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Comment on nested arrayEach parent execution context scoping issue by Andrew J.
2614138 CF-3130306 AJAX : UI Components Andrew Scott J2EE archive created from administrator doesn't get deployed properly
2614137 CF-3130311 Administrator : Archive Andrew Scott Can not delete J2EE archive error thrown Problem Description: When I tried to delete a J2EE archive that I just created, an error was thrown. Please see attached image for the error. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any
2614152 CF-3129769 Installation/Config : JEE Deployment Andrew Scott Not able to deploy ColdFusion 9 on CF10 enterprise Problem Description: Currently there is no way to install a war/ear on ant CF10 install. CF9 had the ability to install as standalone/multi/j2ee. CF10 doesn't seem to have
2614150 CF-3129813 Installation/Config : Installer Andrew Scott Uninstalling leaves things running Problem Description: When I uninstalled CF10, I found the following directories could not be deleted cfusion & jre In the jre the file rt.jar is locked and can't be deleted, something still has
2613695 CF-3184256 AJAX : Plumbing Andrew Scott Sending Ajax Request with JSON throws an exception Duplicate ID: CF-3184291 Problem Description: the following code throws an exception HTTP