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Connect ColdFusion JDBC to Sybase SQL Anywhere
justinh94069848 Is there anywhere where I can get the official checksum for the exe?
Comment on Bug 79352:You are supposed to be able to var anywhere, but you can't var in a for loop by External U.
Comment on Bug 75098:If there are failures on onServerStart(), those failures aren't shown anywhere by External U.
2682572 CFB-3936098 Deepraj J. This issue was fixed with InstallAnywhere latest 2014 version,as they have added the support for yosemite 10.10. So the new CF Builder installers works well on mac 10.10 given that we have migrated to InstallAnywhere 2014. WorkAround is there but its advised to go
2608797 CF-3991862 Database Henry Ho Log Activity in "Data & Services > Datasources > Microsoft SQL Server" doesn't work Problem Description: "Log database calls to (anywhere)" doesn't work in CF Admin's Data & Services > Datasources > Microsoft SQL Server. Steps to Reproduce: Add a new data
Bug 79352:You are supposed to be able to var anywhere, but you can't var in a for loop
Bug 75098:If there are failures on onServerStart(), those failures aren't shown anywhere
Bug 72680:-(Watson Migration Closure)If a user clicks anywhere outside the cfmessagebox window the escape key will no longer close the message box
2608564 CF-4062560 External U. Yes, repeatedly. We ended up reinstalling Coldfusion on the affected servers and the problem went away so I don't have anywhere that reproduces now.
2613211 CF-3339008 External U. This is a major issue. I didn't see this change noted anywhere in CF10's documentation.
Comment on Bug 75098:If there are failures on onServerStart(), those failures aren't shown anywhere by External U.
Comment on Bug 75098:If there are failures on onServerStart(), those failures aren't shown anywhere by External U.
2682666 CFB-3775884 extuser We are also experiencing this exact same problem with most of our .cfm files. Can't find a solution to this anywhere and it is preventing me from wanting to make any use of Coldfusion Builder until this can be fixed.
4409586 CF-4202680 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I see this ticket is marked "Closed/Withdrawn/Duplicate". Okay. But what is the original ticket's ID? This ticket doesn't say it anywhere publicly-visible. Thanks!, -Aaron
are interested in the same. We wanted to know if we can get recorded sessions of the same anywhere? The post sessions of Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week 2020 for AEST timezone? appeared first on ColdFusion. Developer week,Discussion,Events,Anywhere,developer week,discussion,events
G/a coldfusion 10 on Mountain Lion Is there anywhere to download the developer load of Coldfusion 10 for Mountain Lion? (MAC OSX 10.8). The post coldfusion 10 on Mountain Lion appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,ColdFusion,Development Services,Question,development services,question,update
Grae Desmond So i'm in the course and the only downloads are for the examples and exercises.  I haven't seen anywhere to download the videos.  The example folders do include a notes files though which read like the video script/cues so that's a nice include.
graed93034643 So i'm in the course and the only downloads are for the examples and exercises.  I haven't seen anywhere to download the videos.  The example folders do include a notes files though which read like the video script/cues so that's a nice include.
2802923 CF-4198287 Documentation Evagoras Charalambous How to set up a datasource in 'Application.cfc' Since ACF11+ it has been possible to create datasources directly in the 'Application.cfc' bootstrap, however I don't see any docs anywhere on how to do that - or samples for that matter. It would
Tracker Issue Word Wrap
2682675 CFB-3767783 Editor Features CFJSGeek Word Wrap ColdFusion Builder 2 allowed for word wrap in the preferences under HTML > Editors > Advanced. ColdFusion Builder 3 seems to no longer carry this option anywhere. IMO this is a huge oversight of such a basic function. Please add word wrapping
4157451 CF-4201788 Administrator [ANeff] ER for: CF Admin password strength meter This ER is to add a password strength meter to anywhere where CF passwords are defined. Examples: - CF Admin > Security > Administrator - CF Admin > Security > RDS - CF Admin > Security > User Manager Use case: So
2671773 CF-4198099 External U. You'll need to use application.cfc and add this to it: this.serverSideFormValidation=“false”; I don't think it documented anywhere on any official Adobe 9+ documentation. More info at:
2608343 CF-4118297 External U. Hi Adam, But the System Info page says "Version: 2016.0.0.297996". I'm not seeing 12 anywhere.. Interestingly, CFB's Product Details says "Version: 3.1.0". So.. I'm confused now. I thought they said they'd changed the name AND version to 2016 for both products
2608735 CF-4014234 Cathy W. Where did you all find this elusive updated jar file? I am not finding it anywhere, although I do see the jsch-0.1.52.jar all over the place.
