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Angel Chrystian Torres Guzmán Using Snippets in CF Builder As a coder you will find yourself writing the same code over and over, or maybe copying an pasting blocks of code that is required in several files of your application; so you open the file that contains the code you want to replicate
Angel Chrystian Torres Guzmán Editing JSON files with ColdFusion Builder Communication between applications or services have become more common in today’s applications, and one very popular open-standard file format is JSON (Java Script Object Notation). This is a human-readable data interchange
Angel Chrystian Torres Guzmán Number To Text Converter number2TextConverter.cfc This is a component that takes a number as an argument and returns a string representation of that number. It can convert numbers in the range from 1 to 999999999. Clone or download from GitHub // Create an object c
Angel Chrystian Torres Guzmán How to use Unicode for Chinese characters in ColdFusion and MySQL Recently I worked in a project where special characters needed to be stored in a database, to be specific we needed to handle Chinese characters, to achieve this, some configurations need to be done