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CONTENS – Powerful Web Content Management
2672458 CF-4195486 API Manager : Response Compression ext-user Content encoding is not passed in response header. Problem: Content encoding is not passed in response header. For a resource publisher can specify request encoding parameter. While trying out the API, the provided request encoding
2672890 CF-4158293 API Manager : Publisher Portal ext-user Content Type for POST requests with FORM Data needs to be "APPLICATION/X-WWW-FORM-URLENCODED" Problem: When POST request type is used with FORM data, API Manager tryout adds "APPLICATION/X-FORM-URLENCODED" as the default consumes type
2610994 CF-3654170 Piyush K. verified with CF10 u11 (build 285437) on Win 7 x64. Trying to browse to dir "manager" in CF's internal webroot, shows the contents of the manager dir in the runtime dir.
are trying to standardize on a version with all of the PDF documents in our content management system and would like to have our documents compatible with the latest version of Acrobat if we choose. Method: Result: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
Kishore Balakrishnan 20-Plus Years of Rapid Deployment with Adobe ColdFusion—and Still Going Great technology stands the test of time. Webauthor built its business on Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise in 1995 and continues to use the platform to this day—building custom applications for CRM, web content
5082821 CF-4203469 Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF) DDX / Table of Contents - StyledText Problem Description: Declaring StyledText elements in the TableOfContentsEntryPattern does not output styled / formatted text in resulting PDF. This is happening with install on ubuntu
Unable to parse API Manager config file. wsconfig on Linux
. cfreport There’s no real good reporting system for Flex. cfdbinfo I think this would get a lot of use for people building RDS Bolt extensions with a Flex UI. That, and creating db management clients. cffile, cfdirectory, cfzip, cfftp Document / Content Management clients cfquery, cfsproc cfldap Being
2597630 CF-3043111 File Management : VFS-S3 Henry Ho Bug 85895:(Watson Migration Closure)Content-Type is not set appropriately when writing to S3 Problem: Content-Type is not set appropriately when writing to S3. It is always "application/octet-stream", which might not work for some browser
2613496 CF-3304743 External U. The problem is erratic. It occurs at most, one percent of the time. As a consequence, it is hard to reproduce. I managed to get it to happen with debugging turned on and have attached the "view source" contents from the web browser, for a request that was executed
2613515 CF-3300889 Installation/Config : Connector Jeff McNaughton Web service crashes application pool on IIS 7.5 Related Bugs: CF-3222748 - Similar to Problem Description: I have a web service we use to publish content to a content management system. In general, you pass it a long string
2597120 CF-3114268 Document Management : PDF manipulation Bryn Parrott Bug 87268:-(Watson Migration Closure)Attribute 'bookmarkTitle' for the DDX command TableOfContents is documented to work but it produces an error Problem: Attribute 'bookmarkTitle' for the DDX command TableOfContents
2613311 CF-3333862 Document Management : PDF generation Aaron Neff cfdocument/cfpdf scale="100" shrinks content Consider this pseudo-code (please see attached code): foobar Just run the attached script and see: 1) Resultant image dimensions are 800x200 (good) 2) Blue 800x200 div does not fill
Comment on Authenticated users bypass NTFS ACL permission authorization getting access to restricted CF content without error by John D.
diligence in reporting issues is always appreciated. BTW, I cannot say for sure if Akamai Download Manager is being used when one clicks on the trial download, but the content seems to be coming from an Akamai server.