2609029 CF-3944298 External U. ColdFusion10JettyService : C:\ColdFusionJetty\jetty.exe -zglaxservice ColdFusion10JettyService Log On: Local System Account It should have right to write to anywhere. I even tried setting log on as my own user account and the same error occurs.
2609032 CF-3944188 Nimit S. Hi Jeff, I am unable to locate ColdFusion 10 text anywhere on ColdFusion 11 administrator's page. Can you try to clear your browser's cache and see if you are still observing ColdFusion 10 text? If yes, then please share the screenshots with us. Regards, Nimit
2609114 CF-3928294 External U. Same application code was fine in CF9 in the same environment. What in createObject() or new Query goes anywhere near the RAM disk ?
2609313 CF-3859758 External U. There could be a case made for it being a time, but it isn't a date format used anywhere in the world as far as I know. It *might* be castable to a date inside ColdFusion, but that isn't a good reason to keep this.
2609865 CF-3755230 External U. OK the issue is based on 2 new functions in the IEventHandler. You need to now include preFlush and postFlush. Did I miss this somewhere on your noites? Did you guys even write this anywhere!!!
2609914 CF-3744503 External U. submitted this bug because I didn't see it anywhere else, but seems like the next logical progression in the enhancement of this tag's functionality.
2611049 CF-3648120 External U. Yeah, the restriction on VAR statements should be lifted. It used to make sense up until CF9 when the general approach to VARing was loosened in that one can VAR variables anywhere in a function, and can re-VAR them too, without error.
2613515 CF-3300889 External U. Do you have Initializing shm:(null) errno=-1. Load balancing workers will not function properly anywhere in your Coldfusion10\config\wsconfig\#\isapi_redirect.log file? I always see these right around crash time. It appears there is still a connector issue with CF
Comment on Bug 72680:-(Watson Migration Closure)If a user clicks anywhere outside the cfmessagebox window the escape key will no longer close the message box by Piyush K.
4604968 CF-4203130 Alberto G. Sorry Ajay... I re-read your post and understand your explanation. Is there anywhere these type of behavior changes are documented? It would be a helpful guide to get ahead of known required code changes in CF2018.
2608114 CF-4189738 Nitin K. As per our Dev: "Jay's code change suggests to add urlToken variable which has not been defined anywhere. Neither does CF code generate this variable in the generated JS code." This looks like 'NotABug'. Will wait for a week to allow user to get back on this before
5528760 CF-4204121 James M. FYI: I received an email on Wed 7/3/2019 2:33 AM Pacific with the following info, but don't see it reflected anywhere on this webpage. Locales updated to an empty value Failure Type updated from 'Data Corruption' to an empty value
confirm: * The fix applies not just to the default constructor, but anywhere in Application.cfc * The fix is not just for cflocation and cfabort, but anywhere that exhibits this same behaviour - abort in cfscript, cfdump with abort attribute, writeDump with abort argument, etc. What specifically is "The
of it and a registry clean. The install now is a clean 11 and no matter where I am in the process (no updates, update 8, update 15) the service can never be started from anywhere but the CMD/Run as administrator console command line
will be able to download updated versions of Java from Adobe OR Oracle and still be covered under Adobe's agreement with the Oracle license.  Did you get that from Adobe?  I have not seen it posted anywhere.
2673553 CF-4126416 API Manager : Installer Dave Ferguson Post install information is not retained At the end of the api manager install there is a screen with links and other important information. However, once you close the installer that information is not retained anywhere. That info should
4607209 CF-4203132 Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF) [cielen] cfhtmltopdfitem - error when used with special characters This one was quite tricky to break down and isolate. cfhtmltopdfitem seems to throw an error as soon as more than three special characters are used anywhere
2609230 CF-3872385 External U. I think I've found a solution for this issue. I had to add "items-overlap":true to my scale-x styles. This seemed to fix the problem, although, the solution was hard to find and I had to resort to using Google to find it. Is there anywhere in the documentation where
you state what action you are taking / has already been taking / etc, so we can check if you've missed anything or done the wrong thing anywhere. Cheers.
