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Comment on Implement stored-proc equivalent of queryExecute() by Carl V.
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Comment on Multiple order by statements add column to result by Carl V.
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Comment on ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 9 and ColdFusion 11 Update 17 released by carl.samuelson.ric
Comment on ColdFusion masks correct exception when exception is thrown from within an iteration method using a function expression by Carl V.
Saurav Ghosh Carl, Here it is:
2609472 CF-3844972 External U. +1 (Carl, where was your random length-restriction-busting quote?!)
2612893 CF-3373350 External U. +1 (and also +1 to what Carl suggests - FROM address should be specifiable)
2597041 CF-3175165 Mayur J. Hi Carl, This will be available with ColdFusion Raijin . NTLMv1 and NTLMv2 versions are implemented.
Comment on ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 9 and ColdFusion 11 Update 17 released by carl.samuelson.ric
Comment on ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 9 and ColdFusion 11 Update 17 released by carl.samuelson.ric
Comment on ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 9 and ColdFusion 11 Update 17 released by carl.samuelson.ric
2614228 CF-3124873 Logging Carl Meyer Windows Performance Monitor Counters Problem Description:There are no Windows Performance Monitor Counters for CF10 Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2608470 CF-4087462 External U. Hi Adobe, +1 to Carl's question. Are you only fixing this in CF2016? It should also be fixed in -CF11-. So, to repeat Carl's question, will this be fixed in CF11? You know it'd streamline communication if you populate the "Fixed In Build" field. Thanks!, -Aaron
SauravGhosh Carl, I see what you mean. I'll ask Immanuel to fix this. I thought that there were bugs related to the feature. Thanks.
PiyushN Thanks for reporting that, Carl. The technote for CF2016 is fixed. Looks like CF11 technote was correct.
2672575 CF-4186779 External U. Hi Carl and Nimit, +1 to marking those functions as deprecated, since they no longer get bug fixes. I've filed CF-4196851 for the same. Thanks!, -Aaron
2608127 CF-4185383 S P. @Mary @Christopher @Kathryn @Carl : Which platform are you facing this issue on. Thanks!
2610311 CF-3712010 External U. Thanks Rupesh for changing position on this and listening to the community. And especially Carl for digging up all that history!
2610311 CF-3712010 External U. Big thanks to Carl and itisdesign for all the research making this get through. Hopefully some other bugs will also see the light of day.
2610574 CF-3695627 External U. Would either of you (Adam and Carl) like to suggest an alternative UDF or CFC for me to use while Adobe continues to let ACF slide into irrelevance?
2610696 CF-3685532 External U. @Carl I agree. I don't like inheriting from a base class that has the getMemento() in it just to get that functionality. I'd love for that to be implicitly created. Good add!
2596925 CF-3364510 External U. Thanks Carl. Thinking about it, I'd also quite like to know how Chandan conclude this WASN'T a bug. What exactly did you test? Not the code in the ticket. -- Adam
2613451 CF-3315068 Nimit S. Carl, These URLs are hosted on staging server. We will push these changes to production. That note was suppose to be internal, so I will be making it internal.
2614227 CF-3124879 Performance Carl Meyer Tomcat reports it is not running with optimal performance Problem Description:Start CF10 from console reports - INFO: The APR based Apache Tomcat Native library which allows optimal performance in production environments was not found on the java
Rakshith Naresh Yes, Carl. Upgrade now while ColdFusion 2016 is being sold and then upgrade to ColdFusion 2018. Or buy the full ColdFusion 2018. Also, this does not apply to anyone who has a maintenance contract for ColdFusion with Adobe.
Charlie Arehart Good question, Carl. I don't find it (currently) offered on the page shown upon downloading CF (as was the case with the pmt), nor is it linked to from the docs page above, nor on the "downloads" page (
Anit Kumar Panda Hi Carl, Apologies for the delay. The portal is supposed to load contents from the forums dynamically. There were some issues and we have fixed it. You can either go to CATEGORIES>>Q&A or to view the same. Let me know, if you still see
2612023 CF-3564422 External U. Carl, this is not always the case... I can install / update (and any combination thereof) on Windows no worries. Always have been able to. I think you might need to expand on your environment etc. -- Adam
of the same one released at the end of May. Will await the next update eagerly. :-) -Carl V.
