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Make form processing simpler with Brian Kotek’s FormUtils
Comment on Whitespace being stripped out when using CFMAIL by Brian C.
Comment on CFINDEX - Allow populating MultiValued Dynamic Field by Brian C.
2608335 CF-4119914 Nimit S. Thanks Brian for the confirmation. We will be closing this bug.
2608534 CF-4070239 External U. Hi Brian, Did you remove/re-add the connector via wsconfig.exe? Thanks!, -Aaron
James Mohler Makes me feel glad I adopted and adapted Brian Kotek's formutils. Even so, I wish there was a systematic way to get everything over to Github or somewhere.
2673017 CF-4156552 External U. I mentioned this in a separate wishlist item, though obviously Brian is the king of caching. Being able to integrate with other caching engines would be great.
2608335 CF-4119914 Nimit S. Brian, Can you please check as I mentioned in my previous comment? Please let us know if it works.
2609163 CF-3917313 External U. This bug is a duplicate of bug number: CF-3916254. It was accidentally filed twice. this one can be deleted. Brian
2609409 CF-3849572 S P. Hi Brian, According to Stephen, resetting IE to the defaults and deleting personal settings has resolved the issue. Can you try this and confirm if you are still facing the issue? Thanks!
2603208 CF-3035879 External U. What Brian said. I might be able to get this enabled in test, but in the 'real world' ? No chance.
2608534 CF-4070239 Installation/Config : Connector Brian Salerno BUG# 3853535 NOT fixed in Update 5 as stated Problem Description: See #3853535 Steps to Reproduce:See #3853535 Actual Result:See #3853535 Expected Result:See #3853535 Any Workarounds:See #3853535
2673016 CF-4156553 Wishlist Brian Klaas Enable ehCache Autodiscovery via the CF Admin A simple checkbox in the CF administrator which enables ehCache's automatic cache sharing across multiple CF instances would allow easy access to and enabling of this very powerful and woefully underused feature
2609409 CF-3849572 Core Runtime : Session Management Brian Goetke CF10 Session variables lost Problem Description:Upon upgrading from CF8 to CF10 on Oct 17, 2014, Some of our users are losing their session variables right after they are set upon logging in to our web application. This is affecting
2598323 CF-3041463 Language : Tags Brian Panulla Bug 82912:(Watson Migration Closure)When CFAVECONTENT is rendering content that contains a bare less-than character (#stringA# Expected:#expected#Actual:#actual#Equal?:#expected EQ actual# Result: CFSAVECONTENT returns unexpected content following a
2602215 CF-3037105 Language : General Brian Kotek Bug 74517:(Watson Migration Closure)Store variables in the case that they are declared when you set them Problem: Store variables in the case that they are declared when you set them. For example, this: should do the same thing as Currently
Brian Sappey API Manager Demonstrations and Key Elements Check out my presentation from Summit 2017 API-Manager-Presentation-Summit-2017 The post API Manager Demonstrations and Key Elements appeared first on ColdFusion. API manager,Demo,Showcase,api,api manager
2609156 CF-3918827 External U. Hi Brian, What worked in our case, not sure if it will help you or not. We uninstalled update 16. Installed skipped update 14, and then reinstalled update 16 and that fixed this issue for us. Boris.
2609156 CF-3918827 Nimit S. Hi Brian, I tried the workflow suggested by Boris to repro this issue, but I am still not able to replicate it. Is it possible if you can share your update installation logs so that I can further investigate this issue?
