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Comment on CFLAYOUT Tabs not posting within tab after hotfix 8 loaded by Christopher R.
Comment on ColdFusion 2016 Update 8 breaks ColdFusion.Ajax.submitForm in IE 11 by Christopher R.
2671793 CF-4198045 Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF) Christophe Girodon and special caracter Problem Description: Special character replaced by another character when using Steps to Reproduce: Display block caracter : █ Actual Result: in the pdf file, the broken bar
2608188 CF-4167035 General Server Christopher Tierney Different OS's for AWS AMI Please look at different OS's for the AWS AMI. Currently it is using an outdated version of Windows Server 2012. 2012R2 has been released for awhile now and gets rid of some annoyances. It is also currently using
2609095 CF-3932422 Administrator Christopher Tierney mail-sent.log Stops Logging after "delete" Duplicate ID: CF-3915603 Problem Description: I believe this is going to be the same issue as bug #3915603. In the "Log Files" section inside ColdFusion Administrator, once you hit "Delete log file
Tracker Issue Custom 404 IIS Pages
2609399 CF-3850393 Installation/Config : Connector Christopher Tauer Custom 404 IIS Pages Problem Description: I have ColdFusion 11 Enterprise Update 2 installed on my stage server. Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard running IIS 7. I went into IIS for my website and created a custom error page
2610133 CF-3726631 Administrator Christopher Tierney "Disable Logging" does not work correctly Problem Description: Disable logging, disables the log, but doesn't update the button nor allows for a way to re-enable the logging. Steps to Reproduce: 1. CF Administrator 2. Debugging & Logging > Log
2609138 CF-3923565 Installation/Config Christopher Tierney J2EE Session Vars Break ColdFusion on Win 2012 EC2 Problem Description: A clean install of ColdFusion 11 64-bit for Windows will not restart/start in Windows 2012 R2 Standard on a Amazon EC2 instance after J2EE Session Variables