2682683 CFB-3760370 Ram K. @Carl, the hotfix/update source branch is different from the main source branch. The fix was made in the main branch but was not taken into the hotfix branch. So even though build number of the hotfix is greater than the fix build number of this bug (from the main branch
2682630 CFB-3809129 General - IDE,Performance Carl Von Stetten SQL Comments cause Builder to Freeze/Crash Problem Description: Within tags, if inline SQL comments ("-- my comment" placed at end of a line of SQL code) are used, and you later reopen the file to make edits to the query, CF Builder
2614227 CF-3124879 External U. I'm curious that this is indicated as fixed and closed. The problem (reported here in CF10 beta) still happens in CF10, 11, and 2016. Anyone looking at their coldfusion-error.log will find that the error occurs. Carl had a forum thread (from 2012) where he
3057917 CF-4198586 Tags : General Carl Von Stetten Add support for != and == in Problem Description: Lucee supports using != in place of NEQ and == in place of EQ within a tag. ColdFusion should too. Steps to Reproduce: foo
2672799 CF-4167883 External U. Hi Carl, q.getResult() is a member function available to all queries and doesn't require use of query.cfc. q.getResult() member function was added per a ticket I filed during CF11 PR and has been available since CF11 Final. I added q.getResult() to CF's member
2609244 CF-3865064 External U. What Carl has mentioned perfect sense.!!! Changing the behaviour of the deprecated attribute "dbVarName" is the main reason. I would expect Adobe realizes the impact and pain people has to go through and act on it immediately for a FIX, Which would never cause any
2610311 CF-3712010 Rupesh K. Wow - it is indeed incredible. Thanks Carl for digging this out. We will fix it - we would have a application setting which would bring back the old behavior in case some one needs it. I hope nobody needs to use this flag. We will also roll it out in an update
Carl Von Stetten How ColdFusion Enhances Web GIS Applications for Central San Central San is a water resources agency that serves nearly 450,000 customers in our 145-square-mile service area. Founded in 1946, Central San collects and treats 30-50 million gallons of wastewater every day
Carl Von Stetten Introduction To MVC in ColdFusion As part of my “Introduction to MVC in ColdFusion” presentation that I’ve given at CF Summit 2016 and NCDevCon 2017, I have a sample application written three ways: In procedural style (all CFMs), As a FW/1 MVC application, and As a ColdBox MVC
Carl Von Stetten Relationship with ColdFusion Community on Adobe Forums At one point I thought that this portal was automatically loading forum posts from the Adobe Community Forum. This no longer appears to be the case as there are numerous recent posts to the forums that aren’t showing here.  I
Carl Meyer Garbage First helps boost CF2018 performance Garbage first UseG1GC (G1) has been present for a while as an experimental option in Java 7 and released in Java 8. Java 9 and 10 offer G1 as default collector. Of interest Java 11 is due for release in September (in a few days as I write
Charlie Arehart Carl, it seems you feel that is a problem all would hit, but that's not one I had heard anyone mention in the comments of the blog post last week. (But I could have missed it.)  To help confirm if its unique to your setup, perhaps, could you put together a small example
Stop() and THIS.datasources should follow suit IMO (Brad's idea should be used for THIS.datasources). Otherwise, Carl's idea of a boolean flag should be used. And applicationStop() shouldn't simply be ignored. * - https
2601257 CF-3038157 External U. Hi Carl, Thank you very much for the comment. I'd made pretty good use of the CFUI functionality since it was introduced. And Adobe did a pretty good job of fixing most CFUI bugs/ERs I'd filed. But I worked around this issue by creating an ext-all-override.css file
2612023 CF-3564422 Administrator Carl Von Stetten Block Download and Install / Install Buttons in Server Update Page on Windows Due to permissions issues on Windows installations of ColdFusion 10, the updates cannot be properly installed through the CF Administrator updates interface. So
Charlie Arehart Thanks for pointing out for folks the change in java 10's g1gc, Carl. I will be very interested to hear if it truly makes an observable difference for most over how g1 worked before, or even indeed over the parallel gc. In my experience, gc choices and even gc "tuning" (other