2609171 CF-3916254 S P. Hi Brian It would be really helpful if you could attach the complete application that you are using, so that I can check if I am missing something in verifying the scenario where the jsessionid is being appended to the action page. Thanks Preethi
2609618 CF-3820049 External U. I agree with Brian... this is pretty fundamental. Should be be easy to fix though... simply use the code in , which works fine. I am kinda perplexed that that's not what you did in the first place: factor out the code from one place, then call it in from both places
2682259 CFB-4130234 Adobe D. HI Brian - This feature was removed in ColdFusion Builder 3. Yes, the documentation should have been updated to reflect this, so apologies about that. We will get the documentation fixed. (Comment added from ex-user id:prk)
2608121 CF-4187503 Aaron N. Hi Adobe and Brian, This ticket is not fixed in CF2018 Public Beta (build 2018.0.0.308164). The following still throws an exception: foo = now() writeOutput(foo.trim()) Could you please outline exactly what was fixed? I do not understand your last response
2609867 CF-3755175 CFComponent Brian Ghidinelli returntype of "function" is not honored but is not prohibited per the documentation Problem Description: When I specify a tag with a returntype of "Function" (for a component named Function.cfc), CF10 does not properly mark the object as a type
2608121 CF-4187503 Language brian king String member functions don't cast Problem Description: .len() .trim() and other "string"-based member functions should cast values that are 'stringy" but not objects as string just as Len() and Trim() do now, to reduce confusion in code. When used on values
2608225 CF-4160540 Language brian king CFThread using name="x" kills thread scope Problem Description: This code block thread action="run" name="x" { sleep(100); } thread action="join" name="x" timeout="100"; writeDump(cfthread); generates an error "The value coldfusion
2673017 CF-4156552 Wishlist Brian Klaas Add Support for Multiple Caching Engines In addition to the existing ehCache integration, it would be extremely useful to allow for caching in other engines, especially Redis. These other caching engines do so much more than just get/put, and would provide CF
2673605 CF-4123732 Language Brian Love For-in Doesn't Loop Over Cached Query Problem Description: The for-in construct for looping over a query that is cached doesn't work. Steps to Reproduce: Using or QueryExecute() with the cacheregion and cacheid options returns a cached query object. Looping
2608480 CF-4081225 Core Runtime Brian Klaas Update the AWS Java SDK Bundled with the Core ColdFusion Server The AWS Java SDK bundled with ColdFusion 11 at /cfInstallRoot/lib/ is woefully out of date. The current AWS Java SDK is at version 1.10.x. Bundling more recent builds of the SDK with new
2608749 CF-4010910 General Server Brian Ghidinelli expandPath() fails in Server.cfc onServerStart Problem Description: Using expandPath() in OnServerStart throws an error. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Throws an error. This is the dump: Message: String index out of range: -1
2608810 CF-3989302 Language Brian Paulson cfouput around cftry causes Undefined Variable in UDF with struct as argument Problem Description: When you have a cfouput around a cftry block and within that try block you have a function call that has a struct with variables inside it the variables
2609163 CF-3917313 Administrator Brian Goetke JSESSION ID variables created sporadically when turned off in CF Administrator Duplicate ID: CF-3916254 Problem Description: Several users experience an error: File does not exist when doing a file upload using form element For some reason a
2609171 CF-3916254 Administrator Brian Goetke JSESSION ID variables created sporadically when turned off in CF Administrator Problem Description: Several users experience an error: File does not exist when doing a file upload using form element For some reason a JSESSION ID is being
2597570 CF-3043502 Language : Tags Brian Klaas Bug 86568:-(Watson Migration Closure)Add callback support for CFMAIL success or failure Duplicate ID: CF-3648785 Problem: Add callback support for CFMAIL success or failure. It would be very helpful to be able to handle situations where an email sent
2597644 CF-3043060 CFForm : Standard XML Brian Steck Bug 85799:(Watson Migration Closure)When using the Profile attribute in the Head tag at the same time as CFForm, the produced page will show the following at the top of the page:profile="http://www Problem: When using the Profile attribute
2597782 CF-3042660 Language : Tags Brian Stewart Bug 84920:(Watson Migration Closure)\"\" passed as arguments to CFEXECUTE gets run as \\"\"For example: The command that runs is, exactly:run.exe -a -b \\"c\" -dThe intended command is, exactly:run.exe -a -b \"c\" -dAn extra \ is prepended
2600024 CF-3039471 Legacy Area : CF Anywhere Brian Carr Bug 79140:(Watson Migration Closure)I realize that this may sound a little "out there", but I think would be extremely beneficial Problem: I realize that this may sound a little "out there", but I think would be extremely beneficial
