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3137504 CF-4198788 Charting/Graphing Aaron Shurmer savecontent of graph fails in a cfc Problem Description: explodes when trying to grab content Steps to Reproduce: attached file - run cfc?method=graph and it explodes
Tracker Issue CF2016 high cpu
2878329 CF-4198357 Charting/Graphing CF2016 high cpu Problem: CF2016 CPU hike occurs frequently due to cfchart running in loop Method: Result: Expected: Workaround: Note:
6177463 CF-4205181 Charting/Graphing : Server Server side charting is broken in few Operating Systems. ("JSON" is not defined) Problem:Server side charting is broken in few Operating Systems [Ubuntu, Mac] works fine in [RHEL, CentOS, Windows] Method: Run Code
2609109 CF-3928953 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user CFCHART: chart is not visible when set the background color Code snippet: Actual: green color appears in the chart background but chart does not appear in foreground Expected: chart should show. ----------------------------- Additional
5198986 CF-4203837 Charting/Graphing : Server CF2018 breaks charts exported to JPG Problem Description: CF2018 breaks charts exported to JPG Steps to Reproduce: Generate same Chart used for CF11 and CF2016 Actual Result: Does not render chart correctly Expected Result: Render chart correctly
2609268 CF-3863490 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user CFChart: format="flash" does not show chart when absolute path of the image is given as background image Code snippet: Expected: Chart should render Actual: This shows Loading data. Wait
2609416 CF-3849389 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user cfchart: set to datalabelstyle to columnlabel or pattern has issue for pie chart Code snippet: Expected: should show items Actual: Doesnt show items. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2609418 CF-3849267 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user cfchart : set showLegend attribute to true does not show legend on chart. Code snippet: Expected: Should show legend Actual: Legend is not shown ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
6355856 CF-4205458 Charting/Graphing ReferenceError: "JSON" is not defined - Error after installing UPDATE-12 on LINUX Problem Description:Previously working PIE charts give this error: ReferenceError: "JSON" is not defined. Only happens on LINUX. WINDOWS is working ok.
3185827 CF-4198854 Charting/Graphing Cody W Piechart doesn't show with one item of 100% Problem Description: Piechart doesn't show with one item of 100% Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: no pie chart shows Expected Result: pie chart shows Any Workarounds: none known
4604968 CF-4203130 Charting/Graphing,Documentation Cfchart format="html" does not work when using Problem Description: Cfchart type="html" does not work when using Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: It is showing
2609267 CF-3863493 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user CFChart: format="png" does not show the background image in developer edition when given as url or absolute path Code snippet: image as url image as absolute path This works in CF10
2609427 CF-3848704 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user CFChart : provide value to legend attribute when showlegend="no" shows legend box Code snippet: Expected: Should not show the legend box Actual: Shows the legend box ----------------------------- Additional Watson
2609510 CF-3840078 Charting/Graphing Tom Chiverton CFCHART should accept absolute paths as the 'style' argument, not only retaliative ('../../foo.json') Enhancement Request ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3840078 External
2611109 CF-3640436 Charting/Graphing Raymond Camden Scales attribute of cfchartseries The scales attribute of cfchartseries does not seem to actually do anything. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3640436 External Customer Info
5827915 CF-4204491 Charting/Graphing : Client [cielen] CFChart - please add customizable tooltips Within cfchart format="html" one can enable tooltips which show the currently selected value (y-axis). I would like to have freely customizable tooltips to be able to display my own data and format
3472876 CF-4199616 Charting/Graphing Jeff Harris Pie chart with only 1 slice does not display at all Problem Description:If you have a pie chart with only 1 slice the pie does not display at all unless you have show3d="yes" Steps to Reproduce: Create a pie chart that has only 1 value
2596841 CF-3583906 Charting/Graphing Paulo Aguiar Graphic - WebCharts3D Invalid license Problem Description: Graphics in Flash format display the message "webcharts3d invalid license". Steps to Reproduce: see attachment. Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds
