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Comment on nested arrayEach parent execution context scoping issue by Andrew J.
2614138 CF-3130306 AJAX : UI Components Andrew Scott J2EE archive created from administrator doesn't get deployed properly
2614137 CF-3130311 Administrator : Archive Andrew Scott Can not delete J2EE archive error thrown Problem Description: When I tried to delete a J2EE archive that I just created, an error was thrown. Please see attached image for the error. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any
2614107 CF-3131509 Kunal S. Hi Andrew, Since the last release we have upgraded the CryptoJ library and with that it should be fixed. We are not able to see this issue on our latest builds. Can you please try it on the public beta intermediate build (released on 04/06/2012)? Thanks Kunal
2614152 CF-3129769 Installation/Config : J2EE Andrew Scott Not able to deploy ColdFusion 9 on CF10 enterprise Problem Description: Currently there is no way to install a war/ear on ant CF10 install. CF9 had the ability to install as standalone/multi/j2ee. CF10 doesn't seem to have this option, so
2614140 CF-3130196 Installation/Config : J2EE Andrew Scott Deploying a war version to a running tomcat creates files and directories that is not self explaining why Problem Description: This is something that annoyed me in previous version, and for the life of me have found no valid reason why
2614150 CF-3129813 Installation/Config : Installer Andrew Scott Uninstalling leaves things running Problem Description: When I uninstalled CF10, I found the following directories could not be deleted cfusion & jre In the jre the file rt.jar is locked and can't be deleted, something still has
2613695 CF-3184256 AJAX : Plumbing Andrew Scott Sending Ajax Request with JSON throws an exception Duplicate ID: CF-3184291 Problem Description: the following code throws an exception HTTP