these virtual directories. directoryList() correctly returns type="Dir" for these virtual directories, but directoryDelete() only deletes the virtual directory but not its contents. And directoryCreate() is unable to create these virtual directories. Repro: 1) In S3 Management Console, create the "mydir
2608060 CF-4197415 Document Management : Presentation ext-user cfpresentation (format="ppt"): formatting issues when generating PPT with HTML content. Problem: cfpresentation (format="ppt"): formatting issues when generating PPT with HTML content. Method: Issue No. 1: CFPresentation background
2597119 CF-3114269 Document Management : PDF manipulation Bryn Parrott Bug 87269:-(Watson Migration Closure) DDX Assembler variable within TableOfContentsEntryPattern produces an error Problem: DDX Assembler variable within TableOfContentsEntryPattern produces an error. does not produce an error
2608463 CF-4088687 Document Management Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: empty img src throws cfdocument timeout throws cfdocument timeout Repro: hi Actual result: The content of this document process takes more than 60000 milliseconds to process. Expected result: PDF w/ text "hi
GetMetadata(myFile); structDelete(metadata, "last_modified"); = "bar"; writeDump(structKeyList(metadata));//returns content_type,request-id,Date,ETag,BAR,owner,content_length,id-2 storeSetMetadata(myFile, metadata); 6) See exception (note: metadata key "Date" does not exist at the S3 Management Console
2611989 CF-3567818 Document Management : Office Integration ext-user spreadsheetwrite autosize does not work to re-size columns with datetime values. Problem: spreadsheetwrite autosize does not work to re-size columns with datetime values. Method: Result: a row from
2598676 CF-3041065 Document Management : PDF manipulation Shawn Kallner Bug 82322:(Watson Migration Closure) cannot be nested for multi level bookmarks Problem: cannot be nested for multi level bookmarks. Throws an error. Obviously nesting this tag is very important as it gives way to multi level
2600219 CF-3039263 Document Management : PDF manipulation CF Searching Bug 78757:The documentation states that when foreground="true" the watermark appears in the background (behind the page content) Problem: The documentation states that when foreground="true" the watermark appears
2599088 CF-3040600 Document Management : PDF generation Aaron Neff Bug 81169:[ANeff] Bug for: Div background color (of 1st div w/ content) is not honored when cfdocument/pdf is written directly to disk Problem: [ANeff] Bug for: Div background color (of 1st div w/ content) is not honored when
2597010 CF-3192782 Document Management : PDF manipulation Brian Stewart When using DDX to merge certain pdf files, we get the following error "failed: DDXM_S18005: An error occurred in the PrepareTOC phase" When using DDX to merge certain pdf files, we get the following error: failed: DDXM_S18005
2608365 CF-4110955 Document Management Chris Hopkins cfdocument generation of PDF occaisionally hangs for all PDF generation Problem Description: Occaisionally PDF generation using cfdocument hangs and times out for all PDF generation accross a server. Steps to Reproduce: #certificate_content
5368735 CF-4204030 File Management : VFS-S3 [ANeff] Bug for: S3 Content-Type always application/octet-stream on first write Issue: S3 Content-Type always application/octet-stream on first write Repro: myS3Directory = "s3://mybucket";//replace with your bucket name if(!directoryExists(myS3
2609099 CF-3931678 Document Management Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: Currently cannot use its page variables in expressions like can. For example, this code works: somethingsomething else However, this code throws exception "An error has occurred while retrieving content for setting Header
2614093 CF-3132537 File Management David Boyer ColdFusion not handling HTML5 multiple uploads correctly. Problem Description: When submitting a form that contains more than one HTML5 upload field (each having the "multiple" attribute set), ColdFusion appears to mix up the number of files each field
2609282 CF-3862308 External U. It's actually a limitation from the CF side. The S3 Management Console fully supports: 1) 'folder' creation (directoryList() returns type="Dir") 2) 'folder' deletion (recursively deletes all child 'folders' and files) Thus, directoryCreate() should be able
2597071 CF-3127807 Document Management Claude Schnéegans CFDOCUMENT not rending greyscale images properly Problem Description: When content submitted to CFDOCUMENT, it appears that one chanel greyscale images are internally converted to 3 chanel RGB images. The problem is that apprently