3496281 CF-4199659 Charting/Graphing Color issue in pie chart if value for last item in cfchartdata is set to 0 Suppose we have a pie chart with multiple cfchartdata items Now if we make the value of the last cfchartdata as "0", the whole pie chart has just a single color whereas, it should have
2671738 CF-4198171 Charting/Graphing Robert Schwartz Border does not appear in PieChart Problem Description:When creating a pie chart the border is not displaying when using cfchart format="jpg". It only works when using cfchart format="html". However with cfchart format="html" then size
2608685 CF-4023676 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user Object Instantiation Exception Problem: Running the chart file produces Object Instantiation Exception. Method: Running the CFM file produces Object Instantiation Exception. class file is not found Result
3152347 CF-4198818 Charting/Graphing RON STEWART CFCHART within CFDOCUMENT generates red "X" rather than chart image Problem Description: On Windows servers running ColdFusion v11 update 12, including a CFCHART inside a PDF CFDOCUMENT fails to render the chart, and generates a red "X" instead
Tracker Issue Tooltips Broken
2614166 CF-3127947 Charting/Graphing Todd Sharp Tooltips Broken Problem Description: Tooltip does not display properly in Chrome dev build. Steps to Reproduce: Open chart in latest dev build of Chrome. Actual Result: Expected Result: Should
4152015 CF-4201779 Charting/Graphing cfchart using stylized JSON "series" "background-color" does not work Problem Description: when you apply a custom color palette in the style JSON for the chart's series, it does not apply to the chart. Steps to Reproduce: styles.json: { "graphset
3058137 CF-4198587 Charting/Graphing Owen Bass Cannot change Disk cache location Problem Description:Cannot change the path of Disk cache location in CFAdmin Steps to Reproduce:In CFAdmin, go to charting, make sure Cache type is set to: Disk cache, then try to change the path in the Disk cache
2672511 CF-4193936 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user Difference in color while using HTML and PNG if the value of the last item cfchartdata is set to 0 Problem: When the chart is in HTMl format the color difference is okay but when we use png the color difference is not correct. Method: Please
3117348 CF-4198741 Charting/Graphing : Server Christian Surber CFChart with memory leak Problem Description: CFChart fills up Memory and GC is not able to clean it up. Steps to Reproduce: Generate few hundreds charts Actual Result: Memory (4GB) is full in a few days, memory pool (old gen
2608073 CF-4196747 Charting/Graphing Wesley Chen Cfcontent and Cfdocument (Cfchart export to Word) We need to export dynamic CFChart image into word document by CFContent tag. Currently it seems the dynamic generated chart will not show in the word document output through CFContent tag. Please
4107437 CF-4201599 Charting/Graphing prabu mayandi Colfusion 2016 - CFCHART Issue compare to 2010 Problem Description:Colfusion 2016 - CFCHART Issue compare to 2010 Steps to Reproduce:Below are the issues in 2016 1) When there is a missing value, it moves all the axis values to previous points
4107237 CF-4201600 Charting/Graphing prabu mayandi Colfusion 2016 - CFCHART Issue compare to 2010 refer this link: Please refer to the code below, and see the output difference between 2016 vs. 2010 Below are the issues in 2016 1) When
3088014 CF-4198657 Charting/Graphing Robin Boudwin CFCHART output messed up Problem Description: My hosts server crashed, so they updated me to CF2016 which broke all of my cfcharts. Any ideas what to do to fix it? I'm finding lots of bug reports posted for over 2 years, but no solutions. I don
2608128 CF-4185371 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user Chinese character not showing in serieslabel option Problem: Chinese character not showing in serieslabel option Method: A chinese character will be shown correctly in -xaxistitle, but NOT correct in -serieslabel (shown as an empty box
2609598 CF-3824411 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user Cannot override show3D value given in xml with tag-attribute value Cannot override show3D value given in xml with tag-attribute value. The value given in xml style always takes precedence. ----------------------------- Additional Watson
2609647 CF-3816026 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user CFCHART : showLegend property when specified in cfchart tag does not override the property defined in style file Code snippet: beige.xml file has the following property set for legend
