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2608380 CF-4105828 Documentation : General Alexander Kwaschny dateTimeFormat("YYYY") increments year for dates between December 27 and December 31 Problem Description: The dateTimeFormat function returns an incremented year value when using the uppercase year mask when the date to format lies
3282696 CF-4199030 Language : Functions Alexander Kwaschny decodeForHtml doesn't consider case Problem Description: Function decodeForHtml() doesn't consider case of HTML entities, always resulting in the lower case variant. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Lower case "รค" in both cases
Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Alexander Kwaschny External Customer Email: External Test Config: Seems to be broken since ColdFusion 11. It does work properly in ColdFusion 10.
3282693 CF-4199029 Language : Expressions Alexander Kwaschny casting switch case values causes internal exceptions, slowing down execution Consider the following example code: (For the sake of simplicity I omitted further `` entries. It does not change the observation
2609770 CF-3778014 Language : CF Component Alexander Kwaschny getMetaData() causes internal NullPointerException Problem Description: Calling getMetaData() on a cfcomponent may cause an internal exception that gets logged in exception.log but does not throw an error, i.e. is not catch'able at all