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Comment on final == immutable? (or not?) by Adam Cameron
Bug 84895:(Watson Migration Closure)Adam Cameron and I are not agreeing on the expected behavior of argumentCollection
2608757 CF-4010491 External U. Because Adam Cameron's always right with these things.
2673336 CF-4126723 CLI Adam Cameron CGI.script_name is prepended with NULL Repro: [#CGI.script_name#] Expected: [cgiScriptName.cfm] Actual: [nullcgiScriptName.cfm] ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4126723 External Customer
2673337 CF-4126721 Documentation Adam Cameron Docs for CLI.getArg() wrong The docs say this: writeoutput(cli.getArg(0)); This is CFML. The array starts @ 1. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4126721 External Customer Info
2673321 CF-4126740 Documentation Adam Cameron Docs error: StructNewOrdered() The docs have this example: This is not valid. The syntax is: Indeed the preceding line of the docs even says this. -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2609687 CF-3804384 External U. Adam Cameron sent me I'm in charlston sc for a hackathon this weekend
2610305 CF-3712122 Language Adam Cameron Member functions cannot be called on literals This should work: "lowercase".ucase() It currently doesn't. -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3712122 External Customer Info
2610594 CF-3694387 Document Management : Office Integration Adam Cameron There should be a spreadsheetGetFormatting() function There's a SpreadsheetFormatCell() function, but no getter equivalent. There should be. -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2610731 CF-3681134 Language Adam Cameron CF ignores chr(0) in strings SSIA, but full details here: -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3681134
2610327 CF-3710345 Language Adam Cameron struct.get() not implemented SSIA... you've implemented almost all struct functions as methods, but have not done .get(). For the sake of completeness and homogeneity, you should. -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2609679 CF-3808978 Language Adam Cameron function expressions do not support annotations {code} /** * @hint hint for f() */ f = function(x){ }; {code} On Railo that correctly specifies the hint for the function. It's ignored on ColdFusion. -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional
Tracker Issue <=>: compare operator
2611538 CF-3614455 Language Adam Cameron : compare operator See Suggest adding operator which is analogous to the compare() function (or dateCompare(), etc, depending on type). -- Adam
2673338 CF-4126720 CLI Adam Cameron CLI object does not dump properly Repro: Expected: An idea of what the CLI object exposes Actual: struct [empty] As it's clearly got two methods I've found: getArg() and getArgs(), the dump is wrong. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
Tracker Issue CLI needs docs
2673339 CF-4126719 Documentation Adam Cameron CLI needs docs There are - as far as I can tell - no docs for the CLI object. I know it has two methods: getArgs() and getArg(), but there must be more to it? Any code that is written needs to have docs written too, before the work can be considered
2673341 CF-4126718 CLI Adam Cameron CLI needs \n and \r to work in strings This is almost a bug. There needs to be a way of emitting a new line in the CLI. One can use #chr(10)#, but that is not sustainable. Recommend implementing - at the very least - \n, \r, \t. Perhaps more
2673342 CF-4126717 Language Adam Cameron CF should detect if the cfm is completely written in script without the cfscript tag SSIA CF should detect if the cfm is completely written in script without the cfscript tag ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
Tracker Issue Call a CFC method
2673344 CF-4126715 CLI Adam Cameron Call a CFC method There needs to be a way to call a method of a CFC, analogous to a remote call to method via HTTP The first thing I tried with the CLI was to try to run one of my unit test files, which are CFCs. Perhaps with a CFC the first argument
2673345 CF-4126714 CLI Adam Cameron Application.cfc not loaded Repro: None of the application event handlers fire when calling app.cfm. I am calling it from the same directory both it and the Application.cfc reside in
2673318 CF-4126744 Language : Member Functions Adam Cameron .replaceListNoCase() method not implemented The replaceListNoCase() function has been implemented, but the equivalent string method has not been implemented. Not the case-sensitive method replaceList() *has* been implemented, so
2673655 CF-4119477 Language Adam Cameron dump does not distinguish between normal and ordered structs It just reports an ordered struct as being a struct. This is true, but it's less precise than it ought to be. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2673657 CF-4119454 Documentation Adam Cameron Ordered structs omitted from docs No mention of them here: ----------------------------- Additional Watson
2608490 CF-4077923 Language Adam Cameron Add optional second arg to round() to specify a number of decimal places SSIA round(pi(), 2); // 3.14 round(pi(), 4); // 3.1416 ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4077923 External Customer
2609294 CF-3861324 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Adam Cameron Add CASE construct to query of query As per the ANSI standard, eg: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID
2609424 CF-3849074 Language Adam Cameron .duplicate() member function There's no .duplicate() member function for structs (and, for that matter, all other data types where applicable). There should be. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson
2612808 CF-3427360 Language Adam Cameron Allow CFCATCH to have named exceptions CFCATCH should work the same as "catch" in that the name of the exception variable name should not be hard-coded to "cfcatch", its name should be able to be specified, eg: ----------------------------- Additional
2673344 CF-4126715 CFwatson U. Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Adam Cameron Note Added: It's OK to scrub this one. Sean's convinced me it's not worth it. Date Added :2015-07-15 12:22:36.0 Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Adam Cameron Note Added: Entered Feature. Date Added :2015-07-14 19:42:21.0
2608462 CF-4088896 External U. +1 for Adam Tuttle's comment. If it weren't for Adam Cameron's blog, I'd be extremely frustrated right now.
