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Comment on Cfdirectory create in cPanel public_html directory fails by Cody W.
Comment on cfpdfform - "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.adobe.xfa.AppModel" by Cody W.
4012516 CF-4201309 Vamseekrishna N. Thanks Cody for reporting this issue. We will get it checked and let you know in case we need additional information.
3348237 CF-4199408 Piyush K. closing this as the reporter has not reverted with the requested details. Cody, Pls. feel free to write back in case you continue to face the issue. We can open this for investigation.
4012516 CF-4201309 Kailash B. Hi Cody,   Can you please reply with the information asked in a previous comment?   Thanks, Kailash
4012516 CF-4201309 Kailash B. Closing it for now as I was unable to reproduce the issue. If Cody comes back with the answers, will reopen it.
3185827 CF-4198854 Charting/Graphing Cody W Piechart doesn't show with one item of 100% Problem Description: Piechart doesn't show with one item of 100% Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: no pie chart shows Expected Result: pie chart shows Any Workarounds: none known
3074151 CF-4198610 AJAX Cody W Cfinput datefield breaks after update Problem Description: cfinput datefield breaks in Chrome after latest update to ColdFusion 11 Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: The specified value "05/10/2017" does not conform to the required format, "yyyy
3348237 CF-4199408 Piyush K. Cody, I am unable to observe any error if I use the default sandbox. Can you share the details on your sandbox security settings. Are there disabled any functions or tags. You can share the details here, or mail them to me at Here's the test code I
2861079 CF-4198342 Kailash B. Hi Cody, As we don't have a specific test case, we will see how best we could check this in the code. It always helps if you could share isolated reproducible code so that we can fix the same quickly. Thanks, Kailash
3348237 CF-4199408 Document Management : Presentation Cody W Sandbox Security: cfpresentationslide doesn't work with URL src Problem Description: When Sandbox Security is enabled, cfpresentationslide doesn't work with URL src Steps to Reproduce: 1. enable sandbox security 2. try to use a URL
3371511 CF-4199450 File Management : CFDirectory Cody W Cfdirectory create in cPanel public_html directory fails Problem Description: Can't create a new directory directly within the "public_html" directory of a cPanel site. Sandbox security is fine and I can create the directory if I run "mkdir
4012516 CF-4201309 Kailash B. Hi Cody, Can you please provide us with a few answers? 1. Can you please tell us the update level on which ColdFusion server is running? 2. Also, is your ColdFusion server configured with a cluster, and if yes, are all the nodes of the cluster in the same update
2612138 CF-3554224 ColdFusion Services Cody Kratzer Amazon S3 Support with DirectoryList Problem Description: Using the directoryList function for Amazon S3 (s3://accessKeyId:secretKey@bucket) is pulling back an empty array on my CF10 server. The function is working properly on my other two servers
3185843 CF-4198855 Database Cody W cfquery sandbox security issue after CF2016 update 4 Problem Description: After applying update 4 to ColdFusion 2016, cfquery requests result in the following. Access denied ("" "C:\ColdFusion2016\cfusion
Tracker Issue cfdocument timeout
2861079 CF-4198342 Document Management : PDF generation Cody W cfdocument timeout Problem Description: Intermittently, cfdocument will simply stop working completely. We're using the below code to generate a PDF, and it simply times out. test You can set the timeout to be any length you want
2611070 CF-3646062 ORM Support Cody Martin Hibernate Criterias, HHH-817: Please upgrade hibernate to a later version of Hibernate 3 Problem Description: When using hibernate criteria, there is a bug in the version of hibernate that ships with CF that causes an error. It is fixed in a newer (minor
4012516 CF-4201309 Document Management : PDF Form Cody W cfpdfform - "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.adobe.xfa.AppModel" Problem Description: Intermittently, it seems that cfpdfform quits working completely. What causes the server to reach this state is unknown
2609707 CF-3798028 AJAX Cody Watkins CFGRID with bound field doesn't reset to page 1 when bind field is updated Problem Description: CFGRID isn't resetting back to page 1 when you update a field that the CFGRID is binded to. It's trying to preserve the current page, but it either shouldn't, or you