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3211778 CF-4198933 Stephen J. My ticket (CF-4199440) was closed as my example seems to demonstrate the same problem. Bryan Henderson's comments are spot on. Ultimately, it comes down to not thinking through the original implementation of the Elvis operator in CF 11 and know you have a pissing
3012846 CF-4198528 Language : Serialization Bryan Henderson Incorrect JSON Serialization of certain Errors Problem Description: SerializeJSON will fail to quote the "character" key value in errors that occur when parsing JSON (DeserializeJSON(string)) Steps to Reproduce: try { deserialize
3211778 CF-4198933 Language Bryan Henderson Elvis Operator incorrectly treating false values as undefined Problem Description: When a variable is defined, but contains a value that equates to boolean false, the Elvis operator (?:) incorrectly resolves to the expression on the right. Steps
3203725 CF-4198870 AJAX Bryan Henderson Invalid JSON generated when string looks like a numeric value Problem Description: serializeJSON() is generating invalid JSON for strings that look like a number, but end with a period and space (similar to CF-3710273, but still an issue.) CF can
2608348 CF-4116755 General Server Bryan Henderson cfxml, cfsavecontent inserting extra whitespace when user defined functions used inline Problem Description: Extra whitespace is being added at the leading hash tag when a user defined function is used. Note that built in functions do not exhibit
2608882 CF-3971871 Language : CF Component Bryan Henderson java.lang.ClassCastException when looping over query and returning a structure in a try block Problem Description: A component defined as follows: will cause a java.lang.ClassCastException when
3288336 CF-4199049 Language Bryan Henderson Null coalescing operator Catch undefined values and return a default. Suggested operator syntax: ?? (double question mark) A new operator that works as the Elvis operator (?:) originally worked (see CF-3589888) before it was rendered useless (see CF
2609918 CF-3744211 Net Protocols : HTTP Bryan Henderson CFHTTP fails to redirect with POST, PUT, DELETE, or OPTIONS methods Problem Description: When a server responds with a 302 status code and a URL in the location header value, the CFHTTP tag will fail to follow the redirect when the redirect
2608723 CF-4017002 File Management Bryan Henderson cfzip does not provide compressed size in local file header Problem Description: the compressed size value in the local file header for each file in a zip archive is set to 0, causing a mismatch with the compressed size of the file in the central