2610279 CF-3713323 Language Adam Cameron Iterator methods on query objects have not been implemented There should be each(), filter(), map(), reduce() methods on query objects as well (as per arrays, structs, lists) -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2609897 CF-3748332 Language Adam Cameron CFClient does not support arrayEach() / arrayFilter() / arraySort() / arrayMap() / arrayReduce() SSIA. Needless to say it should also support the member-function version of these too. -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2610458 CF-3700851 Language Adam Cameron parseDateTime() should deal with ISO-formatted dates See: parseDateTime() should parse ISO-formatted dat/time strings. -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional
2609704 CF-3799016 Language Adam Cameron exit and cfexit behave differently See: behaves like exit behaves like Obviously both should behave the same. -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson
2609884 CF-3752316 Language Adam Cameron listChangeDelims() member function missing There is a changeDelims() method, but not a listChangeDelims() So ain't really fixed properly. -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson
2609874 CF-3754578 Language Adam Cameron Error messaging with cfloop() is rather messed up See: In short, the error messages when using unsupported functionality are poorly expressed, misleading or just wrong
2610299 CF-3712135 Documentation Adam Cameron this.serialization.preservecaseforstructkey doesn't work in application, session or request scopes See here: key preservation doesn't work on keys in the application
2610457 CF-3700853 Language Adam Cameron Deprecate ODBC functions, enhance date-formatting functions See: Recommend deprecating ODBC functions,instead just adding a mask "ODBC" to dateFormat(), timeFormat() and date
2609656 CF-3814079 Language Adam Cameron datasource attribute on should no longer be required It should use the application-wide DSN if it's set. Same should apply to all DB-using functionality. This issue probably predates CF11, but that's the version I'm working with. -- Adam
2611537 CF-3614456 Language Adam Cameron ==~: regex compare operator See Suggest adding ==~ operator which returns true if the regex in the second operand matches the first operand, eg: 'a' ==~ '[a-z]' would be true
2610301 CF-3712128 Language Adam Cameron Other type-centric member functions should be implemented G'day: As well as a transliteration of the procedural type-specific functions (eg: queryNew(), querySetCell() into member functions, other functionality like toJson(), dump(), toWddx() should
2610302 CF-3712127 Language Adam Cameron There should be a Query.execute() static method G'day: Similar to one should be able to go: {code} records = Query.execute() // etc {code} This would work the same as the queryExecute() function
Tracker Issue Interfaces are whack
2596834 CF-3594182 Language Adam Cameron Interfaces are whack TBH, just read this: There's repro code in there, and an explanation of what's going wrong. Have not been able to work out WHY it's going wrong though
2682682 CFB-3760407 Editor Features Adam Cameron. Code assist doesn't understand member functions G'day: Consider this code: s = ""; i = s.reFind(); When I bring up code-assist for the .reFind() member function, it hints for the reFind() headless function. It needs to be able to distinguish
2610459 CF-3700847 Language Adam Cameron createOdbc~() functions do not do what they say on the tin See: createOdbcDate() maintains the time components of the passed-in value; and createOdbcTime(0 maintains the date
2609246 CF-3864595 Language Adam Cameron valueList() Query method not implemented Duplicate ID: CF-3499033 It is not possible to call valueList() on a query object, eg: myQuery.valueList("column") This should have been done along with the rest of the query methods added in ColdFusion 11. Its
2610310 CF-3712057 Language Adam Cameron isNull() has been implemented incorrectly See for information isNull() has been implemented to perform a "does it exist?" check, not an "is it null?" check. Those are two
