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5044517 CF-4203439 Language : Application Framework Video All
5932990 CF-4204710 Language : Application Framework [ANeff] ER for: 'startTime' metadata for Application and Request Issue: SessionGetMetadata() returns 'startTime', but the same doesn't exist for Application or Request. Steps to Reproduce: writeOutput(Application
2612387 CF-3516704 Suchika S. test case added at:\depot\ColdFusion\qa\cf\regression\coretests\coldfusion\tags\web-application-framework\cfthread\bugs\CF-3516704\
3122939 CF-4198749 Language : Application Framework : ApplicationCFC Peter Freitag Add onAfterRequestEnd to Application.cfc It would be useful to do some processing onAfterRequestEnd, that is after the response has been sent to the client. This would allow you to perform things like logging
2609891 CF-3750731 Paul N. Adam, Thanks for clarifying the scenario. This is what I understood. In your application you have defined a Custom Serializer and it is configured in your Application CFC. Your Application CFC extends from the framework's Application CFC. So if there is some
5286636 CF-4203974 Language : Application Framework ___IMPLICITARRYSTRUCTVAR16 when using ArrayFind Problem Description: I'm getting an error of an undefined variable which is used nowhere in the code. Steps to Reproduce: {code:java} {code} Actual Result: Variable
2608823 CF-3983656 Kailash B. Fix verified in build: 295804 Test case used: //depot/qa/cf/regression/coretests/coldfusion/tags/web-application-framework/cfscript/language_enhancements/for-in/Bugs/CF-3983656/forin_CF-3983656_nameZip.cfm
ColdFusion won't start automatically after Windows Update ot >net Framework 4.5.1
Comment on ColdFusion won't start automatically after Windows Update ot >net Framework 4.5.1 by External U.
Comment on ColdFusion won't start automatically after Windows Update ot >net Framework 4.5.1 by Piyush K.
3364353 CF-4199431 Language : Application Framework : PerAppSettings Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: cfgridupdate doesn't honor default data source Issue: cfgridupdate doesn't honor default data source Steps to Reproduce: cfgridupdate(grid="myGrid", tablename="myTable") Actual Result: "coldfusion
6477734 CF-4205918 Language : Application Framework : PerAppSettings sameFormFieldsAsArray incorrectly deserializes form values containing commas Problem Description: When multiple form fields of the same name are posted the resulting array splits the items containing commas. This is a change
2871804 CF-4198354 Language : Application Framework : ApplicationCFC Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: abort in callback triggers onError() instead of onAbort() abort in callback triggers onError() instead of onAbort() Repro: component { = "callbackabort"; //void function onRequest() {abort
2609048 CF-3941602 External U. A good reason to have this at a CFC level is so frameworks/libraries can leverage the feature without needing to mandate that the developer turn it on for the entire application. Or for that matter,if there is a potential incompatibility, framework/libraries can
5777759 CF-4204458 Language : Application Framework : PerAppSettings sameFormFieldsAsArray results in array like object not real array sameFormFieldsAsArray results in array like object not real array Problem Description: When settting sameFormFieldsAsArray to true in the Application
2673042 CF-4155300 External U. This would be useful for applications that are not built on frameworks such as FW/1, ColdBox, and others (which provide tooling to configure things like datasource names based on environment).
6595560 CF-4206403 Language : Application Framework Certain syntax breaks the interpreter (compiler) Problem Description: With 2016 UPDATE 12 or 13 we discovered a strange and unpredictable behavior that only happens for certain Code structures. It can best be explained by the following example
4719058 CF-4203283 Jae J. I am in the process of migrating to ColdFusion 2018 and all of our applications are currently running on ColdBox framework. If this doesn't get fixed soon then we will NOT migrate to ColdFusion 2018.
