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discuss the relaunch of the Online ColdFusion Meetup and the next presenter is Pete Freitag. And much much more... The post Modernize or Die® Podcast – CFML News Edition – Recorded October 22nd, 2019 appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,CF Alive Podcast,Podcast,blog,cf alive podcast,CFML,podcast
posts, and ForgeBox module of the week, vs code hint tip and trick of the week and more. The post Modernize or Die® Podcast – CFML News Edition – Recorded October 29th, 2019 appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,CF Alive Podcast,Podcast,blog,cf alive podcast,ColdFusion,podcast
Michaela Light More you missed from Adobe ColdFusion 10, 11, And 2016 with Charlie Arehart   Charlie Arehart talks about “More you missed from Adobe ColdFusion 10, 11, And 2016” in this episode of the CF Alive Podcast, with host Michaela Light. Are you moving up to CF2016, or maybe 11? In doing so
Michaela Light David thanks for listing CF Alive Podcast in your post. I would suggest you take a look at the cf-alive-inner-circle/" rel="nofollow">FB group CF Alive Inner Circle. It is for ColdFusion developers and managers who want to be part of making CFML
Wanted CF Dead or Alive
State-of-the-Art Tools That Keep ColdFusion Alive
Comment on Wanted CF Dead or Alive by Michael Mongeau
Comment on Wanted CF Dead or Alive by Michaela Light
State of the CF Union Survey 2019 and how is ColdFusion Even More Alive This Year
Comment on State-of-the-Art Tools That Keep ColdFusion Alive by James Mohler
Michaela Light Better Bug Squashing (New Issue Tracking Tool) with Kirk Deis   Kirk Deis talks about “Better Bug Squashing (New Issue Tracking Tool)” in this episode of ColdFusion Alive Podcast, with host Michaela Light. Show notes What is the problem with how you find bug issues now? User emails
2597097 CF-3119991 External U. Weekly server restarts needed to keep production servers alive.
2614255 CF-3123145 External U. We are just beginning to migrate our application searches to Solr and found very fustrating that this bug is still alive.
2602315 CF-3036991 External U. +++1 Almost all the cfexchange tags need to be enhanced otherwise it's almost impossible to deliver enterprise solutions which keeps the perception that cf is a toy language alive
Aaron Neff Hi Vijay, I believe the Admin API example needs changed? The topic is Null support in CF2018. But, the Admin API example is for retrieving corePoolSize, maxPoolSize and keepAliveTime. Thanks!, -Aaron
and more productive? The post Adobe ColdFusion Comprehensive Guide (More Powerful, More Modernized, More Alive) appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,CF2018 Updates,ColdFusion 2018,2018,blog,cf2018 updates,coldfusion 2018
2608793 CF-3993581 External U. Putting on my Java hat here, my guess is that a struct key assigned to null is nothing more than a reference that doesn't point to anything. When it gets assigned a pointer in memory it suddenly comes alive. If that's the case, cfdump shouldn't see it as alive until
is off for all cf generated content. 2) set http response headers -> set common headers -> disable http keep alives. seems to help with smaller payload requests, doesn't help with responses over about 1400 bytes (post compression by iis) For adobe to test and fix, you need dynamic content
Marco Mattano Nice words Kevin. I have also been developing CF apps since version 1.5, it used to be shipped (from Allaire)n in three 2.5 inch floppy disks. I've been doing most Marketing and Product Marketing work for the last 5 years but I've kept up with new releases and just downloaded 2018
john@sosensible Perhaps we miss the mark by marketing around the CF is Dead scheme. If we found out Elvis was still alive, that would be newsworthy only for a season. The number of people involved in that old debate that still will act on it is fewer and fewer. What we need is CF Story. People
James Mohler First off great work on the CF development team. Keeping it up to date keeps the technology alive. Having said that, IMHO, it could have used another beta release. Given the number of outstanding issues, I would recommend to my leadership to hold off until update 1. When that happens
2612631 CF-3488063 External U. Our production environment just got upgraded to windows 2008 r2. Coldfusion is now intermittently causing IIS app pools to lock up, resulting in downtime. There is something majorly wrong with the connector for iis 7.5. Not being able to have GZIP or htp-keep alives
2596923 CF-3369472 Net Protocols : MAIL Steven Weiner CFMAIL Keep sessions alive Problem Description: when using CFMAIL and specifying an smtp server, username and password, the spool manager does not consider the username/password when the keep mail connection check box is checked
