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Comment on [ANeff] Doc Bug for: dateTimeFormat() w ww W WW masks undocumented by Aaron N.
2608417 CF-4099971 Documentation : General Aaron Neff [ANeff] Doc Bug for: dateTimeFormat() w ww W WW masks undocumented dateTimeFormat()'s w ww W WW masks are undocumented Repro: dateTime = createDate(2016,2,1); writeOutput(dateTimeFormat(dateTime, "w")); writeOutput(' ' & date
Comment on [ANeff] Doc Bug for: dateTimeFormat() w ww W WW masks undocumented by External U.
Comment on [ANeff] Doc Bug for: dateTimeFormat() w ww W WW masks undocumented by External U.
2861079 CF-4198342 Aaron N. Hi Kailash, Perhaps 2 simultaneous requests hitting triggers a deadlock w/ infinite timeout? Could you check that scenario? Thanks!, -Aaron
2672644 CF-4181591 Aaron N. Agree w/ Adam, from start to finish. Also, most? CF users wouldn't even have access to web.xml. Warrants re-think. Thanks!, -Aaron
2672781 CF-4170628 Aaron N. Please populate Fixed In Build w/ "CF2016_Update3".
2682215 CFB-4152897 Aaron N. +1 - Please prioritize formatting and colorization tickets. There should be zero issues w/ those.
Aaron Neff Hi Rakshith, w00t!! I'm very glad to see another Public Beta =D Thanks!!, -Aaron
2612660 CF-3476873 External U. +1 - CF2016 should ship w/ the latest. Thanks!, -Aaron
4221711 CF-4202032 Aaron N. Hello? Adobe.. how can you fix the floating point math issues w/o actually changing CF to store the values as BigDecimal? Can you please describe the planned fix? Thanks!, -Aaron
Aaron Neff Hi Adobe, w00t!! I'll see you there! @All: $15 (coupon code He7B52) for the 16 CF sessions alone is worth it. Not to mention 90 sessions in total. AND, since the sessions are recorded, you get exclusive/private access to them for the next calendar year until they become public. Get
4467319 CF-4202894 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, Please see attached images. !IMPORTANT! - Developer Edition's installer flow should remain same as pre-Aether w.r.t. wsconfig. Thanks!, -Aaron
2610000 CF-3738230 External U. Hi all, I've verified this is fixed in CF11 Update 3. Verified w/: Thanks!, -Aaron
4263677 CF-4202200 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I see you closed this ticket w/o any comment. You marked it "Closed/Withdrawn/UserError". Could you please explain? Thanks!, -Aaron
2608964 CF-3952624 Aaron N. Unable to reproduce w/ CF11 developer edition on Windows 10. Seems the issue did not affect that configuration. Thanks!, -Aaron
4216883 CFB-4198318 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I see you closed this as Duplicate w/o mentioning what is the original ID? Can you please? I would like to track this issue. Thanks!, -Aaron
3554667 CF-4199857 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I forgot to mention, but it goes w/o saying, ArgumentCollection should also work w/ BIFs as a result of this fix. That's definitely expected behavior. Thanks!, -Aaron
3269381 CFB-4198226 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, The breadth of CFB's basic formatting and colorization issues, combined w/ the lack of CFB prereleases, tells a story. Can we improve that story? Thanks!, -Aaron
2608575 CF-4060764 Aaron N. Hi Kailash, Seriously!?!? A PDF gen'd via cfhtmltopdf can't be archived. And that team's just gonna say "nup, won't fix" and the CF Team is okay w/ that?? -Aaron
2609370 CF-3852672 Aaron N. Hi Uday, w00t!!!! Thanks very much!!!! Also, a variable created in one method can be accessed in another method? That too? Or not? Hopefully that can also work.. Thanks!, -Aaron
2682280 CFB-4130083 Aaron N. +1 - Users should not have to switch to spaces. That's not the right way to deal w/ this.
3364694 CF-4199436 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I see this is "ToFix". w00t!!!!!!!!!!! This will reduce a pretty-insane amount of verbose code =D Thanks!!, -Aaron
4562292 CF-4203070 Aaron N. Hi Adobe and Brad, Just noting I don't see the issue in Windows 10 64-bit w/: Edge: 42.17134.1.0 Firefox: 61.0.1 Chrome: 67.0.3396.99 Search box displays successfully, for me, w/ above. And no error in console. Thanks!, -Aaron
Comment on Query-of-Query DISTINCT w/missing ORDER BY column should throw an error by Aaron N.
