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2609060 CF-3940374 AJAX Byron H Knapp cfmap.js and cfwebsocketchannel.js have typo: handler misspelled hanlder Problem Description: typo in the word "handler" (code says "hanlder") Steps to Reproduce: see code Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds: In cfwebsocketchannel.js, change
2609058 CF-3940704 AJAX Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: typo Hanlders (dl, not ld) in cfwebsocketChannel.js Duplicate ID: CF-3940374 As noted by Byron H Knapp in a comment on #3342991: ----------- subscriptions_callbackHanlder should be subscriptions_callbackHandler (four occurrences) this issue
2608474 CF-4086307 Scheduler Byron H Knapp Coldfusion fills up its scheduler and exception logs with invalid "Task Invokehandler could not be chained" error message Problem Description: Coldfusion is filling up its scheduler.log and exception.log with invalid "Task Invokehandler could
2596957 CF-3312296 External U. (Hi to jasonk1technology and Quraishi. If you are going to discuss this privately, could you please also post anything meaningful back here for us spectators and past contributors ? Thanks in advance, byron_knapp)
:// (my post is under my handle of byron_knapp). ADOBE, please take note of all my work proving that this bug exists!
:// where I posted the very complete summary (because the 585718 thread seemed to be much more active than this thread). Thanks for any consideration you can provide, byron_knapp
2596957 CF-3312296 Adobe D. Hi Byron_knapp, Actually for this bug, we would need to have more detailed discussion, which can be feasible through the call/connect meeting so i suggested jasonk1technology for same, sure i am also going through your complete summary and would update you for same
2596957 CF-3312296 External U. @Byron_knapp We won't be upgrading to CF11 until late 1st Quarter 2015, so I don't have any details on this version yet. With CF10 we are seeing the same number of emails not being delivered as CF9 but I'm ok with this, as they are correctly marked as not delivered
:// (my post is under my handle of byron_knapp). ADOBE, please take note of all my work proving that this bug exists!
own workarounds as already linked to in prior posts. Thus, any time you may take to elaborate on your previous post would be greatly appreciated :-) Thanks, byron_knapp