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2682262 CFB-4130105 CFwatson U. Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Andrew Myers Note Added: Entered Bug. Date Added :2015-07-14 12:46:37.0
2682262 CFB-4130105 Installer Andrew Myers Standard Edition Trial Expired Problem Description: Blizzard reports "Standard Edition Trial Expired" and reverts to Express Mode Steps to Reproduce: Install Blizzard using the installer Actual Result: Blizzard gives the message above and goes
2673609 CF-4122648 API Manager Andrew Myers Cannot install API Manager in Developer Edition Problem Description: Cannot install API manager in developer edition Steps to Reproduce: * Install CF2016, selecting developer edition * Run API manager installer /ColdFusionAPIManager_2016_WWEJ_linux64
2612214 CF-3539842 Language Adam Cameron Bug with dotted key names in structs Problem Description: Dotted key names have a bug. This was introduced in CF9 (the problem is not apparent in CF 8.0.1) Thanks to Andrew Myers for bringing this to my attention. Details here: http
2615676 CF-3042909 File Management : VFS-RAM Andrew Myers Bug 85267:(Watson Migration Closure)Cannot use action="write" with the cfspreadsheet tag and a filename on the VFS Problem: Cannot use action="write" with the cfspreadsheet tag and a filename on the VFS. Method: Sample code which fails
2609248 CF-3864497 Installation/Config Andrew Myers Link to lockdown guide in installer returns a 404 Problem Description: The text installer refers to Steps to Reproduce: Run the CF11 installer in a linux console (ie. with no graphical interface
2612485 CF-3504508 Installation/Config Andrew Myers Installer option to install local documentation Problem Description: The CF10 installer (for Windows at least) has an option to instlal local documentation. According to bug 3342688 local documentation is not available anymore. So either bring
2608944 CF-3955573 Administrator Andrew Myers Server Update Area and ScriptSrc Mapping Problem Description: If a Default ScriptSrc Directory is specified under "Settings" in the ColdFusion Administrator, the server update area no longer works unless it is accessed via a web sever (eg. Apache
2609366 CF-3853343 Installation/Config Andrew Myers WAR / EAR deployment - unable to initialise Security service: java.lang.NullPointerException Problem Description: WAR or EAR files created via the installing when the "30 day trial" option is selected fail to start, due to the error: "Unable