4467711 CF-4202897 Aaron N. Hi Hari, I've verified this is fixed in CF2018 Public Beta Refresh 2 (build 2018.0.0.310608). This auto discovery and PMT itself is just sooooooooooo SAWEEEET!!!! w00t!!!! Thanks!, -Aaron
3582190 CF-4199994 Aaron N. And, when I say it failed on CF2016: I mean all above-mentioned scenarios failed (w/ and w/o 100 and 30000 ms sleeps). And, when I say it succeeded on CF2018, I mean the no-sleep example from description. I even copy/pasted those cfcollection tags 6 more times and CF
Aaron Neff Hi all, Adobe removed the wsconfig options from CF2018's installer when choosing the standalone option. Here's a discussion (well, mostly w/ myself LOL ;)) regarding sensibly restoring the wsconfig options to installer UI when "Developer Edition" was selected: https
Aaron Neff Hi Saurav, Thanks very much! I've mentioned this in Slack w/ a link back to this discussion. Thanks!, -Aaron P.S. I've created some discussions recently that are still "awaiting moderation". Any way to reduce the moderation delays? :)
3269381 CFB-4198226 Aaron N. +1 - Please prioritize formatting and colorization tickets. There should be zero issues w/ those.
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: CF Admin creates task w/ handler incorrectly by Aaron N.
3732699 CF-4200189 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, And we shouldn't have to always worry so much about someVar's data type. For example: I should simply be able to loop across the columns of a query row and call .trim() on each value, w/o having to worry about if the boolean/integer/datetime/etc data types
2876751 CF-4198356 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, +1 to everything Adam said. Duplicate ticket ID needs to be publicly visible. This new tracker is lacking in that functionality (pls fix TKR-15 w/ a "Duplicate ID" field like had). Can you please answer Adam's question on CF-4120177
2608540 CF-4069951 Aaron N. Confirmed this still isn't fixed. isDDX() still returns false for DDX variables created w/ cfxml. Related ticket: CF-4056840
2608806 CF-3989771 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I agree w/ Jeff. Calling remote CFC w/ method not present should return 404, not 500, even when "Enable HTTP status codes" is checked in CF Admin. CF10 is no longer supported. Backward-compat should not be maintained for an incorrect response (500
2682326 CFB-4118933 Aaron N. Just noting that I'd tested w/ the following config: ColdFusion Builder 2016 version 3.1.3 (Full version) + ColdFusion 2016 Update 1 (Developer Edition, local, standalone). Server start/stop did nothing in that config. CFB's UI updated to show that the server
2682303 CFB-4130055 Aaron N. +1 - Totally agree w/ Pete's comment on "2/12/2016 8:09:02 AM". 1) The RDS default timeout should be higher, 2) The error message needs to clearly describe the steps that need to be taken.
Aaron Neff w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get such an adrenaline rush after each PR, when the new CF version releases! I should be sleeping, but now I must jam this tune! Whatever it takes 'Cause we
4562292 CF-4203070 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I agree w/ Brad, the "13" needs changed to "2018" in the create ticket page's version selector. Agreed? The 13 pertains to nothing, aside from it being the version CF would've been if it didn't switch to years. Thanks!, -Aaron
!? Verified in CF2018 Final (build 2018.0.0.310739) on Windows 10 w/ IIS. Thanks!, -Aaron
Aaron Neff Just realized I was playing w/ a CF Aether logo design July 10, 2017 and here Aether was released almost exactly 1 year later :) Cool stuff. Thanks!, -Aaron
4288022 CF-4202302 Aaron N. Hi Dattanand, Yes, it's the default custommenu.xml that ships w/ CF. Sure, I've just attached it. Thanks!, -Aaron
2597557 CF-3043546 Aaron N. Verified this is fixed in CF2016 Update 1 (build 2016.0.01.298513). It is much faster in CF2016 than in CF11 (tested w/ CF11 Update 7 - build Thanks!, -Aaron
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: ListSort() w/ callback disallows IncludeEmptyFields by Aaron N.
