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2673002 CF-4157592 Database Christopher Tierney Do not evaluate value if null=tue on CFQUERYPARAM Currently this code: will still try to evaluate "myVal". When attempting to turn off/on NULL's via if a value exists or not, for example in the arguments of a method, we have to hack together
2682324 CFB-4119444 Installer : Standalone Installation Christopher Tierney Update Eclipse Version in standalone ColdFusion Builder 2016 standalone has the exact same Eclipse IDE version. Update to the latest Eclipse Version. Either that or consider a different IDE as CF Builder has been plagued
Tracker Issue Can not update
2682325 CFB-4119441 General - IDE Christopher Tierney Can not update Problem Description: No repository for update found Steps to Reproduce: Help > Check for updates Actual Result: 'Contacting Software Sites' has encountered a problem. No repository found at http
2608188 CF-4167035 General Server Christopher Tierney Different OS's for AWS AMI Please look at different OS's for the AWS AMI. Currently it is using an outdated version of Windows Server 2012. 2012R2 has been released for awhile now and gets rid of some annoyances. It is also currently using
2608189 CF-4167033 Installation/Config : Connector Christopher Tierney AWS AMI Crashes After Connector Upgrade Problem Description: Update 9 was applied to version 11.0.0 provided with the AWS AMI. Then the connector was upgraded as required. wsconfig could not correctly upgrade connector, making
2608195 CF-4166166 General Server Christopher Tierney Expand AWC EC2 Instance Types Currently the ColdFusion 11 AWS AMI allows for instances type such as M3. However the T2 and M4 types are better suited for the environments that I need. Please add availability for at minimum the T2 types. M4
2608202 CF-4164852 Installation/Config Christopher Tierney Can't Uninstall MySQL from AWS AMI To my surprise, MySQL is installed on the ColdFusion 11 AWS AMI. I do not want MySQL installed and consider this bloatware for this AMI. Now I can't uninstall the installer. (nor do I need IE to be set
Tracker Issue Update Core Licensing
2673649 CF-4119922 General Server Christopher Tierney Update Core Licensing The current licensing model requires companies to purchase hardware or configure VM guests around the ColdFusion product purchased. For example, ColdFusion 2016 standard requires that you have a maximum or two cores before
2608594 CF-4053567 Web Container (Tomcat) Christopher Tierney expandPath() returns coldfusion bin directory Problem Description: when using expandPath() on Linux (including OSX) to go up a directory from the website's root it returns the the ColdFusion {instance}/bin directory (which is incorrect
2682188 CFB-4163331 General - IDE Christopher Tierney Editor Becomes Non-Responsive on Certain Types of Code Problem Description: It seems that my issue just persists when writing code for the Taffy framework. The editor will become non-responsive at random points. I think when it's using
2608921 CF-3963656 Document Management : Office Integration Christopher Tierney spreadsheetWrite autosize Only On Active Sheet Problem Description: When saving a spreadsheet only the active sheet auto-sizes each column. All other sheet columns are not auto-sized. Steps to Reproduce: var s
2609179 CF-3915603 Logging Christopher Tierney Can Not Delete metrics.log via CF Admininistrator Problem Description: #1: If I click the delete button for "metrics.log" in the Log Files section for CF Administrator is does not delete the file. It give no feedback to the UI as to what is going on
2610133 CF-3726631 Administrator Christopher Tierney "Disable Logging" does not work correctly Problem Description: Disable logging, disables the log, but doesn't update the button nor allows for a way to re-enable the logging. Steps to Reproduce: 1. CF Administrator 2. Debugging & Logging > Log
2596808 CF-3694322 Language : Serialization Christopher Tierney String in Array Converted to Boolean Problem Description: When a method in a component serializes an array within a struct, using returnFormat="JSON", the resulting JSON output will take a string of "yes" and turn it into a boolean
2609095 CF-3932422 Administrator Christopher Tierney mail-sent.log Stops Logging after "delete" Duplicate ID: CF-3915603 Problem Description: I believe this is going to be the same issue as bug #3915603. In the "Log Files" section inside ColdFusion Administrator, once you hit "Delete log file
2609178 CF-3915611 Server Monitoring Christopher Tierney Requests Queued Incorrectly Reporting in CFSTAT Problem Description: When running CFSTAT, the "Reqs Q'ed" column appears to be incorrect. After a restart of ColdFusion, then running ColdFusion Administrator, then running ColdFusion Monitor
2609138 CF-3923565 Installation/Config Christopher Tierney J2EE Session Vars Break ColdFusion on Win 2012 EC2 Problem Description: A clean install of ColdFusion 11 64-bit for Windows will not restart/start in Windows 2012 R2 Standard on a Amazon EC2 instance after J2EE Session Variables
2596888 CF-3503537 Text Search Christopher Tierney SOLR "key" Field Unsearchable Problem Description: When using cfsearch with criteria for the "key" field, results are never found. Looking at the logs, a search in the "title" field returns the correct results: ..."GET /solr/col/select?q=title%3A