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Comment on Scheduled Tasks Deleted after installing CF11u16 CF2016u8 by Adam G.
5846717 CF-4204512 Joe G. Further note that Adam contradicted HIMSELF in the old bug and you still changed the behavior. He calls ?: a null Coalescing Operator (which is how CF defined it) Later http
2613554 CF-3231157 External U. Echo Adam's congrats to Anuj. Did you try with IDN domains as well e.g. username@domain.?? ?
2682682 CFB-3760407 Editor Features Adam Cameron. Code assist doesn't understand member functions G'day: Consider this code: s = ""; i = s.reFind(); When I bring up code-assist for the .reFind() member function, it hints for the reFind() headless function. It needs to be able to distinguish
2610301 CF-3712128 Language Adam Cameron Other type-centric member functions should be implemented G'day: As well as a transliteration of the procedural type-specific functions (eg: queryNew(), querySetCell() into member functions, other functionality like toJson(), dump(), toWddx() should
2610302 CF-3712127 Language Adam Cameron There should be a Query.execute() static method G'day: Similar to one should be able to go: {code} records = Query.execute() // etc {code} This would work the same as the queryExecute() function
2608665 CF-4028653 Joe G. This was never a bug and never should have been changed. While I agree with Adam that "null coalesce" and "binary ternary" are not the same thing, that's where the agreement ends. The problem was not with CF. The problem is that Adam assumed that CF's implementation
2613081 CF-3346435 Language Adam Cameron Anonymous function blocks G'day It'd be good of CF could have anonymous function blocks as per Javascript, eg: {code:java} ( function(message){ var uppered = message.toUpperCase(); document.write("Inside: "+ uppered + ""); } )("Hello
2609877 CF-3754490 Language Adam Cameron Add ability to treat strings like collections G'day: On Railo one can do this: {code:java} s = "G'day world"; c = s[1]; writeDump(var=variables); {code} And it outputs "G". This is a step in the right direction of being able to treat strings like
2610752 CF-3680177 Language Adam Cameron Permit types to be "arrays of [things]" G'day: See my blog article here: Railo supports this: private any function acceptArrayOfSamples(required Sample[] samples){ return samples
2610018 CF-3737577 Language Adam Cameron Scope-handling with increment operator is glitch G'day: Consider this code: {code} URL.somevariable = 0; somevariable++; writeDump(var={URL=URL,variables=variables}); {code} The output is this: struct URL: [struct] SOMEVARIABLE: 0 VARIABLES
2612179 CF-3550103 Installation/Config Adam Cameron Be able to specify the port for built-in web server during install G'day: Currently the installer takes a guess at which port to listen on for the inbuilt web server: it starts at 8500 and increments through ports that it finds in use. It
2611078 CF-3643125 Language Adam Cameron Suggested revision to savecontent From G'day: I like that is available in CFScript now, but I dislike the clunky way it's been implemented. The tag version is like this
2609876 CF-3754573 Language Adam Cameron Improve Application.cfc datasources G'day: See Railo's implementation of Application.cfc-defined DSNs is slightly better than ColdFusion's: 1) Railo does not require plain
2596877 CF-3518518 External U. In what way has it been fixed? Repro: a = [ ["a", "b", "c"], ["d", "e", "f"], ["g", "h", "i"] ]; result = arrayFind(a, "e"); writeDump(var=result); Returns 0, whereas it should return [something] which indicates "e" is at position 2,2 of the array. So what
2673640 CF-4120075 Documentation Adam Cameron Docs for encodeForHtml() not helpful Description unusably superifical. It needs to explain the encoding rules. They example is stupid and doesn
2608665 CF-4028653 Language Adam Cameron [elvis] CFML: "Elvis" operator and null coalescing operators are two different things G'day: See Bottom line: Now the CFML version: // elvis.cfm writeOutput("Elvis when using
2609900 CF-3746998 Documentation Adam Cameron Shouldn't need specific tag for cfclientsettings G'day: As mentioned to Rakshith during some presentation Ram was giving... I don't see why we need a whole new tag . It has no meaning outside the context of , so it's poor implementation that it's been
2610058 CF-3735413 Language Adam Cameron List member functions should all be prefixed with "list" G'day: See community feedback: The current approach to the list member functions is poorly designed, due
2597052 CF-3156025 Documentation Adam Cameron Update docs to reflect bug in numberFormat() G'day Consider this code: [code] Number: #number#; Mask: #mask#; Expected: 111.1; Actual: #numberformat(number, mask)# (111.10) Number: #number#; Mask: #mask#; Expected: 111.1; Actual: #numberformat
2598330 CF-3041455 Language : Tags Adam Cameron Bug 82892:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: for (query)G’dayThis has come up before, but I cannae find an E/R for it Problem: Summary: for (query)G’dayThis has come up before, but I cannae find an E/R for it.The more I code in CFScript, the more I