Application that runs on CF9 won't run on CF 10, can not find included file
2602047 CF-3037289 External U. It would make life easier for people who develop frameworks and applications that get distributed and can't make any assumption about where and hoe the apps will be deployed
5362368 CF-4204024 Language : Application Framework : ApplicationCFC sameFormFieldsAsArray setting not always respected Problem Description: When dumping the form scope inside Application.cfc, either outside any functions, or even in a function such as onRequestStart, the scope contains data
James Moberg We've encountered some unpreventable ColdFusion hard errors (that can't be prevented using try/catch) when using ReReplaceNoCase() in our application framework.  Here are some reported bugs that are similar: https
Tracker Issue nested cfoutput
2673504 CF-4126476 Language : Application Framework Frédéric Peters nested cfoutput Duplicate ID: CF-4105612 Problem Description: Nested cfoutput do not behave like previously Steps to Reproduce: Run this code: SELECT randID, itemID FROM Messages WHERE messageId = "1" #randID# #item
Tracker Issue Whitespace problem
2673544 CF-4126426 Language : Application Framework Frédéric Peters Whitespace problem Duplicate ID: CF-4105928 Problem Description: Space ignored Steps to Reproduce: SELECT itemID FROM products WHERE itemID = "224867" SELECT itemID, titre FROM Products WHERE itemID = #itemId# #q2
frameworks from the applications in which they live. We do not want to provide a location within the framework for application specific code and we also do not want to rely on outside paths not configured in the application. Thus, having the ability to provide a runtime path mapping, would fix these issues
Michaela Light Easily Moving from Legacy Code Hell to Modern CFML Heaven We’ve all seen the hell of old legacy code in our ColdFusion applications. Non-framework code, spaghetti code, duplicate code, or unused code (Deadwood)… it’s all the same. Maintenance efficiency is a thing of the past
Comment on Application that runs on CF9 won't run on CF 10, can not find included file by External U.
4352275 CF-4202532 Language : Application Framework : PerAppSettings [ANeff] ER for: GetApplicationMetadata() to list all per-app settings ER for: GetApplicationMetadata() to list all per-app settings Repro: 1) Create Application.cfc w/ `component {"myApp"}` 2) Run `writeDump(getApplication
2600303 CF-3039173 Language : CF Component Joel Cox Bug 78588:When using Mach-II 1 Problem: When using Mach-II 1.8 framework, application bombs on this statement (in framework code): where arguments.value is of type "any" This works properly in Beta 2, does not in the June 29 intermediate
2910498 CF-4198394 Language : Application Framework Bill Reese Concurrency issues when writing to mappings returned from getApplicationMetadata() under load Problem Description: when writing mappings to the object returned by getApplicationMetadata() I get the error under load of: java
2672529 CF-4190974 Language : Application Framework Evagoras Charalambous Add a "Content-Length: 0" header when returning a "204 No Content" response Problem Description: When returning a "204" HTTP status, all content is stripped out from the response, but no header "Content-Length: 0" is added
= "FrameworkSerializer" }; this.customSerializer = "cs1/MySerializer"; //Default serializer to be used Now the default serializer is "MySerializer". de/serializeXML() can take an optional argument to specify the serializer to be used. i.e., in HotBox application, they can say serializeXML(testStr, true, "cs
Comment on Make underlying ExtJS framework version selectable from CFAdmin by External U.
2610678 CF-3687747 External U. This could be very handy, but I would go one further and suggest aroundMethod and aroundCFC as well. Of course, it would probably need to come with a server, application, and CFC-level flag to enable and disable the functionality so it doesn't interfere
christopherw3118414 OSGi Support is Needed to Assure Secure Code Here is a serious question to ponder. I have been supporting the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) at two different companies over the past five years.  The AEM and Lucee support OSGi framework over JVM which makes these applications
James Moberg We've encountered some unpreventable ColdFusion hard errors (that can't be prevented using try/catch) when using ReReplaceNoCase() in our application framework.  Here are some reported bugs that are similar:
Tracker Issue Server timeout
2673512 CF-4126466 Language : Application Framework Frédéric Peters Server timeout Problem Description: a page with http-equiv refresh generates this: Server Timeout body { background-image: url(" (...) Server
4090354 CF-4201538 Bradley W. This issue was reported on CF11, not CF 2016. Did you test this on CF11? ApplicationLoader.cfc is part of the ColdBox framework but I don't think the context really matters, it's just an expandPath() call. I know with a high degree of certainty the slashes were
'd be a conflict if someone set that parameter to `false` whilst also having `this.customSerializers = {false = "MySerializer", cs2 = "FrameworkSerializer" };` (note the boolean serializer name) in Application.cfc.. but is that really a problem? :) Thanks!, -Aaron
Serializer.cfc ------------------------- Configure the Custom Serializer in your Application.cfc And try the testcase Testcase.cfm -------------------- This is perfectly possible using the Custom Serializer feature. This is not a framework. But it is an just an extension point, to plugin your implementation. You can
.5.0/Classes/charsets.jar /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/JavaApplicationLauncher.framework/Resources/LauncherSupport.jarjava.ext.dirs: /Library/Java/Extensions /System/Library/Java/Extensions /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Home