2612508 CF-3503195 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user ColdFusion 10 developer version still shows the watermark as ColdFusion 9 in cfchart. Problem: ColdFusion 10 developer version still shows the watermark as ColdFusion 9 in cfchart. Attaching a screen shot and mail thread with this bug. Method
4152701 CF-4201780 Charting/Graphing cfchart pie chart format='html' and format='png' have different color schemes Problem Description: Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: html chart is light blue, dark blue, orange, yellow html chart has labels for the data names html
2608804 CF-3989963 Charting/Graphing Alex Zimmerman CF chart weird caching when rendering PNG Problem Description: When loading multiple png based CF chart information jumps from chart to chart. Steps to Reproduce: Pull down multiple sets of values from stored procedures then use cf Actual
2609395 CF-3850838 Charting/Graphing Tom Chiverton Pie chart vanishes when a single 100% item, even though others in data set with value 0 Problem Description: When there are many values to put on a pie chart, but one comes out as 100%, the whole chart vanishes Steps to Reproduce: Run attached
2609660 CF-3812163 Charting/Graphing : Server ext-user Charting : Passing json file name as style attribute does not show the chart font.xml: title text font.json generated from font.xml using cfchart_xmltojson.bat: {"graphset":[{"plotarea":{},"title":{"position":"50% 100%","text":"title text
2609318 CF-3859374 Charting/Graphing Eric Tabet Relative positioning of charts creates a mouse-over location offset that cannot be fixed Problem Description: On a chart, the mouse-over (tip) is positioned in some absolute fashion and shows an offset (e.g. when there is some left margin) Steps
2856615 CF-4198339 Charting/Graphing Jonas Meller cfchart bar/hbar category chart doesn't always display labels for all categories Problem Description: cfchart bar/hbar category chart doesn't always display labels for all categories. The issue exist for both png and html formats. Steps
2609624 CF-3819150 Charting/Graphing Dattatray Shinde CF11 detroyed the charts look and feel Problem Description: cfchart look and feel is bezard in cf11 as compared to cf9 Steps to Reproduce: Open any chart in cf11 which was working with cf9 with styles in xml file Actual Result: Ugly look
2609478 CF-3844752 Charting/Graphing Tom Chiverton unremovable white border on bar charts Problem Description: extra white space added between stacked series in bar chart Steps to Reproduce: run the attached (rename to t.cfml and hbarChartStyle.json Actual Result: white bar at end of each stacked
2613907 CF-3148756 Charting/Graphing Aaron Neff click support for client-side charts Duplicate ID: CF-3144804 Currently, this server-side charting feature is not available w/ client-side charting: "Linking charts to URL" However, Ray Camden has figured out how to make this work in client
Tracker Issue cfchart format="png"
5527180 CF-4204119 Charting/Graphing : Server cfchart format="png" Problem Description: creating big chart with many data points in format="png" throws following error: Encountered code generation error while compiling script: generated bytecode for method exceeds 64K limit. (#1) Steps
3012840 CF-4198527 Charting/Graphing Gary Fenton cfchart ignores name arribute Throws an error "variable chart1 is undefined" when the NAME attribute has been provided for a flash or html chart. If the variable is not referenced after cfchart then the chart is immediately displayed on the page
3199706 CF-4198866 Charting/Graphing Stephen Walker CFChart does not allow percentage based width and height Creating a chart using cfchart with a width or height of 100% or other percentage value will not work. The underlying charting library (ZingChart) has supported this since December 2010 (v
2608443 CF-4092393 Charting/Graphing : Client Dan wilson Tool tip in CFChart inside HTML page, goes outside the chart, when chart is placed inside bootstrap’s tab layout Problem: Tool tip in CFChart inside HTML page, goes outside the chart Method: Run the enclosed files and check the tool tip
2613928 CF-3144804 Charting/Graphing Raymond Camden Add back in support for URLs Duplicate ID: CF-3859367 One of the things lost in using client side charting versus server side is the ability to link data points to URLs. However, it is something the chart engine does support with a bit of work
2727631 CF-4198221 AJAX,Charting/Graphing Mcnally John Using Cfchart type = 'html' or 'flash' breaks autocomplete ui in Jquery Problem Description: i have a search box for a charting application that changes geographies which uses an autocomplete function. after the last update to ColdFusion 11 Dec