4790898 CF-4203313 File Management : CFFile fileWrite() not equivalent to as does not support a "mode" parameter Problem Description:As far as I can tell I can't set the permissions of a file I create in cfscript without first creating the file and then using fileSetAccessMode() Steps
5120594 CF-4203583 File Management : VFS-S3 AWS S3 interaction - File Append error with CFFILE tag and function Problem Description: Amazon Web Services (AWS); Simple Storage Service (S3). Beginning in Update 6 (and still in Update 7), Calls to append to a text file with CFFILE action
web 4 which were messed up. Now such file problems are very common if you use a separate "content server" to hold your documents other than the actual CF code. You usually add the content folders//drives as a virtual directory and map it to IIS. To fix such file problems the best way to fix
2602016 CF-3037327 Document Management : PDF manipulation Shigeru Nakagaki Bug 75093:Acrobat 9 has a "portfolio" feature which makes PDF projects by combining various contents Problem: Acrobat 9 has a "portfolio" feature which makes PDF projects by combining various contents. Also SWF files can
2613310 CF-3333879 Document Management Aaron Neff CF10 Updater 1 changes ICE Browser behavior The following returns a different result in CF10 Final vs CF10+Updater1: myVar={}; myVar.width = 750; myVar.height = 250; myVar.textToWrite = "foobar"; myVar.stormBase = create
Comment on New ColdFusion Release Adds Performance Monitoring Toolset for Measuring, Monitoring and Managing High-Performing Web Apps by Bradley Wood
6881052 CF-4207423 File Management : VFS-RAM File with colon in name breaks DirectoryList() and DirectoryDelete() Problem Description: If you write a file to a ram:/// directory with a colon ":" in the name, you will no longer be able to read/delete from that directory. In our case, we
2598106 CF-3041732 Flex/Flash : AIR Integration peter Bierman Bug 83490:(Watson Migration Closure)Problem occurs wtih the coldfusion Problem: Problem occurs wtih the coldfusion.air.SyncManager class.Setting the secureHttp property to 'true' does not work.http requests are still submitted over http
2608915 CF-3964534 Document Management Rene Robert CFDOCUMENT generates PDF with repeating phrases, text past the margins Problem Description: We have a two-column layout with 0 margins that we use for our daily market summaries. Erratically, when we use text-decorators (bold
but no info was given as to what is needed. Date Added :2016-02-08 14:44:14.0 Added By:aksriniv Note Added: Please try with this from command line for uninstalling : API manager: sudo /Applications/ColdFusion2016APIManager/uninstall/Uninstall\\ APIManager Similarly
2912062 CF-4198393 File Management : CFFile Spiros Aggelopoulos Cffile and BOM (Byte order mark) characters Problem Description: each time use the cffile to write to a file the function reproduce the BOM singature. Steps to Reproduce: run this code : Actual Result: the contents of the file
2600134 CF-3039354 Document Management : Office Integration Akbarsait N Bug 78913:The problem occurs when try to witre a long description value into Excel Problem: The problem occurs when try to witre a long description value into Excel. Method: 1. Create a .cfm file.2. Copy the below content
will begin throwing the "CacheManager has been shut down. It can no longer be used." error. Steps to Reproduce: Copied from this blog post 1. Download attached repro case. 2. Open /ehcache/app1/index
2597628 CF-3043124 File Management : VFS-S3 Henry Ho Bug 85916:(Watson Migration Closure)storeSetMetadata() will override previous storeAddACL() calls Problem: storeSetMetadata() will override previous storeAddACL() calls.workaround: storeSetMetaData() first, then storeAddACL(). Method: file
Tracker Issue cfdocument timeout
2861079 CF-4198342 Document Management : PDF generation Cody W cfdocument timeout Problem Description: Intermittently, cfdocument will simply stop working completely. We're using the below code to generate a PDF, and it simply times out. test You can set the timeout to be any length you want
2610810 CF-3678093 File Management Rafael Salomon cfloop looping over a file can't handle unicode encoded files Problem Description: cfloop can't handle files that are encoded in anything other than iso-8859-1 Steps to Reproduce: Step 1: create a test file with the following content and save
