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Comment on submitting form in cfdiv breaks in Internet Explorer by Chris G.
3178762 CF-4198849 Functions Chris Hopkins writeoutput cannot use cfscript operators e.g. ==/>// writeOutput(" is one greater than zero #1 > 0# "); writeOutput(" is one greater than zero #(1 > 0 ? "hell yeah" : "hell no")# "); {code} Actual Result: Invalid CFML construct found on line
2611121 CF-3639695 General Server Chris Phillips DateTimeFormat does not render "ddd" as a three letter day as the docs say. Problem Description: The docs state: "ddd: Day of the week as a three-letter abbreviation." But, instead it just shows the date as a 3 digit number (e.g. 025, 25 Sep 2013
2609792 CF-3769705 Database Chris Phillips Having one single quote in a multi-line style comment in a script based query breaks params. DESCRIPTION: Problem Description: If you write "multi-line" style comment in the sql of a script based query that includes a single single-quote, it will break
2613212 CF-3338974 Language : Functions Chris Phillips DateConvert("local2Utc",now()) Breaks Other Date/Time Functions Duplicate ID: CF-3309220 Problem Description: The variable returned from DateConvert("local2Utc",now()) seems to carry around the offset from local to UTC. When, you use
2596867 CF-3537036 Net Protocols Chris Herdt cfhttp / cfhttpparam formfield elements are ignored if the cfhttp method is not GET or POST Problem Description: Although the documentation for cfhttpparam states that "The formField type attribute is only meaningful with the cfhttp tag POST and GET
2609562 CF-3830777 Language Chris Bouchard Allow lengths of 32 bits for the BitMask* family of functions Problem Description: The bitmasking functions all take start and length parameters, which limit the bits to be affected by the masking operation. The start index must be between 0 and 31