many place community frameworks in a central shared location (like C:\shared\frameworkX, C:\shared\MXUnit, etc.). It's also likely they have multiple applications on the same server which have components which extend the same parent or prototype components from the shared framework folder; furthermore
_ argument. 3. This shows you didn't even try to test this will FW/1 - one of the most popular CFML frameworks out there - because out of the box, several examples fail because they contain expressions like this (to account for the optional context root in Java web applications): variables.framework
2920419 CF-4198397 Language : Framework Support Bradley Wood App-specific mappings added outside of Application.cfc can dissappear Problem Description: The ColdBox framework makes use of app-specific mappings that are added inside the framework to allow for portability of modules. We have a
-level (global) mappings, which brings them within a nanometer of being absolutely useless.Without application-level mappings, it is difficult to run multiple versions of frameworks (for example, an old application in Model-Glue 2 and a new application in Model-Glue 3) on the same server, and take advantage
has done a great job handling alot o f the migration of the Frameworks. They need to fix THIS and our application could migrate with just a little bit of code conversion. to Coldfusion 9. Coldfusion 9 still needs a little work. I also miss the css Vista themes. I had to configure the ext
people's data, often including usernames and passwords, application structures (if they're using frameworks) and so on. For security, it would be good to provide an option in CF Admin that allowed administrators, esp. on shared hosts, to disable references to application scope when no application name
2608796 CF-3991872 Language : Framework Support Dan Wilson Form Fields with the same name are converted to arrays when Fusebox 5.5 is used. It appears the behavior of Form Fields with the same name has changed after I updated ColdFusion 11 to Update 5. The application had been working
/java -vm/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Commands/java --> -vm/Applications/ColdFusionBuilder3/jre/Contents/Home/jre/lib/server/libjvm.dylib-keyring~/.eclipse_keyring /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_65.jdk/Contents/Home/jre/lib/server/libjvm.dylib I
James Mohler VueJS for ColdFusion programmers: First 10 minutes VueJS for ColdFusion Developers: First 10 minutes What is it? It is a Javascript technology that does all kinds of front-end DOM manipulation. It takes dull HTML and turns it into an application. If you are familiar with j
Allow dynamic addition of application mappings outside of Application.cfc
2609394 CF-3850990 External U. This is a big problem for me as I use a coldfusion framework that relies on event get variables. I never include "index.cfm" on any of my requests/links. I think this also impacting application/json calls using cfcontent too, because they now all have a connection
4219048 CF-4202030 Language : Functions getApplicationMetaData() broken Today I have installed the ColdFusion 2018 public beta and replaced the previous beta release with it. After installation the ColdBox 5 framework was broken, CF threw an error when trying to set a variable: var app
5752036 CF-4204404 Language : Framework Support App-specific mappings do not register correctly Problem Description: Frameworks such as ColdBox use mappings to allow for portable modules. In ColdFusion 2018, application-specific mappings do not register correctly until an additional getApplication
template handler setting in the CF Admin. This is used by some people to perform request routing for files that don't even exist. I also think only supporting Application.cfc is incorrect. Some app and or frameworks still use application.cfm and forcing the use of Application.cfc does not seem consisted
\/cfusion9\/cfusion.ear\/cfusion.war\/CentaurTests\/appcfc\/tags","\/Applications\/JRun4\/servers\/cfusion9\/cfusion.ear\/cfusion.war\/CentaurTests\/shared\/tags"],"mappings": {"/coldspring": "\/Applications\/JRun4\/servers\/cfusion9\/cfusion.ear\/cfusion.war\/CentaurTests\/shared\/frameworks
Fusion as it is a serious error, I know what I am asking is going to be a hard. But a switch could be all that is needed for ColdFusion to log anything that is a serious issue regardless of CFML Applications. But I am sorry, I find it hard that if ColdFusion the framework is causing errors that is NOT the fault
Application is can get lost. This doesn't help System Administrators as they can't see if other sites on the server are having this issue if ColdFusion is not logging these things. And for god sake, don't assume I mean every error. Like Sean is saying, I am saying that the framework if using the try / catch
would just put a log here and be done with it. However I am in a position where the author of a framework hasn't logged anything that is being captured by the Application. This is a serious read/write lock on some cfthread that pops up every now and then. The code does what it is supposed to do, stops
's ability to tweak the domain model of their AIR application for performance or structure. With the Flex framework, it is common practice to utilize the logging API, so the developer can choose to see these logs if they desire. By using this method developers who don't want to deal with the SQL won't have
2612744 CF-3434473 External U. Ok. Since this has been run around as whether this is a good idea or not, there needs to be an understanding as to the origin of the ER. The task was to remediate security issues in a given ColdFusion application and not refactor it. The said application
Comment on Concurrency issues when writing to mappings returned from getApplicationMetadata() under load by Bradley W.