2614165 CF-3128110 Security Adam Cameron Remove unnecessary restrictions on CFAdmin user accounts * the min user name length is five characters. This sux if your name is "adam" or "ray" something like that. Not the end of the world, but seems like an unnecessary rule. This should be my choice
2673460 CF-4126525 Language Adam Cameron Struct elements lost when sorting Repro: sorted = structNew("sorted"); = "blue"; sorted.adze = "tool"; sorted.adam = "dork"; sorted.alabama = 3; sorted = structNew("sorted", function(e1,e2){ return e1.len() - e2.len(); }); Result: adze
2673322 CF-4126739 CFwatson U. Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Adam Cameron Note Added: Entered Bug. Date Added :2015-07-13 08:57:48.0
2673339 CF-4126719 CFwatson U. Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Adam Cameron Note Added: Entered Bug. Date Added :2015-07-14 19:31:13.0
2609207 CF-3911226 External U. Misfire. I blame Adam Cameron. (Even though he proved it was working, it is still, somehow, his fault.) Please close.
2596901 CF-3486277 External U. See this discussion between myself and Adam Cameron
2612969 CF-3358817 External U. I think Adam Camerons blog article covers it. Think of the time wasted finding this bug for yourself.
4691150 CF-4203264 Aaron N. Hi Brad, Agreed. I believe that's similar to what Adam Cameron was suggesting in his comments on Thanks!, -Aaron
2673635 CF-4120127 CLI Adam Cameron 4020866: CLI: CFS files CFS files are CFScript-only script files. Files with a .cfs extension would contain only CFScript, and would not require the tags. Tags do not belong in CLI-based scripting. They make no sense. ----------------------------- Additional
2673641 CF-4120074 Documentation Adam Cameron Display and Formatting function list page incomplete This only lists one of the encodeFor~ functions. Should list all
2673645 CF-4119993 Documentation Adam Cameron The docs for querysort are useless There's no example, there's no definition of what the callback function signature is. They are just completely
2673660 CF-4119103 Language Adam Cameron Query.filter() returns an *array* not a query See, but SSIA. queryFilter() and Query.filter() are supposed to filter the *query*, not return an array based on the query. Sigh
2673661 CF-4119099 Language Adam Cameron Query.sort() does not return the sorted query See Member functions should return the result, not act on the original object. The function should not alter the original it should simply
2609142 CF-3923052 Administrator Adam Cameron CFAdmin API doesn't have ability to maintain CAR files Duplicate ID: CF-3923054 SSIA, really: CFAdmin API doesn't have ability to maintain CAR files. And it needs to. The API should cover everything the UI does
2609215 CF-3910529 Language Adam Cameron ?: has stopped working in CF11 update 3 Repro: #javaCast("null", "") ?: On update 3, this outputs: On update 2, it works fine: moo Needs a HOTFIX I think? ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2596686 CF-3864256 Language Adam Cameron Array for-in loop is broken for sparse arrays Repro: [#e#] for (e in a){ writeoutput("[#e#]"); } Tag version works fine; script version errors with: Variable E is undefined. Both should work the same. ----------------------------- Additional
2609274 CF-3863003 Language : Functions On behalf of Adam cameron Map|reduce|sort methods on query objects Problem:Map|reduce|sort methods on query objects Method: Added support for each(), filter() (Bug: 3713323). Evaluate and add support for map(), reduce() methods on query objects as well
2609595 CF-3825535 Language : CF Component Adam Cameron properties should not be exposed in the this scope See: ColdFusion exposes properties in the this (PUBLIC) scope. It should not. Railo gets this right, btw
2609685 CF-3806036 Installation/Config : Scripts Adam Cameron Typo in error message for CFENCODE I am trying to work out how to get help for CFENCODE, so tried the obvious ones: CFENCODE /? CFENCODE -h And each gave me a pop-up containing the message: {quote} The encryption header was ommitted
Tracker Issue onRestRequest()