2600861 CF-3038577 Security : General Brian Crouthamel Bug 77254:(Watson Migration Closure)Is it was possible to configure CF to refuse to do administrative functions such as the Administrator unless the request comes from a list of pre-approved IP's / subnets Problem: Is it was possible
2603769 CF-3035214 Performance Brian Kotek Bug 71982:Might I suggest using the underlying Java UUID creation to generate UUIDs? It appears that the default UUID generation is much slower than Java's and this would appear to have no external effects Problem: Might I suggest using the underlying
2682259 CFB-4130234 Editor Features Brian Stewart ColdFusion Search and Tag Editor Features Missing Problem Description: The ColdFusion Search feature is completely missing, as is the Tag Editor. Steps to Reproduce: ColdFusion Search: - Open a CFML file in the editor and hit CTRL
Brian Sappey API Manager Request and Response Logging Another great feature in the API Manager that helped us debug and trouble shoot an application without the need of any debugging code or even a code deployment. With limited write access to certain environments this makes the task of detmerining
2608335 CF-4119914 Nimit S. Brian, Please provide the information mentioned below: 1. Both CF9 and CF11U7 are pointing to the same database server. 2. Execute the code given below on the both CF servers and share the output details SELECT PageName FROM dbo.links WHERE UPPER(PageName) LIKE UPPER
2608534 CF-4070239 External U. Hi Brian, I've added a comment on CF-3853535. I'm seeing the correct behavior in CF11 Update 4 & Update 5. Since I'm not seeing the incorrect behavior, there is seemingly another piece to this puzzle that I don't know of. Could you please attach a repro case here w
2609409 CF-3849572 S P. @ImpDust : Thank you for this piece of information. @Brian Goetke : We would like to know some more information to repro this issue, about the point where you are losing the session id (as soon as the cfml opens your web application or after logging in). Also could you
2602216 CF-3037104 External U. Brian is right on with this request. If you want help integrating this with jQuery or other AJAX libraries this is something that we seem to have down at this time. Could save time... but this is a big win feature in our opinion. It makes form variable handling more
Brian Sappey An API Manager Success Story For the past two years we have been working on making the Adobe API Manager a part of our day to day management of all internal and external services. We launched the product into our production environments earlier this year. Within days of the launch we
2608534 CF-4070239 Piyush K. Brian, I am unable to observe the issue on CF11 update 5 / Win7 x64 SP1 / IIS 7.5.7600 The following rule (extracted from web.config): works to redirect the following URLs http://localhost:81/jelly?some_qry_str=12345 http
2609690 CF-3802166 Document Management : PDF manipulation Brian Erickson CFPDF Thumbnail Action need to generate thumbnail with black background Problem: CFPDF Thumbnail Action not able to generate thumbnail with black background. Below is the sample cfm page used for this bug repro
2597329 CF-3043980 Language : General Brian C Swartzfager Bug 87055:(Watson Migration Closure)I propose adding one or more additional attributes to the serializeJSON function that would give the developer more control over how database data is translated into JSON Problem: I propose adding one
2597387 CF-3043918 Document Management : PDF manipulation Brian Stewart Bug 86995:(Watson Migration Closure)When we try to extract thumbnails from some PDFs, we get the following error:PDFDocException error during thumbnail operation Problem: When we try to extract thumbnails from some PDFs, we
2597578 CF-3043447 Language : General Brian Klaas Bug 86483:(Watson Migration Closure)Add a tag to support inclusion of content at the end of the body output of a HTML page Problem: Add a tag to support inclusion of content at the end of the body output of a HTML page.I’d also like to see CF
2597803 CF-3042550 Platform Support : 64 bit Brian Dunfee Bug 84760:(Watson Migration Closure)The server running windows 2008 R2 Standard 64bit Problem: The server running windows 2008 R2 Standard 64bit. We installed CF9 64bit. Your system requirements states that Apache 2.2.11 or later should
2598622 CF-3041124 AJAX : UI Components Brian Klaas Bug 82396:CFFILEUPLOAD: More than one control with an onComplete callback results in the last onComplete in the last control to be called Problem: CFFILEUPLOAD: More than one control with an onComplete callback results in the last on
2599141 CF-3040538 ORM Support Brian Kotek Bug 81013:Say I have a User CFC Problem: Say I have a User CFC. User has a one-to-many to UserRole. UserRolehas two subtypes, Customer and Referrer, that extend UserRole viasingle table inheritance. UserRole defines the discriminatorColumn,and Customer
