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2673189 CF-4147159 Core Runtime Aaron Shurmer bug 4126642 isn't fully fixed it's still broken with locks persisting after UDF has returned ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4147159 External Customer Info: External Company
3137504 CF-4198788 Charting/Graphing Aaron Shurmer savecontent of graph fails in a cfc Problem Description: explodes when trying to grab content Steps to Reproduce: attached file - run cfc?method=graph and it explodes
2612631 CF-3488063 Anit K. @AaronShurmer, we did get your emails and have sent one today. Can you please respond to that.
2672473 CF-4195152 Web Socket Aaron Shurmer same as bug 4176297 but losing session scope also same as bug 4176297 but losing session scope also - fix in updater 3 doesn't fix the issue with session, only request. not sure if there are other random scopes also disappearing
2608186 CF-4168114 Language Aaron Shurmer cfscript cfmodule runs start tag / end tag when no {} after it Problem Description: cfscript cfmodule runs start tag / end tag when no {} after it. should only run once. - makes it impossible to run cfscript cfmodule Steps to Reproduce: put a cfmodule
2612631 CF-3488063 External U. AaronShurmer said (below on July 7): "looks like there is still an issue with the fix, in fact for me it's killing all the IIS worker processes every 20-30 seconds."
2672700 CF-4176297 Web Socket Aaron Shurmer calling wsPublish in a cfc method makes the request scope cleared when finalising page at onRequestEnd Problem Description: calling wsPublish in a cfc method clears the request scope ( maybe session also? ). this is visible when you look at the request
2610512 CF-3698426 General Server Aaron Shurmer CF internal _TEMPINDEX variable bleeds into CFC variables scope Problem Description: Coldfusion has an internal variable bleed into the variables scope of CFC's basically, it appears that CF is caching the string value of a structure index
2611106 CF-3641349 Language Aaron Shurmer timeformat and daylight savings with numeric dates Problem Description: time format stuffs up with numeric date on daylight savings days. machine locale set to new zealand en_NZ java locale #timeformat( 41546.9166667, "HH:MM" )# returns 11:00pm, should
2611107 CF-3641301 Language Aaron Shurmer createdatetime and UTC Duplicate ID: CF-3628953 Related Bugs: CF-3628953 - Similar to Problem Description: createdatetime doesn't take a time zone. so to create a UTC date time object you need to: DateConvert( "UTC2local", createDateTime( year, month
Tracker Issue code outputted twice
3137404 CF-4198790 Web Socket Aaron Shurmer code outputted twice Problem Description: all socket code is placed twice into the head of the page from the tag. Both the initial code block, and the second setup block FIRST DOUBLE UP ________________________________________ /* "; _cf
Tracker Issue onerror failing
3137506 CF-4198789 Web Socket Aaron Shurmer onerror failing Problem Description: javascript error being thrown on chrome - latest version. stops JS getting to onError provided in cfwebsocket tag. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'readyState' of undefined at Web
2612926 CF-3368804 Web Container (Tomcat) Aaron Shurmer Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset Duplicate ID: CF-3488063 Problem Description: Having recently upgraded to cf10 standard, I've also hit a bit of a wall with what seems to be an iis 7 connector issue. I
2613126 CF-3345255 Core Runtime Aaron Shurmer function call structure creation occasionally executes before the line in code is run Problem Description: calls to functions occasionally precompile the arguments before the line is called in code. this is specific to arguments that are structures