2608630 CF-4043031 Charting/Graphing Steve Vail $itemlabel$ malfunctioning Problem Description: When using item label in the cfchart tag url, it does not return the chartdata item as before so all the drilldown in my charts is broken. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: http
4214839 CF-4202001 Charting/Graphing Not passing URL for 3d-plot - to enable drilldown. Problem Description: When using show3d="yes" for the URL is not getting produced in the page. However if you use show3d="no" they are produced Steps to Reproduce: First chart (3D) is missing the URL
Tracker Issue CF2016 cfchart scales
4189556 CF-4201951 Charting/Graphing CF2016 cfchart scales Problem: cfchart with scales attributes gives a blank output Method: Please refer the below sample code
2609695 CF-3800237 Charting/Graphing Adam Cameron CFCHART stacks series incorrectly See here: Bottom line: {quote} It's stacked the bars and lines together. For Pete's sake. That's not very clever. And is a bug. One
4959007 CF-4203369 Charting/Graphing : Server URL not working on CFCHART once show3d set to yes Problem Description: Url is not working on CFChart once we set show3d attribute to yes. Steps to Reproduce: set show3d = yes on cfchart and provide url to which we want to open on the click on image
2613402 CF-3323375 Charting/Graphing Aaron Neff HTML cfchart ignores labelFormat attribute HTML cfchart ignores the following: labelformat="currency", labelformat="percent", and labelformat="date". Repro: 1) Run above code and see y
3361225 CF-4199428 Charting/Graphing Oliver Jones CFChart fails with special characters Problem Description: Characters such as " cause Cfchart to fail with undescriptive error message. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: SyntaxError: missing ] after
2609319 CF-3859368 Charting/Graphing Eric Tabet With ENABLECFOUTPUTONLY turned on, CFCHART in Flash or HTML format do not render, only PNG/JPG do Problem Description: With ENABLECFOUTPUTONLY turned on, CFCHART in Flash or HTML format do not render, only PNG/JPG do Steps to Reproduce: Use following
2609414 CF-3849428 Charting/Graphing Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: CF10 vs CF11 wrt cfchart labelformat (CF10 supports it; CF11 doesn't) CF10 supports cfchart's labelformat attribute but CF11 doesn't. Repro (using labelFormat="currency"): CF10 formats 1000 as $1
2609477 CF-3844756 Charting/Graphing Tom Chiverton bar extends off left side of axis Problem Description: The bar for the first stacked series starts in the wrong place Steps to Reproduce: run attached, rename to t.cfml Actual Result: top bar extends beyond left side of axis Expected Result: top
Tracker Issue Webchart
2609779 CF-3776238 Charting/Graphing Meng Sing Soo Webchart Problem Description: absent of Steps to Reproduce: createObject("Java","") Actual Result: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: at coldfusion
Tracker Issue Upgrade Zingcharts
2612660 CF-3476873 Charting/Graphing Patrick Branley Upgrade Zingcharts The latest version of Zingcharts has the following property [ root » graph » plot » legend-item ] maxChars Numeric Sets the maximum number of characters displayed by the text label. If value is smaller than the length
2597078 CF-3125487 Charting/Graphing Nicholas Bostaph Charts experience unexpected behavior on resize Problem Description: Neither Flash nor rasterized charts can be reliably resized and retain all functionality. If the flash player size is dynamically resized the graph itself remains at it
2609694 CF-3800311 Charting/Graphing Paul Mascari CFCHARTSERIES Data Attribute Will Not Produce Pie Chart According to Documentation Problem Description: Documentation for the "data" attribute of CFCHARTSERIES says this for pie charts: "This is an array of arrays.Specify the data as follows
2608999 CF-3949453 Charting/Graphing : Client Aimee Merchlinski CFCHART - JPG format shifts x axis labels Problem Description: I am create a chart using CFCHART and the x-axis lists dates. My graph is styled to rotate the dates 270 degrees to be perpendicular to the axis. When the chart
2609515 CF-3839092 Charting/Graphing Don Walter "WebCharts3D Invalid License" randomly appears Problem Description: "WebCharts3D Invalid License" randomly appears on any charts in our site. Seems to come back every couple months or so, using CF 10 Enterprise, update 12 Steps to Reproduce: Unknown
2609855 CF-3756789 Charting/Graphing Reto Aeberli cfChart uses space and border for empty title Problem Description: The generated chart uses space and a border for a title even if no title atrribute is set or the value is empty. On earlier version in this case no space was reserved and no ugly