2609701 CF-3799243 REST Services Adam Cameron onRestRequest() See As REST requests do not fire onRequest() or onCfcRequest(),it'd be good if there was a handler that they DID call. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2609703 CF-3799027 Language Adam Cameron Allow dynamic CASE values Railo does: There's clearly no reason why CF can't also achieve this. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2609893 CF-3750729 Mobile Support : Language Syntax Adam Cameron seems to require /CFIDE to be available Long version: TL;DR: requires /CFIDE to be exposed. Obviously it shouldn
2610705 CF-3684206 Language Adam Cameron arrayEach() doesn't work in tags Duplicate ID: CF-3648781 Repro code: This should output 1234. It errors with: Invalid CFML construct found on line 2 at column 32. ColdFusion was looking at the following text: { It works fine on Railo
Tracker Issue QoQ CAST() bug
2611154 CF-3636794 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Adam Cameron QoQ CAST() bug See: Summary: casting to DATE, TIME do not do what they imply they do: they both simply return a full date
2611345 CF-3629224 Language Adam Cameron param does not support associative array syntax See This should work: param URL["number"]; But doesn't. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2596836 CF-3591629 Language Adam Cameron ColdFusion mishandles argumentCollection See: If an argumentCollection struct contains a substruct keyed with name "argumentCollection", then the latter struct is used
2612192 CF-3546047 REST Services Adam Cameron Why is it restSetResponse()? Why is it not just setResponse()? Why is it restSetResponse()? Why is it not just setResponse()? If there's a rationale for this functionality in the response from a REST request, then the same rationale exists for any other
2596894 CF-3498448 Language : Tags,Logging Adam Cameron Log entries have CRLF stripped Problem Description: One cannot embed CRLF characters in a log entry to provide it with "formatting". Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Hello[space][space]World Expected Result: Hello World Any Workarounds
2612971 CF-3356817 Document Management : Office Integration Adam Cameron No equivalent of in spreadsheetRead() provides for the ability to row & column limit what's read in from the XLS. spreadsheetRead() does not offer the equivalent, and I can see no way of effecting this functionality
2613039 CF-3350715 Language : CFSCRIPT Adam Cameron Implement a CFScript-friendly version of CFHEADER Problem Description: SSIA: there are use cases for which this is required, especially now that script-only CFCs are being encouraged by the community. Steps to Reproduce: - Actual Result
2600265 CF-3039217 Documentation : General Adam Cameron Bug 78662:Summary: Error in CFMAP docs re doubleclickzoom Problem: Summary: Error in CFMAP docs re doubleclickzoom The docs say it defaults to false. It defaults to true. Method: Result: ----------------------------- Additional
2673351 CF-4126708 CLI Adam Cameron CLI returns 0 error code even when the script errors From PR forum: [quote] [...] when erroring, CFML one seem to return a code of 0, which means "OK". An erroring script [...] *shouldn’t* return a 0 (this’d be like returning a 200 OK for an error on an HTTP
2673367 CF-4126689 Security Analyzer Adam Cameron Security scanner false positive and mixed messaging Consider this code: files = directoryList(expandPath( ’./hardcodedSubDirectory/’ )); The two statements are: a) analogous; b) as far as I can tell pose no risk However the *first* line
2673458 CF-4126527 Language Adam Cameron Sorted struct callback needs to receive the value as well as the key The sortedStruct comparator callback only receives the keyof the struct element. It should behave like all other iteration method callbacks and receive the key, value and indeed a reference
2673322 CF-4126739 Language Adam Cameron Probable bug: sorted struct callback arguments I’m just after clarification of this code: sorted = structNew("sorted", function(key1,key2){ writeDump(arguments); abort; }); sorted.first = 2; Note I’m aborting in the callback loop. I’d expect key1
2600263 CF-3039218 Language : Tags Adam Cameron Bug 78664:Summary: shortfall in docs for CFMAP when TYPE="EARTH" Problem: Summary: shortfall in docs for CFMAP when TYPE="EARTH" It should be noted that positional attributes (and possibly some others... I didn't check) are ignored with Cheers
