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How to install ColdFusion updates manually

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November 20, 2017 10:56:04 PM GMT
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Sometimes, CF administrator UI update installation could fail due to permissions, lockdown guide, network restrictions etc. You can follow below instructions to apply updates manually. Navigate to https://www.adobe.com/go/coldfusion-updates (use Google chrome to view xml in the browser) Look for required update under <cfhf_downloadlink> tag. It would be listed as https://cfdownload.adobe.com/pub/adobe/coldfusion/20XX/updates/hotfix-00X-XXXXX.jar Download the hotfix-0XX-XXXXX.jar and place it under ColdFusion20XX/jre/bin Open the command prompt as administrator and navigate to ColdFusion20XX/jre/bin Run the below command:           Java -jar hotfix-0XX-XXXXX.jar […]
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Thanks for recommending that, Grae. I see that somehow I wrote my previous comment after yours, but didn't notice you had pointed out my post already. (I wonder if back then perhaps your comment was being moderated so I hadn't seen it when I wrote mine.) Anyway, I would add another point for folks finding this post: if you find that the java command (shown in the post) doesn't work, I address how to resolve that also in my blog post (along with other challenges one may have in doing updates).
Comment by Charlie Arehart
1862 | March 05, 2019 08:18:52 PM GMT