Michaela Light Making Adobe ColdFusion a Thriving Community CF Community is alive Despite its great technological features, ColdFusion is only as strong as its community. Nobody should feel alone when coding in CF anymore when there is a vibrant CF Community you can be part of. That is why outreach
Michaela Light Jerry Thanks for the great ideas on promoting CF better! You would be very welcome in the CF Alive Inner Circle group where we discuss and act on these kind of ideas Absolutely! I have been talking to C level folks about CF. I
Michaela Light How to Make Adobe ColdFusion Desirable Again Without good marketing, a product can die. There are some out there who say that Adobe ColdFusion is dying. However, ColdFusion experts and developers agree that it is very much alive. And technically it is excellent. Perhaps the problem
Michaela Light Top 5 Security Issues Solved with Adobe ColdFusion 2018 The Conficker Worm of 2008 In 2008, The Conficker worm program (also known as the Downadup worm) replicated itself across computers around the world and is still alive to this day. It turns your computer into a spam machine
/article) much more impressive with a less greedy and restrictive model. Making it more affordable and Sane in licensing will go a long way to not only keeping CF alive, but also making it flourish amongst a whole host of other excellent free or affordable competing solutions.
2612631 CF-3488063 External U. This one-line workaround works for me: The browser seems to close the connection early because of lack of content-length. By default, because the requests are HTTP/1.1, Connection: keep-alive is sent to the browser so the content-length is REQUIRED to know when
2597287 CF-3044024 ORM Support Mary Jo Sminkey Bug 87099:-(Watson Migration Closure)This is one of the errors I recently got running a unit test on my ORM code Problem: This is one of the errors I recently got running a unit test on my ORM code. It's extremely cryptic and makes no sense to a Cold
Michaela Light I made that suggestion in the CF Alive book too. And to be fair Adobe does have the free developer license for CF and free educational license too (for students learning CF, not for University IT dept). And if you want free CFML then use Lucee. It is pretty compatible with ACF
department’s life. Those questions include: What is ColdFusion? Is CF still alive? Is it secure? I’m thinking about switching to ColdFusion but… What makes ColdFusion different from other languages? What’s in ColdFusion’s Future? How it will make your life easier and more productive. The post Cold
Type%3DSessionKeepAlive%26ControlID%3D0bfd740df988461290c778259232abbd_SKA=1; CFID=3626; CFTOKEN=45e21a1866377ea3-CF2F5C86-0013-356E-331FCABF91942C01; CFCLIENT_TVTRAFFIC=""; CFGLOBALS=urltoken%3DCFID%23%3D3626%26CFTOKEN%23%3D45e21a1866377ea3%2DCF2F5C86%2D0013%2D356E%2D331FCABF91942C01%23lastvisit%3D%7Bts
Webservice: duplicated "Authentication" record being injected into the request header in CF2016
2598106 CF-3041732 Flex/Flash : AIR Integration peter Bierman Bug 83490:(Watson Migration Closure)Problem occurs wtih the coldfusion Problem: Problem occurs wtih the coldfusion.air.SyncManager class.Setting the secureHttp property to 'true' does not work.http requests are still submitted over http
sophisticated as to cost the end user thousands of dollars per server. I hear the rumors as we all do, that CF is dead or dying, hearing it for years, and while its not dead -- its only being kept alive by the initial investors and fanboys. I would think adobe would do much better with an affordable
2609882 CF-3752424 External U. No Ray, that is the issue in this case. The Application is not at fault here, if it is i is not something as simple as that. I have asked Luis many times to look at why this error happens once in about 1000 hits and so far Adobe and he is ignorant of this error
Charlie Arehart

Hi, Grae. First, thanks very much for offering the reminder for folks here.

As you and others may know, I've been running the online CF meetup for over a decade, but we had a hiatus the past couple of years (I just had no speakers, and lost interest in chasing them down

Charlie Arehart Jason, this is a debate that recurs like a fever blister with each new CF release, and while I barely have the energy to engage in it deeply myself again, still I do want to at least offer a couple of corrections to your comments. The Standard edition DOES have threading
2601444 CF-3037956 Flex/Flash : Flex remoting João Fernandes Bug 76087:[JFERNANDES] AMF Gateway is unable to send discriminated entities to be sent over the wire to flex applications Problem: [JFERNANDES] AMF Gateway is unable to send discriminated entities to be sent over the wire to flex