2612557 CF-3499033 External U. There's actually this functionality already, though don't think it is documented (haven't found it anywhere and just accidentally stumbled on it). The query's column object has a toArray() method (going back at least to acf10)
breaking a now-set precedent by not adding it to both this and too. Be honest: other than an attempt at work-avoidance, what's a legitimate case for not adding this to if there was a case for it to be added anywhere else? -- Adam
Comment on Bug 75098:If there are failures on onServerStart(), those failures aren't shown anywhere by External U.
5994179 CF-4204879 James M. I attempted to use the DATEDIFF function in Excel with a valid futuristic date to calculate the difference in days and it fails and returns "#VALUE!". What use is a valid date if it can't be used reused anywhere else? I checked out and they don
6268032 CF-4205269 Toby W. Tim, are you using cftransaction anywhere at all? We found that we are using it but a long way from where the error occurs. Looking at the tagContext of all the cfm / cfc requests, the error occurs inside a function that is called from original cfm. This cfm uses
as well, still ask is CF dead? Yes, they do think that it’s slowly dying and that it’s time has long passed. Let’s take a quick look why is that. ColdFusion has been around for […] The post Comprehensive list of ColdFusion Conferences 2019 appeared first on ColdFusion. Announcement,Blog,ColdFusion events,announcement,Anywhere
that with CF18. Has this now become a manual configuration process and, if so, is there any documentation anywhere? What Adobe offers in 
2597677 CF-3042987 Legacy Area : CF Anywhere Federica Lotti Bug 85405:if I make a cfdirectory type = "list", if the folder there are files that contain the word "report" (lowercase) that is read and printed by CF as "MyCompany QuarterlyReport" Problem: if I make a cfdirectory type = "list
2608084 CF-4195763 External U. Hi, running 2016,0,02,299200 and also am not seeing onError execute. I'm running a task at the server level with no URL, so the execute method is called on the handler. To test, I put a cfthrow right in the execute method, can't find the exception logged anywhere
Spot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.7-b01, mixed mode) anywhere else\java -version java version "1.8.0_60" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_60-b27) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.60-b23, mixed mode)
. I can't find anywhere you actually TELL people about this change (except for here, and the docs for application settings ( You also need to (NEED TO) list this in release notes or a change log or something.
in the application scope. So another workaround might be: Create the instance of an object and run getMetadata on it BEFORE its being put in the session scope in any way. In coldspring i used lazy-init = false to immediately create it before i use it anywhere, which fixed it. I cant confirm this, but it could
CRM, where we can included anywhere from 10-20 templates and 50-100 method calls on any given page. We only experience this in that scenario, a handful of templates does not seem to be an issue. I could include the actual full debugging output if this would be helpful.