2608121 CF-4187503 Aaron N. +1 - This needs fixed. If simple values come in thru a query or URL parameter, we should be able to run .trim()/.len()/etc on them w/o having to worry about if the underlying data type is numeric or bla. Stringy member functions should simply work on all simple values.
4028002 CF-4201341 Aaron N. Hi Nimit, Guessing 64-bit CF still doesn't ship the latest MS Access driver. Long-standing issue.. 32-bit CF always shipped w/ Access driver. IMO, this should be fixed in 64-bit CF.. Thanks!, -Aaron
4288021 CF-4202301 Aaron N. Hi Immanuel and Vamsee, I'm sorry I did not see your message (Immanuel) because Tracker's email notification system has been broken since October. I've compared the timestamp of these errors w/ the timestamps of my PR discussions. I see I was testing Aether's null
2608575 CF-4060764 Aaron N. And Adobe brags-up cfhtmltopdf as cfdocument's replacement - but it's not, for various reasons. cfdocument just can't be deprecated until cfhtmltopdf is up-to-part w/ cfdocument.
4250957 CF-4202132 Aaron N. Hi Awdhesh and Vamsee, I spoke again w/ Sean. We feel this is what makes sense in CF: s1 = {simple="simple"} final s2 = {simple="simple", complex=s1} s2.simple = "changed"//this should fail s2.complex.simple = "changed"//this should not fail s2.complex
2609048 CF-3941602 Aaron N. I'm also glad to see this fixed :) But, yeah, agreeing w/ Adam: This ticket isn't completely fixed until the docs are updated. And, of course, "going dark" helps ensure tickets aren't properly hashed-out before being implemented (leading to future tickets, backward
, to reference the outer function's argument's scope if closure doesn't have an argument w/ the same name. Thanks!, -Aaron
4019926 CF-4201329 Aaron N. +1 for encodeFor to propagate to child cfoutput and includes, as long as encodeFor="nothing" is added as a way to prevent propagatation on a case-by-case basis. Nice suggestions! Too bad there's no encodeFor="all" to smartly encode all the variables for their contexts, w
4403025 CF-4202643 Aaron N. Hi Piyush, If you agree w/ the proposal in my previous comment, then the rest of what I said in the ticket's description becomes irrelevant. Basically, developers shouldn't have to go out of their way to get a useful context highlighting setting. Additionally
Comment on ColdFusion Administrator URL is case-sensitive by Aaron N.
4288021 CF-4202301 Aaron N. Hi Vamsee, I've confirmed that cfqueryparam's null attribute had nothing to do w/ this issue. audit.log reveals that I did not even create the DSN I'd used for cfqueryparam testing until 10 minutes _after_ these null messages were logged. Additionally, IIS's log files
3364694 CF-4199436 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I _really_ hope this can make it in Aether. So that we can build and populate queries w/ array notation, and have column type respected when inserting simple values. Thanks!, -Aaron
3427457 CF-4199532 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I see the status changed from "Conflicts with the Docs" to "Enhancement Request". Are you saying it does -not- conflict w/ the docs? The cfgrid doc description for "width" says: "In HTML format, can be in any valid CSS measurement unit, and a numeric
3992246 CF-4201203 Aaron N. I don't know why I waste time hashing these array function issues out w/ you. You're twisting them such that developers cannot use them predictably.