2598797 CF-3040933 Document Management : PDF manipulation CF Searching Bug 82077:CFPDF - rotation produces blank/distorted pagesUsing the rotation attribute with pdf's created by CFDocument and OpenOffice 3 seems to produce blank/distored pages Problem: CFPDF - rotation produces blank
2613512 CF-3301875 Security Benjamin Reid Login method on cfide.adminapi.administrator component failing intermittently I can run the code below successfully, but if I run the same bit of code repeatedly it fails intermittently with an error of type "
2614312 CF-3117486 File Management : CFFile Ari-Ville Fernelius CFZIP and CFFILE cannot read archives containing stored files with exotic characters in their names Problem Description: Originally this problem scenario started with me wanting to enable users uploading fles larger than 4GB
riaforge project page (the only edits that would be allowed on the riaforge site). The old comments and other non-code content for the project could remain--for posterity,  again in read-only mode. And heck, the riaforge site code itself could be moved to github also, to allow community contributions
2673444 CF-4126543 Document Management Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: stamps not showing in Adobe Reader Related Bugs: 4131474 - Blocking CT Gibson 4131476 - Blocking CT Gibson CF-4149530 - Similar to Stamps show in Acrobat but not in Adobe Reader (verified w/ Adobe Reader DC) Steps to reproduce
2673509 CF-4126470 Document Management Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: cfpdfparam exception incorrect cfpdfparam displays invalid attribute combinations in its exception message Repro: cfhtmltopdf(destination=expandPath('./MyPDFToStamp.pdf'), overwrite=true) {writeOutput("my PDF");}; cfpdf
_vuiTEMPLATE already exists StackTrace net.sf.ehcache.ObjectExistsException: Cache erms_vuiTEMPLATE already exists at net.sf.ehcache.CacheManager.addCache( at at ... (snipped for character count limit) org
","04/26/17","00:08:35",,"Session rotated successfully." "Error","ajp-bio-8012-exec-5","04/26/17","00:16:10",,"There is one error in your configuration: * Cache 'QUERY' error: MaxElementsInMemory is not compatible with MaxBytesLocalHeap set on cache manager The specific sequence of files included or processed is: ..., line: 15
2596962 CF-3303703 Document Management : Office Integration James Moberg Spreadsheets created with CFSpreadsheet don't allow for End+Arrow Navigation Problem Description: Excel files generated by ColdFusion don't allow for moving the cell cursor to the next "blank" cells using the keyboard.
2597146 CF-3085328 Document Management : PDF generation marc esher Bug 87251:-(Watson Migration Closure)I'm running CF 9 Problem: I'm running CF 9.0.1 on JDK 7, update 2. I know, it's not supported but I'm posting this bug anyways. With CFDocument, if the HTML contains a textarea, I get the error
2609612 CF-3821299 Document Management Jim Johnson Proxy Attributes on CFDocument Tag are ignored... Problem Description: When I supply the proxyHost and proxyPort attributes on my cfdocument tag and convert HTML to PDF, the proxy server I specify is NOT used to look up any resources such as (but
2600880 CF-3038557 Document Management : PDF manipulation Ahamad Patan Bug 77227:When a pdf page contains tables, cfpdf extract text not extracting text properly Problem: When a pdf page contains tables, cfpdf extract text not extracting text properly. Method: Use the cfml reference doc and try
.eclipse.core.internal.filebuffers.SynchronizableDocument.set( at org.eclipse.core.internal.filebuffers.ResourceTextFileBuffer.setDocumentContent( at org.eclipse.core.internal.filebuffers.ResourceTextFileBuffer.initializeFileBufferContent( at org
2611396 CF-3626704 Document Management : PDF manipulation Chris Davais CFPDF action="addWatermark" replaces alpha channel on ARGB images with black Related Bugs: 3673381 - Similar to CT Gibson Problem Description: I am using CFIMAGE to make an ARGB image with a transparent background. When I
2609112 CF-3928680 Document Management Tim Brown Cannot use HTML in cfhtmltopdfitem header/footer Problem Description: If you try to use HTML inside the type of header or footer it throws an error stating an illegal element is encountered. This definitely seems like an oversight as many who
Path("./appconfig.json.cfm");//this["name"] = "AppCfcTest";// this.datasource ="MavResource";// this.applicationTimeout="";// this.clientManagement="";// this.clientStorage="";// this.customTagPaths={};// this.loginStorage="";// this.mappings={};// this.sessionManagement="";// this.sessionTimeout="";// this.setClientCookies="";// this