4607221 CF-4203133 Bradley W. Wow, so just ot be clear, you're saying that ColdFusion 2018 has dropped support for Java 8 and it is a requirement to use Java 9 or above now? Just curious, if that has been documented anywhere as I was not aware of that. In fact, that might create an issue for our
5364792 CF-4204027 Charlie A. Folks, the bug report says "see attached test case", but I am not finding that anywhere here. Is it that it was missed? or might the be referring to something internal (that we on the outside don't see)? It's important to see a test case of this problem, to understand
:// However, even the list of limitations for the Express edition is confusing and incorrect. For example, it lists "Code insight" as a missing feature, however this exact phrase does not appear anywhere else in the entirety of the CFB documentation as far as I can tell. (There is plenty of explanation
.0.1 patch. Removed IIS6 Compatibility options as instructed by upgrader. Same result, WSCT hangs once "Add" is clicked. There are no instructions anywhere for manually configuring IIS 7.5. If Adobe is not going to update the installer to work with updated Server software, there should at least be a step
David Byers Quick tip: escaping string literals in dateTimeFormat() Just a quick tip since I didn’t find this to be well documented anywhere and someone else probably has this exact same problem.  Frequently, I display time and date on a page.  I used to do it like so: #dateFormat(now(),'dddd, mmmm
presentation today. Steps to Reproduce: Use the following code to replicate anywhere: Initialize: restInitApplication(expandPath("./"), "rest_demo",{isDefault: true }); Then hit refresh on the page with it and see the error. In my tests I had it in the ApplicationStart function which would fire on a reinit
. Actual Result: Can't find the exception logged anywhere, including the file I'm writing to onError. I also noticed onMisfire is not always called, only sometimes, though it should be because I'm running through Administrator off the normal schedule. onTaskEnd is called, even though there was an error
error prompt saying, "Windows error 2 occurred while loading the Java VM". Steps to Reproduce: Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_60. Double-click on the installer, ApiManager_Alpha_091515_Addon_win.exe, to launch it. Actual Result: LaunchAnywhere error
and function args / returns, and anywhere else one might expect to use such things. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4119475 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Adam Cameron External Customer Email
.security.SecurityManager$UnauthenticatedCredentialsException (full stacktrace as an attachment). I couldn't find why because it has worked with the exact same code before. Finally I did find out, it was because I changed the administrator password to something with a "!" in it. I suppose it's a bug since it's not mentioned anywhere that the password shouldn
_updt.jar Actual Result: =============================================================================== Adobe ColdFusion 10 (created with InstallAnywhere) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preparing CONSOLE Mode Installation
2608751 CF-4010514 Language : Java Integration Adam Cameron Improve Java integration From I should be able to use a Java class anywhere and in the same way I use a CFC now, eg: s = new java.lang.String("Yeah, bad example
2608885 CF-3971069 Language David Neuman Error with encrypt() function after applying CF 11 Update 5 Problem Description: After applying the CF 11 Update 5, anywhere we use the encrypt() function, it throws an error randomly. This is the function we have used in multiple places in our
() / trim() Again, I thought I (or someone) had already raised a ticket to this effect, but I cannae find it anywhere. -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3861322 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name
() / replace() / trim() Again, I thought I (or someone) had already raised a ticket to this effect, but I cannae find it anywhere. -- Adam ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3861321 External Customer Info: External Company: External
. Expected Result: Handler Mapping should be updated with latest directory, in sync (both ISAPI filter and handler mapping should be coherent) Any Workarounds: Manually updating IIS handler mapping - but this is not documented anywhere. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
errored), and the only thing that was logged anywhere was an entry in the Windows application log: - - 259 2 0 0x80000000000000 5255 Application AC-NEWLAPTOP - ColdFusion Splendor Beta Application Server There is no useful information in that (it's a
missing. I looked in the cfroot/wwwroot/ folder, in my own apache docroot folder, it was nowhere to be found. Primarily I looked for the folder called 'cfdocs', I could not find it anywhere. Further, I installed CF 10 for Mac, Linux and Windows and NONE of them contained the cfdocs folder after
, for those who may look to that for documentation of use of the CFC/function, since it's not documented anywhere else. Steps to Reproduce: n/a ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3342128 External Customer Info: External Company: External
2596945 CF-3328578 Language Jork Zijlstra cfloop array and wrong iterator Problem Description: When using cfloop array the index should contain the item in the array. When you var scope the index anywhere in your function the index item will always be the first item of the array. I suspect
code base we inherited, there isn't an UML or documentation anywhere. There are thousands of stored proces. We'd like to be able to log/record all the SP's and queries called on each page (URL) thus helping to generate a mapping of things. I think more features in the Debug API would allow for this
and Oracle". Database names are not capitalized like that anywhere else in the Admin. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3139300 External Customer Info: External
2614190 CF-3126106 Web Container (Tomcat) ext-user Errors from Tomcat dont get logged in start.log or exception.log Problem:When we start ColdFusion we are just logging the out stream but not the error stream.So the errors from Tomcat are not getting logged anywhere. Method:Run the test case
Camden independently. Method: See URL with Zip File. Create a dummy dsn called "GN" to anywhere. The DSN does not query, just used for illustration of the bug. Run index.cfm. See test output. You can click on the files in that test output to see they run fine independently, however when put through a
2600024 CF-3039471 Legacy Area : CF Anywhere Brian Carr Bug 79140:(Watson Migration Closure)I realize that this may sound a little "out there", but I think would be extremely beneficial Problem: I realize that this may sound a little "out there", but I think would be extremely beneficial
2600454 CF-3039009 Legacy Area : CF Anywhere Paul Kukiel Bug 78160: within a method now created a attribute itn e variables scope instead of being ignored Problem: within a method now created a attribute itn e variables scope instead of being ignored. If a variable exisitns int e variables scope
: None found. Not clear if escaping ## inside cfoutput anywhere else also results in a parsing error. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3803692 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: dartimcoo External
container anywhere with no modifications. I'm not sure it's reasonable to expect the something to detect this from inside the VM. Can't the logic in CF be adjusted appropriately to either detect whether or not the filesystem is case sensitive, or remove the dependency on case?