Comment on REST method calls do not correctly fire Application.cfc event handlers by Rupesh K.
Comment on Exceptions in REST Services doesn't trigger Application.cfc's onError or Site-wide Error Handler by External U.
James Mohler Taffy for REST – Part 5: Access Tokens with some real simple authorization This is an introduction to APIkey based authorization with Taffy. StackOverflow definition An application programming interface key (API key) is a code passed in by computer programs calling an API (application
2613824 CF-3160217 Language : Framework Support Andrew Scott ContentBox another ColdBox application will not run on CF10 but runs fine on CF9.01 and railo Problem Description: The following will not work on ColdFusion 10, with IIS connectors. However this will work on CF 9 and railo. https
2609879 CF-3753750 Language : Framework Support Andrew Scott Backward compatibility issue with CF11 It seems that something major has changed in ColdFusion 11, which means frameworks like ColdBox and ContentBox no longer work. It appears to be an issue where it is failing on this component extends
2611175 CF-3634391 External U. I can easily reproduce this error on CF10 Update 13. -I created a folder with two files: Application.cfc component {"test"; this.ormEnabled="true"; this.datasource="test123"; } index.cfm I pointed 10 JMeter threads at it and within a minute had
2613685 CF-3185393 Documentation ext-user [ITAS]:ja_JP: Developing-ACHO: unknown UI terms: ("Use internal query caching") DOC TITLE: Developing Adobe ColdFusion 10 Applications ASSET NAME - SEGMENT NUMBER: /XML/en-uk/Products/ColdFusion/10.0/Developing/cfu_app_framework_fw.xml - 1278 SENTENCE
2609259 CF-3863748 External U. Where I think this problem could really crop up is when in environments (such as hosting providers) where many different applications are being run, which could be using many different versions of the same open source projects. For example, you could run
in the Application.cfc. This issue causes very hard to track errors in ColdBox where mappings will simply not be found, often times during reinitting the framework. An HTTP request's CF mappings should not be affected by another HTTP request coming in. Steps to Reproduce: Unzip the attached file and run "server
it into a mapped dir, /HotBox, and adjusting Application.cfc to extend Hotbox.Application. Then HotBox "works" in my site (doing whatever it does). This is the usual way modules/apps/frameworks are plugged-in to a CF website: via the minimum amount of interference and touch points into the site they
Bug 74612:Transfer ORM framework will not run on Centaur due to CFSCRIPT changes
in the process of trying to migrate from CF8 enterprise to CF10 enterprise. I have a large Model-Glue/Transfer ORM/Coldspring application. All of the frameworks are persisted in the Application scope. After the application would run for some period of time (hours generally), under almost zero load (1 or 2
Comment on Calling GetHttpRequestData() in application.cfm breaks REST services by External U.
