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2608462 CF-4088896 External U. +1 for Adam Tuttle's comment. If it weren't for Adam Cameron's blog, I'd be extremely frustrated right now.
2609632 CF-3818547 Administrator Adam Tuttle Stop Encrypting the Administrator Code Over the years, the majority of security issues for ColdFusion have been somewhere inside the /CFIDE/ and /CFIDE/Administrator/ folders. It's time to stop encrypting these. What is the point, anyway? If you decrypt
2609229 CF-3875661 Document Management : Office Integration Adam Tuttle spreadsheetRead does not support all of the attributes available in supports the following attributes when action="read": - headerrow - excludeHeaderRow - columns - columnNames - rows - src - sheetname The supposed script
2609289 CF-3861751 Debugging : CFDump Adam Tuttle CFDump TOP attribute should not be used for two different things If you want to dump an array of ORM entities to verify that it contains the entities you're expecting, and it might contain 15 items, you need to set top=15 to allow all 15 to display
2610924 CF-3667881 Database Adam Tuttle It would be nice if a CFMail inside a Transaction wouldn't send until the transaction is complete transaction{ mailService.sendMail(...); logService.logSomething(...); } If the logService throws an exception, the email has already been sent. It would be a
2599965 CF-3039531 Language : Tags Adam Tuttle Bug 79243:When you supply the headerRow attribute to the cfspreadsheet tag, the header values are correctly read, but the row containing the headers remains in the data Duplicate ID: CF-3035868 Problem: When you supply the headerRow attribute
2611797 CF-3590745 Rupesh K. oh sorry Adam. I didn't notice that you were waiting for my response on this. yes, Adam Tuttle has explained it well in your blog comment. The idea of supporting onRequest()/onRestRequest() is something we can evaluate. Could you please log a separate enhancement
2609215 CF-3910529 External U. Confirmed what Adam Tuttle already mentioned: this is only partially fixed in CF11 Update 4 (build 11,0,04,293085(PreRelease)). The example in the description works, but his example does not. Since both examples worked in CF11 Final, this ticket should not be closed
2608390 CF-4103616 Administrator : Administrator Console Adam Tuttle Viewing Undelivered Mail in CF Administrator has lost the ability to select multiple messages Problem Description: In prior versions, you could select multiple messages to delete them all at once. I believe it was one of the CF11
2612557 CF-3499033 Language Adam Tuttle New function request: valueArray() to complement valueList() Often I find myself looking to get all of the values for a single column of a query result, as an array. Right now I generally use this syntax: list
2612622 CF-3490074 Database Adam Tuttle Please consider normalizing the result key for the identity value of a newly inserted row Currently, when you insert a record and want the inserted ID, you have to know which database platform is in use so that you can get the id value. See the docs here
2612661 CF-3476661 AJAX : Plumbing Adam Tuttle deserializeJson does not properly handle high-ascii characters Problem Description: If a JSON string includes non-standard ASCII characters, such as ñ or é, they are corrupted during deserialization. (E.g. Peña becomes something similar to Pe
2612896 CF-3373284 Hot Fix Installer Adam Tuttle Add a backup certificate so that future certificate revocations don't require a manual update When the Adobe code signing certificate was compromised, everyone had to manually install an update. This would not have been necessary if a "backup" key
2613693 CF-3184303 REST Services Adam Tuttle REST services cannot make use of Application-specific mappings Problem Description: From the Stacktrace: Caused by: coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage$NoSuchTemplateException: Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface model.sessions. Where
2597339 CF-3043970 Language : CFSCRIPT Adam Tuttle Bug 87045:(Watson Migration Closure)The tag allows use of an attributeCollection, but the equivalent script method, throw(), throws an exception if you try to use an argumentCollection with it Problem: The tag allows use of an attribute
2597520 CF-3043656 Language : CFSCRIPT Adam Tuttle Bug 86749:(Watson Migration Closure)Script components do not support colons in custom function metadata, while CFML tags do Duplicate ID: CF-3514590 Problem: Script components do not support colons in custom function metadata, while CFML tags do
2597583 CF-3043394 Language : CFSCRIPT Adam Tuttle Bug 86402:-(Watson Migration Closure)This code compiles/runs fine:This code throws a syntax error: ("Invalid CFML construct found")function foo() a:b="123" {} Duplicate ID: CF-3514590 Problem: This code compiles/runs fine:This code throws a
but this response to Adam Tuttle just makes a joke of it. Railo release new patches regularly on a dev channel, often with just one or two bug fixes in each patch. That's what you should be doing too.
