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2673306 CF-4129731 Social Chris Hopkins Invalid error reporting on cf_socialplugin "Invalid parameter type" - when type is not the invalid parameter Problem Description: Error reporting for cf_soclialplugin does not reference the correct parameter when a parameter has the wrong value Steps
2609850 CF-3758070 Installation/Config : Connector Chris Hopkins CGI.HTTP_URL Missing when using IIS Problem Description: CGI.HTTP_URL does not exist when using IIS 7.5 Steps to Reproduce: Attempt to output CGI.HTTP_URL Actual Result: [empty string] Expected Result: the unencoded url Any
2610659 CF-3688456 Language : CF Component Chris Hopkins Add onError method for CFC's Duplicate ID: CF-3687747 Pretty self explanatory really, have a onError method for CFC's that acts in the same way as the global onError within the application.cfc but for just a singular CFC. This feature
2608112 CF-4189969 CFIMAGE Chris Hopkins Issues finding font on start/stop application using ImageDrawText Problem Description: Under load coldfusion sometimes does not read the fontlist from the system correctly on application startup (or maybe its not fully populated when its read). Steps
2609817 CF-3761527 Administrator : Administrator Console Chris Hopkins Installation server config wizard login gives incorrect errors without javascript enabled Problem Description: When installing CF11 the second step after the installer in the CFIDE requires you to log in. If you do not have
2596810 CF-3690488 Debugging : CFDump Chris Hopkins cfdump does not show the value of an empty key Problem Description: Cfdump does not show the value of a struct key that is an empty string defined by "". Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: The dump of struct 'a' shows nothing
3178774 CF-4198851 Security Chris Hopkins generatePBKDFKey- PBKDF2WithSHA256 algorithm is not supported by the Security Provider you have chosen. Problem Description: Works most of the time but sometimes i get errors stating the above. The line of code is: generatePBKDFKey("PBKDF2WithSHA256
3178762 CF-4198849 Language : Functions Chris Hopkins writeoutput cannot use cfscript operators e.g. ==/>// writeOutput(" is one greater than zero #1 > 0# "); writeOutput(" is one greater than zero #(1 > 0 ? "hell yeah" : "hell no")# "); {code} Actual Result: Invalid CFML construct found on line
2820110 CF-4198299 Administrator Chris Hopkins Setup wizard requires JS to run but wont tell you if you dont have JS enabled Would be great for there to be a message that states JS is required at the login screen so that people not aware that JS is required can enable JS and get it installed
2992066 CF-4198491 Database Chris Hopkins Cfqueryparam / queryExecute / Query CFC - Accept arrays As you can pass type="list" using cfqueryparam or one of its script based alternatives it would be great to be able to pass an array as well. Numerous ways this could be achieved, either type
3454833 CF-4199596 File Management Chris Hopkins FileOpen - Timeout parameter / a way of auto closing/timing out the connection It would be nice if when using FileOpen there was a parameter that defined a timeout (probably in milliseconds, but i am fine with seconds) that auto closed the file
2608365 CF-4110955 Document Management Chris Hopkins cfdocument generation of PDF occaisionally hangs for all PDF generation Problem Description: Occaisionally PDF generation using cfdocument hangs and times out for all PDF generation accross a server. Steps to Reproduce: #certificate
2609816 CF-3761543 Installation/Config Chris Hopkins CF11 on windows server 2008r2 x64 with IIS requires non documented MS C++ 2008 x64 SP1 Redistributable Problem Description: When installing on win2008r2 x64 with IIS 7.5 coldfusion will not be able to set up the connectors and you will get 404
2608818 CF-3987369 Installation/Config : Connector Chris Hopkins CGI.http_url encoding inconsistent with CF9 Problem Description: Apostrophes in URL are encoded in CF9 but not in CF11 in CGI.HTTP_URL Steps to Reproduce: URL : index.cfm?place=Connah's Quay Actual Result: CF11 : index
3422610 CF-4199516 Database : CFQuery Chris Hopkins QueryExecute breaks when question mark inside square brackets with Lesser number (1) of positional parameters are defined for sql query Problem Description: When using a questionmark inside of square brackets in a query using query
2608434 CF-4095231 CFIMAGE Chris Hopkins NullPointerException shortly after application start when using cfimage action=captcha Problem Description: After performing an app restart via application.stop() we usually get a couple of the below from pages using cfimage action=captcha. I know
2608814 CF-3988223 Language Chris Hopkins Implicit array within function call and other requirements produces java.lang.ClassCastException Problem Description: Ok stupidly odd one this. a query cfloop next to a directly outputed function call with an array litteral as an argument that is within a
3521767 CF-4199795 Language : Exception Handling Chris Hopkins An error occurred during the sFTP getfile operation. correct/incorrect error Problem Description: Hi, unsure if this is a bug or what but its a little confusing. When performing many SFTP getFile operations and the script times out