Charlie Arehart Carl, you focused on the second paragraph, rather than the first. I asked if you could offer us some demo code, even just posted here, for folks to try to see if they would have the same issue you do. As for the fact that cffiddle supports only CF2018 and 2016, ok. Sorry I didn
2608961 CF-3952818 External U. And how is it no-one from *Adobe* fronted up with that information? Why did it take someone from the community (thanks Carl, btw). I don't believe there can be such reach with this bug (which is in a new feature to only the previous version of CF) that it cannot
2609259 CF-3863748 External U. At Carl's request, I tested the supplied code sample on CF9.0.2. I needed to switch the syntax over to createObject() for it to run, but the same undesired caching exists even with all cache settings turned off in the administrator. And since I like to be thorough
, would I? No. If you lot need to exchange info internally, all good, but you should perhaps add a comment "hey [person], need something doing here". As well as there being no ambiguity there, it also indicates you lot are on the case. Cheers, and I appreciate you looking at the issue. That said, Carl
2610071 CF-3733001 External U. Yeah, thanks Carl: Sometimes I get a bit wound up by things I see in CFML, and I put my case fwd in less than charitable terms. Thanks for wording it more neutrally. The problem here is that once this stuff makes it out of beta: we're stuck with it. And it really
filed against CF9 and/or CF8 to get null fixed in DeserializeJSON, wouldn't rolling back to the previously "broken" behavior be an affront to the developers who had been patiently waiting to get this fixed? -Carl V.
2608306 CF-4132238 Database Carl Von Stetten Add cachedUntil option to query-related tags and functions Problem Description: There are currently two ways to specify how a query is stored in cache from within query - cachedWithin and cachedAfter. Using cachedWithin and specifying a Time
2609338 CF-3858286 Caching Carl Von Stetten CacheManager has been shut down error with Update 14 Problem Description: When using EhCache with custom caches that write to disk, and run multiple applications on the same ColdFusion server instance, periodically any code that accesses the cache
Comment on ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 9 and ColdFusion 11 Update 17 released by carl.samuelson.ric
Charlie Arehart Thanks for raising this, Carl, and for seeing that it's fixed, Anit. There's another unfortunate problem, as long as those are being addressed now: if you go to the front page of the portal, you'll see several blog posts, including a couple on cf2018. If you hit the button
monitoring the query from the sql server side? Carl mentioned profiler, but there are other means to watch query executions time in sql server, live or in the recent past. Those are just a few key things that may get you started.
Charlie Arehart Carl, I only had a moment to try your code, and I was tripped up by the blog having changed ” and ‘ to special formatting. I am offering here the code corrected, for the sake of others who may try going forward.And also note that when entering content here, you can change formatting
3127290 CF-4198765 Language : Member Functions Carl Von Stetten Cannot Chain ListToArray() Directly After ValueList() Problem Description: In CF11, you cannot chain the member function ListToArray() after a ValueList() function. This appears to be corrected already in CF 2016. Steps
2608886 CF-3971067 External U. It's an Exception object, Carl. CF has a bunch of wrapper classes which ultimately extend java.lang.Exception. This is the correct approach to take here IMO: the things are exceptions, not structs. However... there's absolutely no reason - given Adobe have already
cached even after clearing them in the administrator panel @Carl and @Adam, exactly! -------------------------------------------- [ ] Component cache When checked, component path resolution is cached and not resolved again. This setting does not require restarting the server
2599340 CF-3040312 General Server Carl Bourne Bug 80386:I'm trying to use the Coldfusion 9 tag to securely connect to a remote SFTP server Problem: I'm trying to use the Coldfusion 9 tag to securely connect to a remote SFTP server. However I just get an invalid data message. I've tried