3048633 CF-4198573 Aaron N. Hi all, And -any- BIF, not just -certain- BIFs, right? Adobe closed w/ "these functions due to internal compiler optimizations and transformations can't be made first class". Thanks!, -Aaron
4427755 CF-4202736 Aaron N. I wish I could edit the description. I had a typo. The 2nd snippet (w/ the switch/case) should've been: function f() { var someValue = "a" switch(someValue) { case "b": { var foo = "bar" break } } return local
Aaron Neff

Hi Charlie,

Ah! It’s Firefox-specific. Works fine w/ Edge and Chrome.

I use all 3 randomly, but just happened to have FF open when commenting. No worries, I’ll use the others when commenting  (an emoji was supposed to appear right here - but emoji doesn't save - even

, you'll see typo in exception message: "coldfusion.compiler.validation.FunctionInvalidParamterExceptionVaradic". The "Paramter" should be "Parameter". Could that be fixed w/o another ticket? Thanks!, -Aaron
Comment on Columns added w/ QueryAddColumn w/o a datatype specified that have at least one value in the column fail during a for-in loop by Aaron N.
Comment on Columns added w/ QueryAddColumn w/o a datatype specified that have at least one value in the column fail during a for-in loop by Aaron N.
Comment on Columns added w/ QueryAddColumn w/o a datatype specified that have at least one value in the column fail during a for-in loop by Aaron N.
Comment on Columns added w/ QueryAddColumn w/o a datatype specified that have at least one value in the column fail during a for-in loop by Aaron N.
2673426 CF-4126563 External U. Hi Adobe, I've verified this is fixed in CF2016 Update 3 (build 2016.0.0.297996). Thanks!, -Aaron P.S. There is still an issue w/ creating -new- tasks w/ handlers via CF Admin. I've logged CF-4197252 for that issue.
2608657 CF-4032723 Aaron N. +1, especially for .some(). I like a fast-fail option that doesn't require the entire object to be iterated. And I also agree w/ .every() as it clearly declares intent (more than .filter()), when simply needing to know if a condition is met on each iteration.
3588520 CF-4200009 Aaron N. +1 - Mixing the schema w/ activity allows the current resource-independent data loss, necessitating the requested fix. Could status please be changed from "Closed/Withdrawn/NotABug" to "Open/To Track/HaveNewInfo"?
after Update 2 is released? Will CFFiddle then say "Adobe ColdFusion 2018, Update 2" for those CFFiddle links? Or it will still say "Adobe ColdFusion 2018, Update 1"? And, of course, same goes after CF2020 is released.. the links would still load CFFiddle w/ version 2018 or 2020? Thanks!, -Aaron
2608288 CF-4137857 Aaron N. +1 - This needs reopened/fixed. If simple values come in thru a query or URL parameter, we should be able to run .trim()/.len()/etc on them w/o having to worry about if the underlying data type is numeric or bla. Stringy member functions should simply work on all simple
3960347 CF-4201076 Aaron N. Hi all, IMO, current behavior is correct/expected. I just do not see a bug here.. I respectfully disagree w/: "Expectation is that using showdebugoutput="false" would be the same as not setting Enable Request Debugging Output on server." B/c CF cannot wait until mid
and looking for XML vars and toString'ing them, can you please just replace that error msg w/ a call to toString()? There's no backward-compat issue, since currently an exception is thrown. Thanks!, -Aaron
2613916 CF-3148691 External U. Just noting that these have been removed in CF10 Final: next_remaining, next_existing, now_remaining, and now_existing. This is cfschedule's only remaining attribute w/ an underscore: "fire_now" Thanks, -Aaron
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: ListSort() w/ callback disallows IncludeEmptyFields by Aaron N.