2608334 CF-4120116 Document Management Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: thread attribute variables unusable in cfhtmltopdf/cfdocument header/footer thread attribute variables unusable in cfhtmltopdf/cfdocument header/footer unless local-scoped first ---------------------- cfhtmltopdfitem repro
2609269 CF-3863487 File Management : VFS-S3 Indy Griffiths Calling StoreAddACL before StoreSetMetadata doesn't commit the new ACL to S3 Duplicate ID: CF-3043124 Problem Description: When working with S3 objects, calling StoreAddACL before StoreSetMetadata doesn't commit the new ACL to the S3
2596938 CF-3338219 Document Management : PDF Form Mosh Teitelbaum cfpdfform does not release handle on written file Problem Description:When using cfpdfform to populate form fields within a PDF file, ColdFusion does not release the file handle to the written file upon completion. All subsequent
2615421 CF-3043393 Document Management : Office Integration jj blodgett Bug 86400:When a spreadsheet is read using cfspreadsheet, it will error when the first characters of a field is a pound sign (#) and then field has formatting of at least "Custom" or "Date" Problem: When a spreadsheet is read
2597593 CF-3043350 File Management : VFS-S3 Raymond Camden Bug 86314:(Watson Migration Closure)If you use S3 to get a directory list and an item does not have a last modified date, you get an error Problem: If you use S3 to get a directory list and an item does not have a last modified date, you
Comment on [cielen] Unable to start API Manager: "Not able to connect to Redis server." by CFwatson U.
2673507 CF-4126473 Document Management Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: action="redact" 'pages' attribute should be optional action="redact" 'pages' attribute should be optional For action="merge", the pages attribute is optional and defaults to * (all pages) For action="addstamp", the pages attribute
2608501 CF-4075206 Document Management Mary Jo Sminkey Improper Timeout with CFHTMLTOPDF Related Bugs: CF-4095069 - Similar to Problem Description: Recently implemented code to generate PDFs with cfhtmltopdf but we keep getting timeouts with an improperly low timeout, it reports "120 ms" when
2608723 CF-4017002 File Management Bryan Henderson cfzip does not provide compressed size in local file header Problem Description: the compressed size value in the local file header for each file in a zip archive is set to 0, causing a mismatch with the compressed size of the file in the central
2610565 CF-3695879 File Management Joe Steinbring The accept attribute of cffile doesn't work with Microsoft Word DOCX files Problem Description: I have noticed that you can not use the accept attribute to limit a script to only allow uploading of docx files. If you eliminate the accept attribute
6627694 CF-4206502 File Management Erratic behaviour in file-download code when there is an error in a cfcontent attribute Problem Description: Consider the usual ColdFusion file-download code involving cfheader and cfcontent. Suppose there happens to be an error in either of cfcontent
7022671 CF-4207815 Document Management : PDF Form CFPDFForm tag action=”populate” not creating PDF form with field value form PDF binary object Problem Description: This issue only occurs in CF2018 and does not occur in CF11. We have applied the latest update for CF2018 which is Update 8. On a
2611110 CF-3640428 Document Management : Office Integration John Dobbins Using SpreadSheetFormatCellRange and other SpreadSheetFormat functions may create corrupted Excel spreadsheets Problem Description: When creating a spreadsheet using the cfscript SpreadSheet functions, any time a format
4717680 CF-4203278 Security : Sandbox cfxml incorrectly triggers io.FilePermission Problem Description: with sandbox on, is trying to use xml content to check read/write permissions Steps to Reproduce: c:\htdocs\pmall_admin\tests\ Actual Result: Message access denied ("java
2609022 CF-3945665 File Management : VFS-S3 ext-user directoryList("s3://key:secret@bucket", false, "query", "", "name asc", "file") throws NPE. Problem:directoryList("s3://key:secret@bucket", false, "query", "", "name asc", "file") throws NPE. Method:Run the attached code Result:at cflistBucket2
exacerbates the problem of ignoring a timeout when it does happen. And besides the debugging output, it would also be useful to be able to have this information logged, for admins to manage this when coders don't think to. Just like we have an option to log pages that exceed a given timeout, I might propose