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2613496 CF-3304743 Core Runtime Mark Butler Runtime processes the wrong template for a given request Duplicate ID: CF-3227975 Problem Description: Base frameset contains two template URLs, one for each frame. On load, browser submits requests to server. On execution, the runtime often runs a
2608480 CF-4081225 Core Runtime Brian Klaas Update the AWS Java SDK Bundled with the Core ColdFusion Server The AWS Java SDK bundled with ColdFusion 11 at /cfInstallRoot/lib/ is woefully out of date. The current AWS Java SDK is at version 1.10.x. Bundling more recent builds of the SDK with new
2800609 CF-4198286 Core Runtime Tom Chiverton isDate returns true for numbers Problem Description: isDate(17824761) returns true Steps to Reproduce: #isDate(17824761)# Actual Result: true Expected Result: false Any Workarounds: no
2596844 CF-3574332 External U. Do issues regarding "CFHTTP" belong in the "Core Runtime" product area? (I'm never sure how to categories issues that I report.)
3344895 CF-4199390 Core Runtime Doug Cain Enable Code Coverage Tools TDD / BDD is a core component of modern development and is aided greatly by code automation tools. There is currently no easy way to get detailed test coverage information from cold fusion. The closest seems to be this project
2673189 CF-4147159 Core Runtime Aaron Shurmer bug 4126642 isn't fully fixed it's still broken with locks persisting after UDF has returned ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4147159 External Customer Info: External Company
2608654 CF-4033627 Core Runtime Neil Pugh Add ArrayConcatenate function Which allows me to concatenate an array to an array. Or enhance ArrayAppend() so that I can pass an array to append to the array. Also change ArrayAppend so it returns a reference to the array that was passed in
3707850 CF-4200150 Core Runtime : Parser/Compiler Edward Keighley Context validation error for cfcase Problem Description: An implicit array inside a tag appears to cause a compiler exception in an unrelated tag, but only if there are enough other variable references within the same script
5065022 CF-4203450 Core Runtime,Performance ObjectLoad() Component Never Garbage Collects / ObjectLoad() = Memory Leak setting requesttimeout=600; function testObjectLoadSave() { var itemCount = 1000; var thingMap = {}; for (var i=0; i
6765207 CF-4206983 Core Runtime : Parser/Compiler CFML Compiler Memory Bug Problem Description: When a file is structured in just the right way the compiler will parse different parts of the file incorrectly. Steps to Reproduce: See included files Actual Result: Coldfusion error Message
6259329 CF-4205250 James M. Tracker appears to be very casual and doesn't maintain a changelog to track changes in status. Here's the latest: 11/3/2019 08:00-ish Pacific - Component updated to 'Core Runtime' - Component updated from 'Installation/Config : Hotfix Installer' to an empty value
2673434 CF-4126553 Core Runtime Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: coldfusion.runtime.SessionTracker getSessionCollection nullpointer SessionTracker's getSessionCollection throws null pointer. Works in CF11. component { = "SessionTrackerNullPointer"; THIS.sessionManagement = true
2671773 CF-4198099 Core Runtime Joel Grimes form.fieldnames list loses fields with name ending in "_date" Problem Description: form.fieldnames list does not contain any field that was named with _date at the end of the name Steps to Reproduce: date: Name: Actual Result: NAME
2609693 CF-3801082 Core Runtime Jojo Serquina Email validation using IsValid Problem Description: IsValid('email',',,') - returns TRUE. Notice the two commas at the end of the email string? Any other characters(? / | . etc) returns FALSE. Prior to CF11, the same test returns
2610146 CF-3725691 Core Runtime Ben Nadel isValid() accepts email addresses with leading / trailing whitespace. isValid( "email" ) will return True for email addresses that have leading and or trailing whitespace. See:
2597584 CF-3043383 Core Runtime : Session Management Rob Brooks-Bilson Bug 86387:-(Watson Migration Closure)Session cookies see comments Duplicate ID: CF-3044031 Problem: Session cookies see comments Method: Result: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2597587 CF-3043373 Core Runtime : Session Management Rob Brooks-Bilson Bug 86365:CFCookie tag see comments Problem: CFCookie tag see comments Method: Result: N/A ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3043373 External Customer
4416936 CF-4202698 Core Runtime : Session Management [ANeff] ER for: SessionRotate() and SessionInvalidate() for J2EE Session Management ER for: SessionRotate() and SessionInvalidate() for J2EE Session Management Note: Adobe has always recommended J2EE Session Management over CF Session
4768365 CF-4203301 Core Runtime : Parser/Compiler Struct and Array Literals in parenthesis cannot be returned. Problem: Any expression(s) should be able to be wrapped in parenthesis (to either aid in order of operands or not) however simply trying to compile "return ([]);" or "return ({});" throws