2609167 CF-3916906 External U. @Nimit, If that's true, that's a pretty significant idiosyncrasy that I don't think is documented anywhere. I can understand the need to not do it on each request, but it still is pretty scary that this is being done in the pseudoconstructor alongside other stuff
Legorol San I don’t think it’s mentioned anywhere, but a number of the supplementary downloads available for ColdFusion 2018 have refreshed installers available from February 2019:
be curious to know: is the instance in question being monitored by the CF2018 PMT (a new monitor, which can be setup anywhere, whether on the same server as CF or elsewhere that can reach it). You can see if the instance is being monitored by visiting the new menu element in the CF 2018 Admin for the PMT
: Anywhere you are making a distinguishment between UDFs, BIFs, functions-declared-by-statement or functions-declare-by-expression needs to be removed from the language. They're all just functions, and all should be usable
2673489 CF-4126495 CFIMAGE Travis Walters CFImage Source Parameter With Spaces Causes Crash - Similar to Bug #4101478 Duplicate ID: CF-4101478 Problem Description: Related to Bug ID #4101478. It appears that anywhere the source parameter has a space in the file name URL it will cause a crash
is for the append function specifically, and the other is for struct and array literals, it's possible that their fixes may not also fix this problem, so I decided it was best to log this separately. Anywhere you're wrapping a java type in a coldfusion type (e.g. coldfusion.runtime.array), you should make sure
" button Actual Result: Display replaces settings page: "There was an error accessing this page. Check logs for more details. Click here to login" Clicking anywhere, menu or link, takes you out to login page. Expected Result: Change saved, page redisplayed with "120" persisted as Timeout Requests value
2613050 CF-3349444 Installation/Config : Connector Sergio Vazquez II IIS Physical Path can't see Google Drive folders Problem Description: If your website's IIS physical path points to anywhere inside of a Google Drive folder, CF10 will give you a "coldfusion.runtime.TemplateNotFoundException: File
simplified example that will work in a stand-alone CFM file (also attached as debug.cfm): inner args: ls.argsGood.d = #ls.argsGood.d# ls.argsBad.d = #ls.argsBad.d# Steps to Reproduce: Place debug.cfm anywhere under ColdFusion's web root and retrieve it from your browser
the ColdFUsion_update_901_WWEJ_win64.exe file and after the installAnywhere progress bar is complete, the installer disappears with no notification of a crash or that anything went wrong. Actual Result: installer starts but dies and gives no notification that a problem occurred Expected Result: I need
2613869 CF-3154883 Scheduler Aaron Neff CF cannot update task w/in its handler (b/c it forces handler verification) CF cannot update a task w/in its handler. (Actually, CF cannot update a task from *anywhere* else, if the task uses the eventhandler attribute and is updated via result from action
off "Component Cache" and "Trusted Cache" in the administrator. 3. Create an index.cfm that contains: import test.Test; t = getTickCount(); new Test(); // Takes anywhere from 8-16ms !!!! t = getTickCount()-t; writeOutput("Unqualified: #t#ms"); t = getTickCount(); new test.Test(); // Takes 0-1ms
, java exception occurs. Method: ./ColdFusion_9_WWE_linux.bin Result: Launching installer...An internal LaunchAnywhere application error has occured and this application cannot proceed. (LAX)Stack Trace:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Malformed \uxxxx java