2682656 CFB-3784110 Installer Adam Cameron. Installer doesn't prompt whether I *want* desktop & menu entries It's customary in desktop software installations to *ask* whether I want my desktop and menus polluted with icons. ColdFusion Builder just assumes I do (I don't). It should *ask me
2598139 CF-3041696 Language : Tags Adam Cameron Bug 83423:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: getPageContext() Problem: Summary: getPageContext().getResponse().setHeader() change in behaviour between CF8 & CF9In CF8, the code below yields one HTTP "expires" header:And in CF9 it yields three.-- Adam
2600196 CF-3039287 Documentation : General Adam Cameron Bug 78801:The docs for entitySave() do not mention what the function returns Problem: The docs for entitySave() do not mention what the function returns. Even if it's "nothing" this should be mentioned for all functions. Please review
2612745 CF-3434441 Language Adam Cameron Promote built-in functions to be first-class Ref: Use case:!topic/railo/EJVknC8_6Rk Discussion:
2600106 CF-3039382 File Management : VFS-S3 Adam Cameron Bug 78959:Summary: VFS needs tools to check disk usage:* how much is used* how much is freeIt's close to unusable without these Problem: Summary: VFS needs tools to check disk usage:* how much is used* how much is freeIt's close to unusable
2609883 CF-3752318 Installation/Config Adam Cameron Install summary doesn't list all options See It doesn't look like the summary screen (before install actually kicks off) has been updated to include the new secure
Tracker Issue Bug with ==
2611687 CF-3600686 Language Adam Cameron Bug with == See This breaks: a = 1; b = 2; writeOutput("Result: #a == b#"); This doesn't: a = 1; b = 2; writeOutput("Result: #a EQ b#"); Both should work. Works fine on Railo
2609670 CF-3811002 Debugging Adam Cameron /CFIDE/debug/images/information_16x16.gif missing from express edition Duplicate ID: CF-3760258 (and possibly from full edition, I dunno) The image /CFIDE/debug/images/information_16x16.gif is used by , but it's missing from the CF install, so one just
2613081 CF-3346435 Language Adam Cameron Anonymous function blocks G'day It'd be good of CF could have anonymous function blocks as per Javascript, eg: {code:java} ( function(message){ var uppered = message.toUpperCase(); document.write("Inside: "+ uppered + ""); } )("Hello
2597337 CF-3043972 Language : Tags Adam Cameron Bug 87047:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: enhance BREAK functionality to accept a labelBasically the same as Java has:http://java Problem: Summary: enhance BREAK functionality to accept a labelBasically the same as Java has
2610332 CF-3710270 Language Adam Cameron Can no longer include non CFML files Duplicate ID: CF-3710326 SSIA, really. Repro: Error: Invalid template junk.js provided for CFINCLUDE tag. CFINCLUDE tag only supports including ColdFusion templates. One has always been able to include any sort
Tracker Issue CF ignores code
2610090 CF-3731421 Language,Language : Query Functions Adam Cameron CF ignores code {code:java} qry=queryNew("a,b,c"); queryAddRow(qry); qry.d=1; // this line is simply ignored writedump(qry); {code} This impacts all versions of CF from at least 9.0.1 ColdFusion must not simply ignore code
2611764 CF-3594386 Language Adam Cameron CF Stack-overflows if one tries to serializeJson() a function See: Repro: function f(){ a = 1; b = {}; c = []; d = now(); e = createUuid(); writeDump(local); } st
2598774 CF-3040960 AJAX : UI Components Adam Cameron Bug 82145:Summary: Add abillity to set initial state of to be "collapsed"One can set a to be collapsible, but cannot set whether the map is initially collapsed or not Problem: Summary: Add abillity to set initial state of to be "collapsed
2609875 CF-3754577 Language Adam Cameron cfloop() does not support most of the tag's functionality See: in summary. These sort of operations don't work: collection array list indexed condition All of them should
2612179 CF-3550103 Installation/Config Adam Cameron Be able to specify the port for built-in web server during install G'day: Currently the installer takes a guess at which port to listen on for the inbuilt web server: it starts at 8500 and increments through ports that it finds in use. It