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Comment on Union and diff of arrays by Carl Von Stetten
Comment on Arrays and String enhancements in ColdFusion 2018 by Carl Von Stetten
Comment on ColdFusion Fiddle project – CFFiddle by Carl Von Stetten
Comment on Arrays and String enhancements in ColdFusion 2018 by Carl Von Stetten
Comment on Upgrade path to ColdFusion (2018 release) by Carl Von Stetten
Comment on Other social resources for ColdFusion by Carl Von Stetten
Comment on ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 3, ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 10, and ColdFusion 11 Update 18 released by Carl Von Stetten
Comment on Same Query Running Extremely Slower on CF 2018 vs CF 2016 by Carl Von Stetten
2682630 CFB-3809129 General - IDE,Performance Carl Von Stetten SQL Comments cause Builder to Freeze/Crash Problem Description: Within tags, if inline SQL comments ("-- my comment" placed at end of a line of SQL code) are used, and you later reopen the file to make edits to the query, CF Builder
3057917 CF-4198586 Language : Tags Carl Von Stetten Add support for != and == in Problem Description: Lucee supports using != in place of NEQ and == in place of EQ within a tag. ColdFusion should too. Steps to Reproduce: foo
Carl Von Stetten How ColdFusion Enhances Web GIS Applications for Central San Central San is a water resources agency that serves nearly 450,000 customers in our 145-square-mile service area. Founded in 1946, Central San collects and treats 30-50 million gallons of wastewater every day
Carl Von Stetten Introduction To MVC in ColdFusion As part of my “Introduction to MVC in ColdFusion” presentation that I’ve given at CF Summit 2016 and NCDevCon 2017, I have a sample application written three ways: In procedural style (all CFMs), As a FW/1 MVC application, and As a ColdBox MVC
Carl Von Stetten Relationship with ColdFusion Community on Adobe Forums At one point I thought that this portal was automatically loading forum posts from the Adobe Community Forum. This no longer appears to be the case as there are numerous recent posts to the forums that aren’t showing here.  I
2612023 CF-3564422 Administrator Carl Von Stetten Block Download and Install / Install Buttons in Server Update Page on Windows Due to permissions issues on Windows installations of ColdFusion 10, the updates cannot be properly installed through the CF Administrator updates interface. So
2608306 CF-4132238 Database Carl Von Stetten Add cachedUntil option to query-related tags and functions Problem Description: There are currently two ways to specify how a query is stored in cache from within query - cachedWithin and cachedAfter. Using cachedWithin and specifying a Time
2609338 CF-3858286 Caching Carl Von Stetten CacheManager has been shut down error with Update 14 Problem Description: When using EhCache with custom caches that write to disk, and run multiple applications on the same ColdFusion server instance, periodically any code that accesses the cache
3127290 CF-4198765 Language : Member Functions Carl Von Stetten Cannot Chain ListToArray() Directly After ValueList() Problem Description: In CF11, you cannot chain the member function ListToArray() after a ValueList() function. This appears to be corrected already in CF 2016. Steps