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3078485 CF-4198618 Document Management : Office Integration,Performance Barry Friedland Monitoring CFSpreadSheet Currently there is no way to monitor the progress of . For big files this can cause a long delay. Either provide a way to monitor a file size or allow the ability to append
3033639 CF-4198555 Administrator Barry Friedland Can not change Admin Password in IE Problem Description:Admin password can not be change from IE11. Gives error: "•Password could not be changed as the old password is incorrect" Steps to Reproduce: Log into Administrator, Select security tab
2950605 CF-4198428 Document Management : Office Integration Barry Friedland Need formatting parameter for cfspreadsheeet SpreadsheetFormatCell does not provide a way to color fill a cell background color. The closest is fillpattern but that is not what I want. The attached Excel file shows 3