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Comment on Oracle’s Java policy change by Bernhard Döbler
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Comment on Member Functions introduced in ColdFusion (2018 release) by Bernhard Döbler
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Comment on Whitespace Management is missing CFAdmin > Server Settings > Settings by Bernhard Döbler
2608093 CF-4192428 Hot Fix Installer Bernhard Döbler Version number wrong: 11,0,10,292866 Problem Description: Coldfusion Administrator shows version number as 11,0,10,292866 Steps to Reproduce: Install latest Update Coldfusion 11 Hotfix via CFAdmin Actual Result: Expected Result: According
3542266 CF-4199831 Language : Tags Bernhard Döbler CFLDAP result cannot be in LOCAL scope Problem Description: I call CFLDAP tag in a cffunction, and therefore pass local.ldapquery as name attribute to the CFLDAP tag Steps to Reproduce: {code:java} {code} Actual Result: Throw: The value
----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4198174 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Bernhard Döbler External Customer Email: External Test Config: My Hardware and Environment details:
2857136 CF-4198340 Installation/Config : Connector Bernhard Döbler Error Message logged after IISRewrite Problem Description: I setup IIS to serve Coldfusion pages. I use IIS Rewrite module to serve files from subdirectories while maintaining "pretty" URLs in the browser. Every page I call