2608961 CF-3952818 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, Please populate "Fixed In Build". Currently it is NULL. I concur w/ the others. Knowingly 1) leaving broken behavior in supported version and 2) not *at least* documenting it as a "Known Issue" is double-wrong. This ticket was not closed-out properly
2612607 CF-3492620 Aaron N. When an ODBC DSN can be created via CF Admin w/o error, and queries run successfully, then this is fixed. That is, ultimately, the goal here. To be able to run a query.. against an ODBC DSN. If you compare the registry entries CF Admin creates vs the registry entries
structures w/ values being set throughout multiple locations, including queries (which serializeJSON() can't yet handle properly b/c it loses the query column type info). Thanks!, -Aaron
is not yet fixed in CF2016 Update 7 (build 2016.0.07.311392). Can this be fixed in CF2016? It was certainly filed in time (filed w/in months of CF2016's release). Thanks!, -Aaron
2672729 CF-4175138 Aaron N. To clarify.. 8) If "ExifByteOrder" exists, then imageWrite() will not handle that image properly. If no "ExifByteOrder" exists, then imageWrite() will handle the image properly on a locked-down server if the CF service user has R/W/D permissions on the destination
2614118 CF-3131246 Language : Tags Aaron Neff setEncoding(FORM..) w/in onRequestStart forces same form fields as array setEncoding("form", ..) w/in onRequestStart() forces "THIS.sameFormFieldsAsArray=true" behavior, even if this setting is set to false. (code attached) Just submit the form
4263677 CF-4202200 Aaron N. To clarify: yes, me (*I*) know I can resolve the issue by installing the driver from Microsoft's download site. I noted the same in this ticket's description. The issue is CF Admin's error messages conflict w/ CF's long-standing "Supplied Drivers" doc. And, for those
2672729 CF-4175138 External U. Hi Preethi, I will follow-up today on this w/ more details. Thank you for your help!, -Aaron
2608648 CF-4034663 External U. Hi Scott and Dattanand, The following renders fine w/ no error. Not seeing any problem. Thanks!, -Aaron
2613916 CF-3148691 External U. If this is deferred, can the underscores still be removed later? So fire_now and firenow would both be valid later? I'm fine w/ that. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks!, -Aaron
2608884 CF-3971083 External U. Adobe, Can you please populate this ticket's "Fixed In Build" field w/ the version number? Can you please -always- populate a ticket's "Fixed In Build" field w/ the version number? Thanks!, -Aaron
Confirmed in CF standalone 2018.0.01.308605 (PreRelease) w/ latest Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Thanks!, -Aaron P.S. Today I gave Nimit a copy of my log files. If you check my coldfusion-error.log, you will see all the custommenu.xml errors. Thanks!
2612467 CF-3506757 External U. I should note: Site-wide error handler is returned when I replace index.cfm's contents w/ and I request index.cfm, but it is still not returned for the REST requests w/ Content-Type=text/html. Thanks!, -Aaron
2613642 CF-3196330 Scheduler Aaron Neff issues w/ cfschedule's proxy_port and proxy_user Here are some issues w/ cfschedule’s proxy_port and proxy_user: 1) after .car deploy or CF restart, then action="list" returns [empty string] for proxyport (but CF Admin still shows correct proxyport after
). At minimum, isValid("email", value) and need to be consistent w/ the RFC. Otherwise that creates conflict when isValid("email", value) allows an address that can't handle, or vice-versa. Thanks!, -Aaron
2682281 CFB-4130082 Aaron N. +1 - I’ve verified that. The mapped variable’s ctrl+click hyperlink doesn’t appear when in an expression w/ the var keyword. I also noticed, after removing the var keyword, that ctrl+clicking the hyperlink doesn’t even do anything. I created a variable mapping
2608649 CF-4034570 External U. Verified this is fixed in CF11 Update 7 (build 11,0,07,296330) w/ the exception of the issues in ticket CF-4074050. Thanks!, -Aaron
2609099 CF-3931678 External U. *bump* Can a publicly-viewable ticket please be created w/ the Acrobat team? Then can you please share that ticket #? Thanks!, -Aaron
2609222 CF-3909707 External U. I wish the tag-to-script functions actually returned results w/o having to pass the result name as a parameter. Thanks!, -Aaron
2608385 CF-4104564 External U. Just noting I like [url=]Adam's suggestion[/url] of a CFML object w/ methods. Thanks!, -Aaron