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Coldfusion 2018 Auto Lockdown tool

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March 25, 2020 04:10:28 PM GMT
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<p>How long should it take to install the lockdown tool?  I have 4 websites in IIS and it has been stuck at 100% for an hour.  Installing… Change permissions of IIS website:  The log stopped populating and the cpu under task manger is at zero.</p>
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I see this is from 6 days ago. Bummer to hear that no one answered. Did things finally finish? or did you kill the process (or restart the server)? Either way, how did things work out? I will say that personally I am not a fan of that tool: I hear too many reports of such problems. FWIW, if I need to lockdown a CF server, I use the CF2016 lockdown guide. (The 2018 version of the guide is written to presume you are using the auto lockdown tool. It has some new info, but it also lacks details that are presumed to be handled by the tool, but which ARE covered in the 2016 guide).
Comment by Charlie Arehart
4711 | March 31, 2020 05:07:29 PM GMT