2612086 CF-3559652 Language Adam Cameron Improve CFML's OO-ness G'day: I think it’d be timely for CFML to retask most of its type-specific functions as object methods. As Railo has done. EG: keys = myStruct.keyList(); length = myArray.len(); result =; // etc At the same
as to which parts represent which in the string. eg: d = parseDateTime("1997-07-16T19:20:30+01:00", "yyyy-mm-ddTHH:nn:ssX"); d = parseDateTime("2000AD", "yyyyG"); // sic (format mask codes taken from "java.text.SimpleDateFormat") -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2610239 CF-3715376 Language Adam Cameron Callback versions of listSort(), structSort(), querySort() to match arraySort() G'day ColdFusion 10 added a function arraySort() which uses a callback as a sort comparator, eg: arraySort(array, function) However there was no equivalent functions for lists
2600286 CF-3039193 Documentation : Examples Adam Cameron Bug 78631:Summary: CFIMAP docs suggests it can send email Problem: Summary: CFIMAP docs suggests it can send email G'day The docs for say this: [quote centaurbeta2_cfmlref.pdf, p317] [/quote] What does the "(Optional) Mail message body
2612133 CF-3555025 Language Adam Cameron Iterators and generators G'day: I have to concede this is not a concept I have in the past thought "I rally wish CFML could do this", but havng read about it, I think it's pretty cool and would be a good addition to the language. The description in the JS
2609751 CF-3785178 External U. G'day mate. Oddly it affects us on CF9. Could perhaps just be down to driver idiosyncrasies. Or be unrelated :-/ Have you tried different Oracle drivers? I do not mean you should migrate completely to different drivers, but just for the sake of testing this one case
2612796 CF-3429588 Language Adam Cameron isCustomFunction() needs to do what it says on the box G'day: isCustomFunction() has had its behaviour modified - and rendered illogical - in CF10 with the addition of closures. See these docs:
2612661 CF-3476661 AJAX : Plumbing Adam Tuttle deserializeJson does not properly handle high-ascii characters Problem Description: If a JSON string includes non-standard ASCII characters, such as ñ or é, they are corrupted during deserialization. (E.g. Peña becomes something similar to Pe
2612092 CF-3558899 Language Adam Cameron Covariance in CFML data types with interface contracts Extracted from [...] I think when there's situations in which the type "any" is specified in an interface
2613922 CF-3146604 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Adam Cameron QoQ getting ccolumn data type wrong G'day: What do you make of this: [code] SELECT AVG(myCol) AS avgMyCol FROM qBase [/code] Yields: [quote] Error casting an object
Tracker Issue Add delegates to CFML
2613080 CF-3346444 Language Adam Cameron Add delegates to CFML G'day Extract from blog article: {quote} This is something else not implemented in CF10 although perhaps should have been. This time it did
2600285 CF-3039194 Documentation : General Adam Cameron Bug 78632:Summary: CFIMAP attachmentpath not as required as the docs suggest Problem: Summary: CFIMAP attachmentpath not as required as the docs suggest G'day Not sure if this is a doc bug or a CF bug. I had this code: [code] [/code
:\Apps\Adobe\ColdFusionBuilder\3\features\com.adobe.ide.coldfusion.rcp.feature_3.0.0.290048-7e7rF8gFAb6UhHqz0s2Kg8f50195 C:\Apps\Adobe\ColdFusionBuilder\3\plugins\com.adobe.ide.rds.servicebrowser_3.0.0.jar Given this is Adobe's own stuff,it should be signed properly, should it not? -- Adam
2600262 CF-3039219 Administrator : Administrator Console Adam Cameron Bug 78666:Summary: Client var settings not correctly archived or deployed Problem: Summary: Client var settings not correctly archived or deployed [quote
2599420 CF-3040214 External U. -1 vote. Disagree that there is a problem here. WHERE col IN () ain't valid SQL where I come from. It doesn't work on SQL Server 2008 or OracleXE (the freebie one based on 10g, I think). And from memory it doesn't work on SQL Server 7.0, 2000, 2005 or Oracle 8i
2608716 CF-4018933 Language Adam Tuttle Member functions continue to be broken in edge cases Given a query object: tmp = queryExecute("select personId from Person limit 10"); you would expect to be able to run this code using member functions on the result: people = valueList( tmp
2608746 CF-4012852 External U. *this message is irrelevant to the current issue* @Adam That's a bit ironic to post a message even less relevant to complain about not so relevant messages. However, you have a good point and I hope Adobe will realize the lack of supporting communication mechanisms
2612090 CF-3558908 Language Adam Cameron "Abstract" parent classes don't work with interfaces Extracted from [...] However what if Parent didn't implement factory()? This should be OK, as we're not using
Comment on [elvis] CFML: "Elvis" operator and null coalescing operators are two different things G'day: by Awdhesh K.
be done. Can this ticket also please be re-opened to add: .binaryEncode(), .charsetEncode() and .formatBaseN()? Thanks!, -Aaron P.S. Verified using the following code (added to Adam's code from his blog): writeOutput("toBase64()"); writeDump(var=safeCall(function(){ return textString.toBase64