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2929349 CF-4198407 Ashudeep S. @Alexander Hass/ @Michael Imig , while we are working on reproducing this at our end.It would be great if you can share the stack trace/logs which can help us in debugging it quickly.My guess here its breaking some where while generating the class files but swallowing
Info: External Company: e-domizil External Customer Name: Alexander Haß External Customer Email:
2962266 CF-4198446 ALEXANDER H. I suggest to protect your IIS. Default is not the good, see
External Customer Email:
to have a different email address just because CF 2016 is not able to handle it. Any Workarounds: None. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4198082 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Alexander Hass
2878880 CFB-4198193 General - IDE : General Alexander Hass ColdFusion Builder 2016 does not install correctly as plugin in Eclipse Neon 64bit Problem Description: If I click a CFM file to open with CFbuilder the file does not open, but a Java crash message is shown. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Install