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2612519 CF-3502465 Jack D. Another analogy would be a CMS. If a news organization used a CMS to enter news articles for the consuming public, but the CMS provided an EDIT feature that presented the editor with a blank textarea, that CMS would not be used for very long. The CMS that is desired
2673572 CF-4126393 External U. My custom CMS stopped working when I upgraded to 2016.
2608482 CF-4080440 External U. Heavy Preside CMS user, would like to see this application run on ACF also!
2608482 CF-4080440 External U. PresideCMS would be of benefit to the ACF platform if it was able to run on it, lets make this happen!
2672774 CF-4171358 External U. clarification - attempts to reproduce the issue in a controlled way (isolated from our CMS) have failed - however, we do still see the problem in the context of our production code
2673654 CF-4119653 External U. My understanding is that Mura CMS will not work without this fix. That is certainly true for me.
2608482 CF-4080440 External U. Allowing developers to arbitrarily extend the language for their own needs is a really useful thing. Plus having PresideCMS run on ACF would be a plus.
2608482 CF-4080440 Language Alex Skinner Allow additional attributes to be added to CFPARAM tags Our CMS PresideCMS uses a technique to decorate with additional attributes our CFPARAM tags in our views in order to auto wire our views to our data layer, the open source engine we
2603753 CF-3035230 Caching Andy Allan Bug 71998:(Watson Migration Closure)I'd like to see the ability to switch Trusted Cache on for certain directories and not others Problem: I'd like to see the ability to switch Trusted Cache on for certain directories and not others. For example, CMS systems
) dump the VFS and my file is indeed listed. But if i try to include it, i get an error with the following: code: vfs.provider/get-last-modified-no-exist.error info: 1 ram:///CMS_FE5/_404.cfm messages: Could not determine the last modified timestamp of "ram:///CMS_FE5/_404.cfm" because it does
Alexander Friess CONTENS – Powerful Web Content Management CONTENS is a powerful and flexible CMS to manage international corporate websites, intranets, extranets, landingpages, etc. A modern and intuitive user interface helps editors to manage online content fast and easy providing inline editing
Alexander Friess CONTENS Web Content Management CONTENS ( is a powerful and flexible web content management system (CMS) to successfully run international websites, intranets, extranets, landingpages and newsletters. A particular strength is the easy management of different country
2608482 CF-4080440 External U. >>> @Dom you should probably be a bit more forthcoming here; as much to identify the fact you are actually the dev/instigator of this behaviour in PresideCMS? This *is* your code we're discussing working around here, right? Why should this matter? This is not a
karma007 Thanks Adobe for breaking every MURA CMS 6 website with this ridiculous attribute removal. Why couldn’t you have just kept it deprecated? I mean all Adobe needed to do, is just ignore this attribute. Simple. Instead, they have destroyed backward compatibility.
2596685 CF-3910255 External U. thanks!! sorry, I should have realised I needed a application.cfm in my events directory to stop the cascade up to my general application level settings which is a 3rd party CMS which probably would need special variables to be set. its working now. please delete
2609830 CF-3760466 External U. We use a CMS that has permalinks for all pages. There is no index.cfm file behind an individual page. The bug stops us from being able to deliver files by cfdocument. I see that it is fixed, but I have the most recent updates and the bug is still there.
2613001 CF-3354476 External U. We migrated to our live environment and this bug is recreated on IE9 for some clients in our CMS. On the same machines that didn't work for the other sites (before we migrated some things live), the live environment works fine.
Tracker Issue Blog/CMS Platform
Blog/CMS Platform
Bug 74097:Using my SimpleCMS demo, I make use of the VFS when I render a page object
2602400 CF-3036892 Application Deployment Adam Haskell Bug 73864:(Watson Migration Closure)It'd be nice if we could include parts of the admin in the application setup wizard Problem: It'd be nice if we could include parts of the admin in the application setup wizard. For example take Ray's simpleCMS
2673611 CF-4122530 External U. @Nimit, I'll wait for at least ColdFusion 2016 Update 1 before updating anything. This bug just surfaced through testing our CMS on a dev version. @Adam, It wouldn't surprise me if all these cached query glitches are related. And I would be interested to see
basically breaks a portion of our CMS. This may also be related to this bug:
2599324 CF-3040329 External U. Man, this issue is a pain in the butt for library authors who want to build an interface using JSON since it many users will report it doesn't work only to find they have the JSON prefix enabled. Just dealing with this again in ContentBox CMS. There's no good way
2609028 CF-3944307 Aaron N. Hi Piyush, CMS is also the use case where I'd find this useful. I have HTML content stored in db. Currently, I run reReplaceNoCase("]*>", "", "all") and decodeForHTML() on that content before indexing. It'd be handy if cfindex did that by default, or had an attribute
than when the server was on update 4. Our server is running Mura CMS and we see the slowness on those pages. Please look into this.