2609215 CF-3910529 External U. Just saw this post about Update 4 (build 11,0,04,293085(PreRelease)) being refreshed: This ticket probably should've been updated w/ that same note. Verified Adam Tuttle
2609052 CF-3941304 Language Adam Tuttle Query data type should support keyExists member function You can use structKeyExists() on a query to determine whether or not it includes a column of a specified name. This is useful, for instance, in validating uploaded spreadsheets, because cfspreadsheet
assumed the examples in mine were the same issue as what Adam Tuttle figured out - that it's due to dot notation - but Aaron Neff says those ones work now, whilst the person who updated to u4 here said they still had problems. (I haven't done the update because I'm in the middle of stuff I need to get
2596882 CF-3511975 External U. Re: Adam.Tuttle, as noted on prior notes, it is not actually about cfscript length, but I'm not allowed to edit the title. Watch the video, it's very blatantly a compiler problem that is brand new in CHF3. This code has been around since CF8 with absolutely zero
2556973 CF-3825042 Debugging : CFDump Adam Tuttle CFSpreadsheet action=read headerrow=1 fails if a column name contains a comma. [ this fails when dumping the spreadsheet object created with the cfspreadsheetread ] Problem Description: Spreadsheets from non-technical users often have things like
2611758 CF-3595198 Language Adam Tuttle Please add more built-in closure functions: Array/Struct/List/QueryMap, Array/Struct/List/QueryReduce Arrays, Structures, Lists, and Queries all need map and reduce functions. Map should both update the complex data structure in-place AND return the updated
2596983 CF-3215794 Documentation Adam Tuttle imagePaste lists a return value in the documentation, but returns nothing. Problem Description: ImagePaste documentation incorrectly lists a return value, but not only is a value not returned, but an exception is thrown if you attempt to assign
2613696 CF-3183938 Documentation Adam Tuttle Installer does not properly configure existing VHosts with JkMountFile line when defined in external include file Problem Description: The default layout of Apache config files on OSX uses an include statement to move VHost definition into a separate
2614288 CF-3119366 Web Services : REST Service Adam Tuttle REST Service Refresh fails with block-commented methods in script CFC Problem Description: Using block-comments (/* commented */) to comment out a method in a script-only CFC that is a rest service causes the REST refresh to fail
2597602 CF-3043312 Language : Tags Adam Tuttle Bug 86260:-(Watson Migration Closure)Misleading error message for nested CFOutput tags where INNER tag is query driven Problem: Misleading error message for nested CFOutput tags where INNER tag is query driven.Given the following code:Stuffmore stuff
2597692 CF-3042932 Language : CFSCRIPT Adam Tuttle Bug 85293:(Watson Migration Closure)While writeDump() can be used to send a variable dump to the browser, a file, or the console from a script component, it can not be used to generate output and save it to a variable (for example, to i Problem
2597816 CF-3042492 Language : Functions Adam Tuttle Bug 84685:(Watson Migration Closure)Currently, CFC metadata obtained from getComponentMetadata or getMetadata exposes all properties/etc inherited from a parent object via the "extends" property, which can also recurse up the tree with Problem
2611797 CF-3590745 External U. Cheers Rupesh. I posted on my blog details of this conversation to see if anyone could explain it in a way I understand, and Adam Tuttle perhaps explained what you were driving at?
2608886 CF-3971067 Language Adam Tuttle keyExists member function not available on all struct objects Related Bugs: CF-3976479 - Similar to Problem Description: The exception object available in a cfcatch / onError function doesn't support the keyExists member function. I would imagine
. since cfhttp does follow redirects and imageNew accepts a URL as a source, it probably should do a follow as well. adam tuttle also suggested optional arguments to turn this behavior off/on (i'd think "on" would be the default) & set the number of allowed follows
2610654 CF-3688668 ORM Support Adam Tuttle Debug information for ORM DDL Update Exceptions occluded by error displayed on screen, even w/robust exceptions enabled I made an ORM change and tried to ormReload(). This was the resulting error message: > Error in executing the DDL. > > Cannot add
2600144 CF-3039343 Core Runtime : Application Adam Tuttle Bug 78897:Application-specific mappings do NOT take priority over server-level (global) mappings, which brings them within a nanometer of being absolutely useless Problem: Application-specific mappings do NOT take priority over server
2608716 CF-4018933 Language Adam Tuttle Member functions continue to be broken in edge cases Given a query object: tmp = queryExecute("select personId from Person limit 10"); you would expect to be able to run this code using member functions on the result: people = valueList( tmp
2609055 CF-3940802 Language Adam Tuttle Please make date member functions consistent. The only date member functions that require the "date" prefix in the method name are: date.dateFormat(), date.timeFormat(), and date.dateTimeFormat()... All other date member functions have dropped the "date
2609012 CF-3947096 Administrator Adam Tuttle [atuttle] CF11 Update 5 (beta1) breaks "View Undelivered Mail" feature of CF Administrator With Update 5 (beta1) installed, I get a browser alert error alert that reads, "Error retrieving markup for element mailBody : Client verification failure. [Enable