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Comment on Usage of QueryExecute in cfclient causes error by Chandan ..
Comment on cfparam (and script param) improperly evaluates the default on each request by Chandan ..
Comment on CFC Method inside a customTag crash on Coldfusion 10 by Chandan ..
2614289 CF-3119176 Kunal S. Moving to needs review as discussed with Chandan
Comment on Internal CFC functions return string variables with a strange non-trimmable preceeding space by Chandan ..
Comment on Inline literal struct notation causes a Hibernate-related NPE when used as a named argument inside a non-braced if statement. by Chandan ..
2596925 CF-3364510 External U. Chandan, how did you conclude this is "not a bug" before you even understood what the issue was? This seems a bit premature, don't you think? -- Adam
2596925 CF-3364510 External U. Thanks Carl. Thinking about it, I'd also quite like to know how Chandan conclude this WASN'T a bug. What exactly did you test? Not the code in the ticket. -- Adam
2610557 CF-3696455 External U. Thanks, Chandan for clearing this out. I was relying on cfcomponent output="false" to do the trick for me, and had forgotten I have to specify for the functions as well. I started to question my logic when even #asc(createA())# gave me [ 97] with the space, which had
. NOTE: The CF10 docs do indicate that a closure can't call a UDF, but Chandan Kumar (who claims to have worked on closures), says this is not accurate and that they should work. They do indeed work correct on first call: