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2612578 CF-3496254 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Chris Phillips Please parse out /**/ SQL style comments in Query of Queries. If you put a /**/ (slash star) comment in a query of queries (dbtype=query), you will get a syntax error. This is not huge deal. But, it has caused me to lose time
2609785 CF-3773095 Language Chris Phillips Please allow use of "var " keyword outside of functions Almost all of our work in CF is in script components. In the rare case I am in a display template and I need a new variable, I inevitably type "var foo =" and get a compiler error. This is lame
2611121 CF-3639695 General Server Chris Phillips DateTimeFormat does not render "ddd" as a three letter day as the docs say. Problem Description: The docs state: "ddd: Day of the week as a three-letter abbreviation." But, instead it just shows the date as a 3 digit number (e.g. 025, 25 Sep 2013
2609792 CF-3769705 Database Chris Phillips Having one single quote in a multi-line style comment in a script based query breaks params. DESCRIPTION: Problem Description: If you write "multi-line" style comment in the sql of a script based query that includes a single single-quote, it will break
2609898 CF-3747685 Database Chris Phillips addParam is not chainable Problem Description: Being able to chain methods allows for a nice terse, elegent syntax. But, addParam has a returntype of void. So, you have to call each addParam() on the original Query object. Steps to Reproduce: var vehicle
2610573 CF-3695697 AJAX : Plumbing Chris Phillips SerializeJSON will NOT wrap certain string formats with quotes. Problem Description: I think it's any string that conforms to the following pattern: ([0-9]+D ) #SerializeJSON({s:"1A "})# #SerializeJSON({s:"1D"})# #SerializeJSON({s:"12D
2610574 CF-3695627 AJAX : Plumbing Chris Phillips SerializeJSON turns strings that look like scientific notation into floats. Problem Description: SerializeJSON turns strings that look like scientific notation into floats. In our case those strings happen to be Stock Numbers. Changing them
2612517 CF-3502742 Language Chris Phillips Nested loop over [] array notation throws compiler error Problem Description: If you cfloop over the expression #[1,2]# as the value of the "array" attribute and do an inner loop from 1 to 2, CF will throw the exception "The CFML compiler encountered
2612612 CF-3492496 Language : Datastructure Chris Phillips Using array notation for an argument value while calling a method will cause other argument values to be "undefined". Problem Description: If you use array notation inside the parenthesis of a method call to assign an argument value (and
2613072 CF-3346990 Language Chris Phillips cfheader and cfcontent both change how a doc file is rendered Problem Description: We have our users save Word doc files "as htm" with special strings in them. They upload them to us as "Templates". We replace the special strings and serve the html content
2613212 CF-3338974 Language : Functions Chris Phillips DateConvert("local2Utc",now()) Breaks Other Date/Time Functions Duplicate ID: CF-3309220 Problem Description: The variable returned from DateConvert("local2Utc",now()) seems to carry around the offset from local to UTC. When, you use