Tracker Issue Framework
it becomes a standard for CF developers, even to go more and have an option in the CF admin to create a site with the all framework folders and events setup in advance (example on that is when you create a new site in Mura CMS). ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2609028 CF-3944307 External U. This feature will be very helpful for CMS who stores content in XML/HTML fragment on the DB as varchar. Currently it's difficult to feed those column directly into cfindex because the tags and comments will also be indexed. I tried HTMLStrip
server (CF10 Dev Edition). Our production server is a vanilla CF10 Enterprise install, patch 12. We're running Mura CMS for what it's worth. Is there anything else I can provide that would help you to track down this issue?
: The following JavaScript code was working properly prior to updater 4. args = JSON.stringify(data); panel.load('/com/cms/admin.cfc?method=displaySlideOut', {argumentcollection:args}, function() { alert('loaded;); }); Actual Result: Arguments struct does not contain any of the parameters defined in the passed
2IEA-E Summary: Brad and Eric host this weeks episode. ColdBox 6 was actually finally released. Adobe ColdFusion 2020 Beta is now public, and is available on ForgeBox to start with CommandBox. They discussed ContentBox CMS is free and will always be, and this Mura discussion has sparked a big jump
are strings or numbers. If I use StructCopy like in this line I am gettings strange results. Some keys in stOutputData.core are not strings anymore, but arrays? If I use Duplicate everything is o.k. - my keys are not modified. Method: see summary. Easy to reproduce locally in our CMS - we could show
inclusive and exclusive SanitizeHTML - removes anything you don't want in an entire HTML block inclusive and exclusive These are just a few. I'm sure they can think of dozens of useful ones but there are many common uses in automated page scanning and CMS content filtering. I can't access the old
2608482 CF-4080440 External U. TBH - and I've discussed this with Alex directly - I think PresideCMS's approach is poor here, even considering it happens to work on Railo/Lucee. Properties (and functions, and components) have a prescribed notion of metadata, and it makes sense that they can
2608482 CF-4080440 External U. @Dom you should probably be a bit more forthcoming here; as much to identify the fact you are actually the dev/instigator of this behaviour in PresideCMS? This *is* your code we're discussing working around here, right? But agenda aside, let's look at what you say
should I pay for an upgrade to something they broke. Adobe owes me money for CF9, as I had to spend well over 100 hours fixing my CMS system so it would work, removing all instances of cflayout and CKEditor, which I had specifically upgraded to CF8 for it's use. It worked great in CF8 and was broken
DemandRecallGoService/RecallGoService HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8 Accept: application/soap+xml, application/dime, multipart/related, text/* User-Agent: Axis/1.2.1 Host: xxx.xx.xx.xx:8443 Cache-Control: no-cache Pragma: no-cache SOAPAction: "urn:interfaces.v1.common.ondemand.cms
.cfc. This would be of great use for applications such as ContentBox Modular CMS on a shared environment as the app could install itself automatically on the user's server without needing admin access. This feature currently exists in Railo Server and looks like this: component { = "App
, but not necessary) when needed. This would be a huge improvement for CMS, Blog, Forum, Wiki and other similar types of applications. Method: Result: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3038792 External Customer Info: External Company
6293981 CF-4205365 Language : CF Component CF16 Update 12 CFOUTPUT QUERY Behavior Problem Description: We have a number of components in CommonSpot (a ColdFusion CMS) that containing methods that include " blocks. Prior to the CF16 update 12 We could write ColdFusion scripts that called any
2673568 CF-4126397 CFwatson U. Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Harry Klein Note Added: This issue can be closed Date Added :2016-02-26 11:24:57.0 Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Harry Klein Note Added: I modified the code in our CMS, the workaround works - please close this issue. Date
= ImageNew(imageFilePath); writeDump(ImageInfo(img)); Sample Image file is attached to this bug Actual Result: An exception occurred while trying to read the image. ICC APP2 encountered without prior JFIF! The error occurred in /web/cms/ line 4 2 : thisDirectory = get
that this is not likely "Adobe's fault", because the blogging software behind this portal is not written in CFML but an off-the-shelf package, but I'm not sure how you'll take it. :-) It's in fact a VERY popular blogging/cms package that runs on a certain 3-letter language--but you wouldn't notice that because like most
2673575 CF-4126389 Database Harry Klein Connection to local MySQL database with port 3307 doesn't work Problem Description: JDBC connection error Steps to Reproduce: Please try the MySQL connection in the CONTENS CMS installation I prepared for you. Just update the Express Version in this package
:Harry Klein Note Added: Please try the MySQL connection in the CONTENS CMS installation I prepared for you. Just update the Express Version in this package to the latest version and try to connect to the database contens4! Date Added :2016-02-11 09:36:42.0 Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Harry Klein Note
runtime issues. cfproperty has no runtime behavior: it may change the compiler's behavior and therefore cause different code to be generated (e.g., setters/getters, ORM handling code, etc). And all that could be inspectable by getTemplateMetadata(). That doesn't get everything PresideCMS needs
:Harry Klein Note Added: I just created a complete portable version with acf12 express bundled with our cms. I will also contact "pnayak". Steps to reproduce the problem: ============================================== Unzip "" to c:\ Start MySQL with C