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2609763 CF-3780222 Database : JDBC Brian Ghidinelli Postgres JDBC driver is so old we cannot use current features in Postgres and self-upgrades beyond 8.3 fail Problem Description: This applies to both CF10 and CF11 as they include the same version of the Postgresql driver. The postgres JDBC
2610513 CF-3698424 Web Container (Tomcat) Brian Ghidinelli mod_jk in latest CF10 connector update no longer passes custom Apache environment variables Problem Description: In previous versions of the CF connector (before the ~November update), arbitrary environment variables set in httpd.conf were
2609867 CF-3755175 Language : CF Component Brian Ghidinelli returntype of "function" is not honored but is not prohibited per the documentation Problem Description: When I specify a tag with a returntype of "Function" (for a component named Function.cfc), CF10 does not properly mark the object
2609156 CF-3918827 Hot Fix Installer Brian Ghidinelli U15 leaves CFadmin UpdateService in broken state - no longer able to update CF from CFAdmin Problem Description: I can no longer access hotfix status nor update CF10 from the admin after installing U15 on 2 Enterprise instances on one physical
2608749 CF-4010910 General Server Brian Ghidinelli expandPath() fails in Server.cfc onServerStart Problem Description: Using expandPath() in OnServerStart throws an error. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Throws an error. This is the dump: Message: String index out of range: -1
2609173 CF-3916188 Core Runtime Brian Ghidinelli Updater 15 changes/breaks behavior of deleting cookie.cfid/cftoken Problem Description: In Application.cfc for the last several years on CF8 and CF10, we have this line in the implicit init (e.g., outside of any functions
2612189 CF-3546959 Language Brian Ghidinelli JVM 1.7 corrupts XML objects resulting in StackOverFlows when performing XmlSearch() Duplicate ID: CF-3739102 Problem Description: You can read my full process here:!topic/transfer-dev/82Nx3lbNEyE I am