2613397 CF-3324000 Charting/Graphing Matt Bostrom Pie Chart and Google Chrome Duplicate ID: CF-3315766 Problem Description: The data-tips when hovering over the new HTML5 pie charts in Google Chrome has an issue. A hover box shows and as you move the mouse the box moves but the number representing
2613521 CF-3298213 Charting/Graphing Stephen Walker Various Charts Will not render in IE7 Problem Description: When using cfchart format=html, certain charts with multiple series will not render in IE 7 and IE 8. So far I have identified the problem in area, bar, and line charts. The problem
2609078 CF-3935878 Charting/Graphing Claudio Cabete Please check Charting again. URL stoped working after update 3 Duplicate ID: CF-3859367 Problem Description: $VALUE$ , $ITEMLABEL$ and $SERIESLABEL$ attributes do not have the correct Values, instead it outputs the text : $VALUE
2609705 CF-3798825 Charting/Graphing Paul Mascari CHCHARTSERIES Pie Chart Attribute "datalabelstyle" Has No Effect Problem Description: Chart Items are displayed as pie chart labels when values were specified. Steps to Reproduce: When creating a pie chart and wishing for the chart data VALUES
2613447 CF-3315774 Charting/Graphing Christian Polintan CFChart Pie chart does not show properly with format=HTML in IE Problem Description: Green layer displays on top of Pie chart in IE when using
2609237 CF-3865484 Charting/Graphing Tom Chiverton CF11 update 3 breaks chart style json that uses legend Problem Description: Under CF11 update 2, you could turn legnds on CFCHART off using ZingChart's style JSON files. Under update 3, this causes a ColdFusion exception (!) Steps to Reproduce
2609305 CF-3860648 Charting/Graphing Eric Tabet Unable to flush header/content prior to a graph Problem Description: CFCHART is now expecting to be in a page that hasn't yet been flushed to the user. This is a regression from previous versions where this was possible. Steps to Reproduce: Use
2598413 CF-3041362 Charting/Graphing Frank Ng Bug 82731:(Watson Migration Closure)When trying to draw 2 line graphs, if we are missing data one of the lines for example, coldfusion will automatically fill in those missing values for us Problem: When trying to draw 2 line graphs, if we are missing
2612481 CF-3505076 Charting/Graphing Raymond Camden cfchart/pie lays out poorly Given an incredibly simple pie chart, I find that CF's default settings is adding a lot of white space to the left of the pie chart. Because I have a label that has 3 words in it (not long, but not very short), I end up
2599426 CF-3040206 Charting/Graphing Adam Cameron Bug 80187:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: add support for controlling chart animationWebCharts3d has a setting "morph" which one an use to turn off the stupid "columns growing" thing does by default Problem: Summary: add support for controlling
2673114 CF-4150354 Charting/Graphing Robert Schwartz Coldfusion 2016 cfchart not accepting .js Problem Description: Problem Description:js used to format pie chart in coldfusion v11 not working in v2016 { "graphset":[ { "border-width":1, "background-color":"transparent", "foreground
2608930 CF-3959931 Charting/Graphing Scott Brady HTML CFCharts conflict with prototype.js Problem Description: When using type="HTML" in cfchart and using prototype.js, charts don't render due to a conflict in the automatically rendered "$(document).ready()" Steps to Reproduce: 1) Create a page
2609314 CF-3859531 Charting/Graphing Neil Pugh CFChart style attribute errors when passing json string Problem Description: If I pass in a valid json string (for ZingCharts) then I would expect to see a chart with this styling applied. Documentation states this should work: https
5716564 CF-4204301 Charting/Graphing Issue with webcharts. Watermark is showing Problem Description: I migrated my application from CF10 Enterprise to CF11 Enterprise but the chart fail to render in the webpage. It says is not found. I figured out that the required
2609243 CF-3865148 Charting/Graphing jesse ferraro TipStyle attribute will not change from default value Problem Description: When using cfchart, the tipStyle attribute will not actually change how the chart tip is displayed. Steps to Reproduce: Set up a chart using cfchart and set the tip
2609709 CF-3797316 Charting/Graphing Paul Mascari CFChartSeries Attribute "Colorlist" No Longer Works Problem Description: In the past a list of colors could be given for each piece of data to be charted. This list is now ignored for bar and horizontalbar chart. Steps to Reproduce: Build a
2613446 CF-3315776 Charting/Graphing Christian Polintan CFChart does not recognize "animate" or "detach" values when using format=html and JSON style file Problem Description: calling JSON string from
