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Comment on setColumnNames method not working on query introduced by hotfix 5 by Brian M.
6696669 CF-4206858 Dattanand M. @Brian I tried this on CF13HF7 (2018.0.07.316715) {code:java} Date1 = "{ts '1928-11-15 12:13:50'}"; dateformat= DateFormat(Date1,"YYYY-mm-dd"); dateformat1= DateFormat(Date1,"yyyy-mm-dd"); writeOutput(dateformat); writeOutput(dateformat1
6502762 CF-4206047 Chris S. Hello Nimit, I work with Brian and Wendy and I installed this hotfix on our server to test, but I'm not noticing any difference at all when testing. I followed the instructions you posted for installation, but I don't see anything in cf admin to indicate
2608534 CF-4070239 External U. Hi Brian, I've added a comment on CF-3853535. I'm seeing the correct behavior in CF11 Update 4 & Update 5. Since I'm not seeing the incorrect behavior, there is seemingly another piece to this puzzle that I don't know of. Could you please attach a repro case here w
Brian.Cassell I'm experiencing this behavior as well - intermittent redirector 404 page responses. Running on Windows 10, IIS 10, 2 instance cluster, localhost site. URL Call - http://localhost/ IIS Default Document index.htm, index.cfm index
2602216 CF-3037104 CFForm : Standard XML Brian kotek Bug 74515:Many people using CF encounter one common issue: they have to jump through hoops to handle forms that have a number of duplicated fields (username_1, username_2, etc Duplicate ID: CF-3041386 Problem: Many people using CF encounter one
2609173 CF-3916188 Core Runtime Brian Ghidinelli Updater 15 changes/breaks behavior of deleting cookie.cfid/cftoken Problem Description: In Application.cfc for the last several years on CF8 and CF10, we have this line in the implicit init (e.g., outside of any functions
2609156 CF-3918827 Hot Fix Installer Brian Ghidinelli U15 leaves CFadmin UpdateService in broken state - no longer able to update CF from CFAdmin Problem Description: I can no longer access hotfix status nor update CF10 from the admin after installing U15 on 2 Enterprise instances on one physical
2599941 CF-3039556 Language : CF Component Brian J Meloche Bug 79277:Here’s the original function that’s bombing (my indents don’t seem to be preserved when I post):Welcome!" />Welcome!" />header() and footer() return strings. displayView() just renders the page in view/home/welcome.cfm.When I