2019 02:34:43 PM GMT
<p>Priyank, I’m not sure if you’re proposing the solution I am suggesting. If you mean that you’d ask the dev team to “mention in the CF Admin” when *some feature* was Enterprise-only, that is not what we were talking about (and it's not enough).</p><p>For instance, there are language features (not only admin features) which are affected by whether one is running Std vs Enterprise. So again, the request here is to specifically offer an option at install time (or via the admin after the fact, also) to choose to make it that the Developer edition runs with Standard features, rather than Enterprise ones, if desired.</p><p>And now that you mention it, the same request COULD be made regarding one running the TRIAL edition as well: someone may know that they are running the trial in anticipation of upgrading from an older CF Standard edition, to this newer Standard edition. If they don’t notice that the TRIAL is instead (always, for now) running as ENTERPRISE, they may think that the upgrade from the older to the newer version is giving them benefits which they would then LOSE when they then put in their Standard license key.</p>
Comment by Charlie Arehart
2250 | August 16, 2019 03:43:56 PM GMT
I'd love to see this as well.   We ran into this issue recently as well - trying to do some local load testing but our prod server is running Standard and we couldn't mimic this in a local environment.  So while we could load test - it wasn't a very accurate representation as we were comparing apples and oranges.
Comment by Jim Priest
2253 | August 18, 2019 08:11:00 PM GMT
That's another great point, Jim. Has anyone in this thread yet opened a feature request for this? That's often key to getting something seriously considered. Chris, you should if it turns out  no one has (at tracker.adobe.com)
Comment by Charlie Arehart
2254 | August 18, 2019 09:14:56 PM GMT
Good Shout Charlie, I couldn't see any outstanding feature requests so submitted one myself. <a href="https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/CF-4205026" rel="nofollow">https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/CF-4205026</a> Thanks.
Comment by Chris Bossons
2255 | August 19, 2019 07:57:10 AM GMT
<p>Great, Chris, and I’ve voted.</p><p>You may want to consider posting a new comment (pointing out the feature request and url) in addition to this <em>reply</em>. Some people may not bother to click to expand/show replies, but they may see top-level comments.</p><p>Indeed, you could even offer a update to the bottom of the post itself (though that takes it offline until the edit is approved, which might be hours), as some don't even read comments. If you do that, you could also change the last sentence to indicate that this is true for all past versions of cf, not just 11.</p>
Comment by Charlie Arehart
2256 | August 19, 2019 12:53:36 PM GMT
My personal thought here: <ol> <li>My initial intention is to run my site from Standard Edition, because I don't anticipate any Enterprise functionality.</li> <li>I test my Advanced Scheduling feature locally in Developer Edition, not realizing it's Enterprise.</li> <li>It works on my machine.</li> <li>It fails after I deploy to Production, and I spend a bit of time figuring out why.</li> </ol> In my hypothetical here, I would have been more likely to buy the Enterprise Edition up front if I had known that functionality that I wanted was an EE feature. But with my above progression, I'd be <em>much</em> more likely to just change the functionality or remove it entirely if I can't find a work-around. It seems to me that this would be a good pain point to remove from developers. And Charlie, I think I might look at the SQL Developer differences. It seems a little less impactful, though, because there is a much clearer delineation of what is a MSSQL Enterprise Feature and what isn't (like Transparent Data Encryption and Always Encrypted). Plus there's a little bit more of a financial disparity in the SQL versions. :-)  
Comment by ShawnPO
2262 | August 22, 2019 03:56:50 PM GMT
Shawn, we're in agreement on your points. As for SQL Server, I just mentioned it because some may not realize it has the same problem. And I DO think it's as bad a problem there, but I realize you disagree. I have seen many people trip over the same sort of issue there, and the delineation is not so clear, but we can disagree. Even so, you can find many online calling for the same thing (for SQL Server to offer the option to choose which mode to emulate in its Dev edition). We're all in agreement here on the main point: it would be very helpful if Adobe would let us choose whether the Dev edition should emulate Standard or Enterprise. I will post a new top-level comment highlighting the feature request Chris offered, as many may miss it in these second-level replies.
Comment by Charlie Arehart
2265 | August 22, 2019 06:43:24 PM GMT
For others reading along who agree with the idea Chris raises (and so far, all of us in comments do), note that he created a feature request for it: <a href="https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/CF-4205026" rel="nofollow">https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/CF-4205026</a> Go add your vote, as that's really what Adobe pays attention to, more than comments here.
Comment by Charlie Arehart
2264 | August 22, 2019 06:44:49 PM GMT