2673584 CF-4126377 Security Sathish Kumar Enabling Roles attribute for CFCOMPONENT Duplicate ID: CF-4126370 Hi Guys, The roles attribute for coldfusion functions is good at security application functionalities from unauthorised users. It would be great if we can possibly extend this feature
2673587 CF-4126372 Security Sathish Kumar Enabling Roles attribute for CFCOMPONENT Duplicate ID: CF-4126370 Hi Guys, The roles attribute for coldfusion functions is good at security application functionalities from unauthorised users. It would be great if we can possibly extend this feature
2673588 CF-4126370 Security Sathish Kumar Enabling Roles attribute for CFCOMPONENT Hi Guys, The roles attribute for coldfusion functions is good at security application functionalities from unauthorised users. It would be great if we can possibly extend this feature to the CFCOMPONENT tag as well
2608746 CF-4012852 External U. Just because an operation is abstracted away from you doesn't mean it doesn't happen! You keep using the word "rehydrated" as though hibernate wrings the water from your entities and sticks them on the shelf. Hibernate is a persistence framework that has well
.Further details that may or may not be relevant:* We use IIS7 with URLRewriting so that framework URLs (Fusebox and FW/1) e.g. "/index.cfm?querystring" may be requested as "/directory/sub-directory/"* We use the latest secure JVM from Sun/Oracle: currently JDK1.6 Update 24* We set our session cookies (to expire
on the other hand attacked first, so I am on the defensive when Adam and Sean and maybe you are looking at the fact that it is wrong and you are the ones who can't see it. If you look at this from a sinlge application running on ColdFusion, I can't understand your reasoning. But I am talking about 30, 40 hell
_64, WS=win32, NL=en_US Command-line arguments: -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86_64 !ENTRY org.eclipse.osgi 4 0 2014-07-16 11:30:16.343 !MESSAGE Application error !STACK 1 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/mercury/javashared/agentloader/AgentBootstrap at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.(
this in the Mach-II Framework code base. See changesets that fixed the issue: full description of this defect has been blogged here
.runtime.CfJspPage._invoke( at cfApplication2ecfc1662216193$funcSETUPREQUEST.runFunction(z:\file_path_scrubbed\Application.cfc:1050) at coldfusion.runtime.UDFMethod.invoke( at coldfusion.runtime.UDFMethod$ReturnTypeFilter.invoke( at coldfusion
.tagext.lang.InvokeTag.doEndTag( at cfMethod2ecfc1730115891$funcPROCEED.runFunction(C:\projects\newHotness\frameworks\ColdSpring_Migration\aop\Method.cfc:65) at coldfusion.runtime.UDFMethod.invoke( at coldfusion.filter.SilentFilter.invoke( at coldfusion
input using an antisamy policy file (either CF's default found in cfusion\lib\antisamy-basic.xml, or one you create and can specify at the code or application level). Consider also the Canonicalize function (added in CF10), to help remove encodings from a string before it may
.runtime.TemplateProxy.invoke( at coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage._invoke( at coldfusion.tagext.lang.InvokeTag.doEndTag( at coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage._emptyTcfTag( at cfTestSuite2ecfc1641947641$funcRUN.runFunction(C:\inetpub\wwwroot\mxunit\framework\TestSuite.cfc:177
.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench.createAndRunWorkbench( at org.eclipse.ui.PlatformUI.createAndRunWorkbench( at com.adobe.ide.coldfusion.rcp.intro.Application.start(Unknown Source) at at org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.EclipseAppLauncher.runApplication
.eclipse.ui.PlatformUI.createAndRunWorkbench( at com.adobe.ide.coldfusion.rcp.intro.Application.start(Unknown Source) at at org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.EclipseAppLauncher.runApplication(EclipseAppLau at org
) at org.eclipse.ui.internal.UISynchronizer.syncExec( at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.syncExec( at org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.E4Application$1.syncExec( at org.eclipse.e4.ui
.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench$ at org.eclipse.core.databinding.observable.Realm.runWithDefault( at org.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench.createAndRunWorkbench( at org.eclipse.ui.PlatformUI.createAndRunWorkbench( at com.adobe.ide.coldfusion.rcp.intro.Application
:\ColdFusion\start_mysql.bat Start ACF12 with C:\ColdFusion\cfusion\bin Open "http://localhost:8500/contens/index.cfm" Login with user "start" and password "contens" Open "http://localhost:8500/contens/index.cfm?reloadapp=1" Now you will get a lot of Lock Timeout errors The problem seems to be C:\ColdFusion\cfusion\wwwroot\contens\framework
"Unable to initialize Runtime service: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Boolean". All future requestst of the runtime service fail, resulting in 500 Server Error on all pages. Method: My document root is c:\htdocs. I have installed Sean Corfield's FrameWork/1
) at org.eclipse.ui.PlatformUI.createAndRunWorkbench( at org.eclipse.ui.internal.ide.application.IDEApplication.start( at at org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.EclipseAppLauncher.runApplication