3595554 CF-4200017 Charting/Graphing Daniel Roberts cfchart causes javascript to be prepended to requests, causing invalid json responses Problem Description: The cfchart tag in causing javascript to be forced into the output of the page. When the chart is being generated in an ajax request
3595553 CF-4200016 Charting/Graphing Daniel Roberts cfchart causes javascript to be prepended to requests, causing invalid json responses Problem Description: The cfchart tag in causing javascript to be forced into the output of the page. When the chart is being generated in an ajax request
3595552 CF-4200015 Charting/Graphing Daniel Roberts cfchart causes javascript to be prepended to requests, causing invalid json responses Problem Description: The cfchart tag in causing javascript to be forced into the output of the page. When the chart is being generated in an ajax request
2609303 CF-3860808 Charting/Graphing Eric Tabet Flash/HTML format CFCHARTs will generate unexpected URLs if attribute "URL" is set to "" or " " Problem Description: When URL attributre is set to empty (URL="") or space (URL=" "), the chart will still generate a URL and append random "r" parameter
2609230 CF-3872385 Charting/Graphing jesse ferraro Some X-Axis Labels Don't Show Problem Description: When having labels that are multiple words, or longer words, some labels will not be rendered, even when the labels are angled -45 to -90 degrees to provide more room Steps to Reproduce: See
2609858 CF-3756738 Charting/Graphing Reto Aeberli cfchart style value works not as before and documented Problem Description: cfchart with attribute style="blue" doesn't work anymore in ColdFusion 11. According to processmonitor ColdFusion tries to open a file called blue without extension. Using
2613448 CF-3315766 Charting/Graphing Christian Polintan CFChart Tooltips not working correctly on Google Chrome Problem Description: This is the same exact issue as Bug 3127947, but I am using Google Chrome 21.0.1180.83 which is not a dev build. The shadowbox for the tooltip moves, but the value
2609760 CF-3782981 Charting/Graphing Steve Teraji Unable to instatiate object for using CF Webchart feature Problem Description: Getting this message: Object Instantiation Exception. Class not found: Here's a discussion on this problem. https
2609856 CF-3756754 Charting/Graphing Reto Aeberli cfchart shows legend even when disabled by showlegend="false" in some cases Problem Description: cfchart shows the legend even when disabled by showlegend="false" in some cases. In my case I was able to nail it down to the existence of the attribute
2608917 CF-3964066 Charting/Graphing jesse ferraro Text Extends Past Legend Border Problem Description: When having long (yet reasonable) legend, the text will extend past the right border of the legend. (See attached image) Steps to Reproduce: Create a graph that has a legend with multiple series
2609083 CF-3935191 Charting/Graphing Claudio Cabete $VALUE$ , $ITEMLABEL$ and $SERIESLABEL$ for attribute URL of CFCHART do not work. on CF 11 Update 3 Duplicate ID: CF-3859367 Problem Description: $VALUE$ , $ITEMLABEL$ and $SERIESLABEL$ for attribute URL of CFCHART do not work. Similar
2609320 CF-3859367 Charting/Graphing Eric Tabet $VALUE$ , $ITEMLABEL$ and $SERIESLABEL$ for attribute URL of CFCHART only work with PNG/JPG and not FLASH/HTML Problem Description: $VALUE$ , $ITEMLABEL$ and $SERIESLABEL$ for attribute URL of CFCHART only work with PNG/JPG and not FLASH/HTML Steps
2609492 CF-3842819 Charting/Graphing Tom Chiverton incorrect series total in tooltip Problem Description: When drawing a stacked series, Steps to Reproduce: run attached CFML file. You'll need to rename it. hover over the (small) 'bar' stack Actual Result: tool tip says '0 of 1' Expected Result
2609857 CF-3756744 Charting/Graphing Reto Aeberli cfchart 3d tooltip shows wrong values Problem Description: The Tooltip with the bar item shows wrong values depending on the position of the mouse pointer. This value changes when hovering over the same bar. It seems this happens only in 3d
2611069 CF-3646107 Charting/Graphing : Client Raymond Camden Odd combination leads to browser tab crash The following code leads to the browser crashing (well the tab) yaxis = { "labels":["","Passed Interview","Resume Sent","Approved by Mission","Pre-Employment Offer Made","SEC Package
2596865 CF-3540876 Charting/Graphing andy hudson Excel functionality - SpreadsheetFormatCell missing method Problem Description: After applying a security fix on April 9, 2013 - we have encountered a problem using SpreadsheetFormatCell function in CF's excel functionality. Basically, the function