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2608292 CF-4135460 General Server : EFR Alan Bullpitt CFTHREAD limit for Standard Edition is not correct Problem Description: Coldfusion administrator states that for a Standard Edition server the number of concurrent cfthreads is limited to a maximum of 10. However after testing this it appears
2609652 CF-3815366 Charting/Graphing Alan Bullpitt cfchart type=PNG doesn't load background-image Problem Description: Trying to add a background image to the cfchart format=png doesn't work. Same code works for format=HTML or format=FLASH Steps to Reproduce: Create cfchart with background image
2609713 CF-3795774 Database Alan Bullpitt Query Of Query generating different responses between CF10 and CF11 Duplicate ID: CF-3783011 Problem Description: When using multiple QOQ on the same page over the same original query I am getting different results to that of Coldfusion 10. Steps
2609726 CF-3791543 Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF) Alan Bullpitt CFHTMLTOPDF pagebreak not working with CSS position:relative Problem Description: Trying to create a pdf with cfhtmltopdf which contains 2 rows of divs which have a css setting of position:relative; . Between each
2610312 CF-3711982 Web Services Alan Bullpitt Webservice performance decrease when upgrading jre to 1.7 Duplicate ID: CF-3695114 Problem Description: I have a webservice running on Coldfusion 10 64bit. While investigating a memory leak I went to upgrade the JRE from 1.6 to 1.7 but noticed a