2599330 CF-3040322 General Server Brian J Meloche Bug 80408:(Watson Migration Closure)I have this: HomeYields / index Problem: I have this: HomeYields / index.cfm with a space.If I change it to this: HomeI get index.cfm without a space.Also, if I use this: HomeI get /index.cfm without a space
2600034 CF-3039459 Language : CFSCRIPT Brian Carr Bug 79106:CF is not allowing me to 'type' arguments within a cfscript function method signature AFTER the first custom type Problem: CF is not allowing me to 'type' arguments within a cfscript function method signature AFTER the first custom type
2613704 CF-3181278 Database Brian Cassell ODBC Server/Agent on CF10 install coexist with CF8 Problem Description: Stopping CF 10 ODBC Agent/Server has no affect on CF 10 site running with ODBC datasource (Access). Stopping the CF 8 ODBC Agent/Server causes the CF 10 site to throw database errors
2608335 CF-4119914 Database Brian Coyne CF 11 Update 7 appears ignoring wildcard in query Issue: It appears that cfquery is ignoring the % in my sql query- The query works as expected in sql mgm studio and as expected in CF 9- See attachment of how the output is on 9 vs 11 Below is what i
2597884 CF-3042139 CFComponent : Components Brian Kotek Bug 84112:(Watson Migration Closure)Provide some sort of hook or event handler that can be notified when a new CFC instance is created with new or CreateObject Duplicate ID: CF-3687747 Problem: Provide some sort of hook or event handler
2601099 CF-3038324 AJAX : UI Components Brian Meloche Bug 76827:(Watson Migration Closure)Much like 76826 allows you to manage, reduce, compress and minify JavaScript files, CFSTYLESHEET does the same for CSS files Problem: Much like 76826 allows you to manage, reduce, compress and minify Java
2601100 CF-3038323 AJAX : UI Components Brian Meloche Bug 76826:(Watson Migration Closure)I thought this was already in the bugbase, but no Problem: I thought this was already in the bugbase, but no... couldn't find it. Open BlueDragon recently announced the CFJAVASCRIPT tag, which allows you
2601892 CF-3037463 Legacy Area : Usability Brian Meloche Bug 75361:(Watson Migration Closure)CFTABLE and CFCOL have been around for a very long time, but their usefulness has been limited due their lack of CSS support Problem: CFTABLE and CFCOL have been around for a very long time
2602216 CF-3037104 CFForm : Standard XML Brian kotek Bug 74515:Many people using CF encounter one common issue: they have to jump through hoops to handle forms that have a number of duplicated fields (username_1, username_2, etc Duplicate ID: CF-3041386 Problem: Many people using CF encounter one
2600331 CF-3039140 Installation/Config : J2EE Brian Meloche Bug 78544:Trying to install the June 30th intermediate build as a WAR on a CF8 server Problem: Trying to install the June 30th intermediate build as a WAR on a CF8 server. I've gotten this error now four times: There was a problem
3155011 CF-4198821 Language : OOP Brian Love Implicit accessor method invoked from extending component when accessor method is explicitly implemented. Problem Description: Create two components: a.cfc and b.cfc, where b extends a. The parent component (a.cfc) has the attribute accessors
2609763 CF-3780222 Database : JDBC Brian Ghidinelli Postgres JDBC driver is so old we cannot use current features in Postgres and self-upgrades beyond 8.3 fail Problem Description: This applies to both CF10 and CF11 as they include the same version of the Postgresql driver. The postgres JDBC
2610513 CF-3698424 Web Container (Tomcat) Brian Ghidinelli mod_jk in latest CF10 connector update no longer passes custom Apache environment variables Problem Description: In previous versions of the CF connector (before the ~November update), arbitrary environment variables set in httpd.conf were
2609156 CF-3918827 Hot Fix Installer Brian Ghidinelli U15 leaves CFadmin UpdateService in broken state - no longer able to update CF from CFAdmin Problem Description: I can no longer access hotfix status nor update CF10 from the admin after installing U15 on 2 Enterprise instances on one physical
2597010 CF-3192782 Document Management : PDF manipulation Brian Stewart When using DDX to merge certain pdf files, we get the following error "failed: DDXM_S18005: An error occurred in the PrepareTOC phase" When using DDX to merge certain pdf files, we get the following error: failed: DDXM_S18005
2609173 CF-3916188 Core Runtime Brian Ghidinelli Updater 15 changes/breaks behavior of deleting cookie.cfid/cftoken Problem Description: In Application.cfc for the last several years on CF8 and CF10, we have this line in the implicit init (e.g., outside of any functions
2612189 CF-3546959 Language Brian Ghidinelli JVM 1.7 corrupts XML objects resulting in StackOverFlows when performing XmlSearch() Duplicate ID: CF-3739102 Problem Description: You can read my full process here:!topic/transfer-dev/82Nx3lbNEyE I am
2599941 CF-3039556 CFComponent : Components Brian J Meloche Bug 79277:Here’s the original function that’s bombing (my indents don’t seem to be preserved when I post):Welcome!" />Welcome!" />header() and footer() return strings. displayView() just renders the page in view/home/welcome.cfm.When I