5485904 CF-4204099 Core Runtime : Parser/Compiler Struct Member Function is invalid construct Problem Description: I som situations I want to find out how some code was called. I use function callStackGet and loop through the result. ColdFusion throws an exception. Steps to Reproduce: {code
6259329 CF-4205250 Core Runtime Nest CFOUTPUT error in hotfix 5 (hf-2018-00005-315699) Problem Description: A tag at a higher level (i.e. outside of a function call) will cause a nested tag error if the function call contains a . Steps to Reproduce: test.cfm: {code:java} #test
6284671 CF-4205352 Core Runtime Returning literal struct within IF returns wrong value when ELSE branch exists Problem Description: Returning literal struct within IF returns wrong value when ELSE branch exists. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: [return].value is 0
2608099 CF-4191223 Core Runtime jesus loaiza An error occurred during EXTRACTIMAGE operation in the cfpdf tag Problem Description: Error: com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.core.exceptions.PDFCosParseException: Undefined filter - JPXDecode Steps to Reproduce: cfpdf extractimage from pdf file Actual
3036566 CF-4198559 Core Runtime Shirak Avakian Elvis operator fails when using with argument scope Problem Description: After deploying lastest update 4 for ColdFusion 2016, using Elvis operator with arguments scope the runtime will throw error value undefined in arguments Steps to Reproduce: 1
2608055 CF-4198020 Core Runtime Geoffrey Demoulin Allow more advanced features in regular expression Feature 3042166 requested for coldfusion 9 was deferred as "NotEnoughTime" in 2014. I would think it is time to revisit the issue since regular expressions are a powerful tool that is most needed
2608137 CF-4183676 Core Runtime Alexandre Potvin Latreille Resolve CFC path like it would from a specific file I'm facing a problem where I'm reconstituting an object graph based on component properties meta-data. Is there a way to resolve the fully qualified name of a component as it would
2608153 CF-4180330 Core Runtime Paul Wesson ImageReadBase64 Complaining The input string is not base64-encoded Problem Description: Executing the "ImageReadBase64" function on a string being pulled from my database is saying "The input string is not base64-encoded". Yet, if I take that exact same
2608159 CF-4177084 Core Runtime Stephen Baker When enablecfoutputonly is on, output cascades into included templates. Problem Description: tags cascade into an included template with respect to output for the enablecfoutputonly setting, but not for processing #s. Steps to Reproduce: Create two
2673184 CF-4147446 Core Runtime mark landmann Duplicate() Function error Duplicate ID: CF-4122530 Problem Description: Using a duplicate on Query return results in an empty query being returned. Steps to Reproduce: Create a CFC with a method, such as: SELECT Account
2608483 CF-4079616 Core Runtime Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: THIS.strictDateValidation isDate() isn't reliable (please see 3859758 and numerous others), so something should be done. This ER is to add a THIS.strictDateValidation boolean Application.cfc setting (and same for Application
2608743 CF-4013671 Core Runtime Adam Cameron Remove restriction on nesting threads See: Basically one cannot nest thread calls. If there is no *real* reason to prohibit this and it's an artificial restriction on your
2609313 CF-3859758 Core Runtime Tom Chiverton isDate('16.51p') eq true Problem Description: isDate() validates as true obviously invalid dates. Steps to Reproduce: Case 1: #isDate('16.51p')# #dateformat('16.51p')# Case 2: isDate('9.69p') eq true Actual Result: YES 16-May-14 Expected Result
2609409 CF-3849572 Core Runtime : Session Management Brian Goetke CF10 Session variables lost Problem Description:Upon upgrading from CF8 to CF10 on Oct 17, 2014, Some of our users are losing their session variables right after they are set upon logging in to our web application. This is affecting
2609971 CF-3740241 Core Runtime Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: invoke() overrides short-circuiting Duplicate ID: CF-3740276 invoke() overrides short-circuiting Steps to reproduce: function bar() {return true;} //Example 1: returns no error (good!) if(structKeyExists(variables, "foo
2609975 CF-3740141 Core Runtime Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: Outer query loop mangles inner grouped query loop A grouped query loop gets mangled if wrapped w/ another query loop Steps to reproduce: 1) Run this: #type#: #name# Expected Output: tag: cfif cfset function: now len Actual
2610691 CF-3686134 Core Runtime Aaron Martone Temporary CFCASE scope during CFSWITCH This may or may not be a good idea, all depending on how you code, but like how there is a CFCATCH scope available to caught exceptions, many times I find myself performing an in-depth equation for the expression
2610692 CF-3686032 Core Runtime Aaron Martone isNull check on non query-prefixed variables returns incorrectly Duplicate ID: CF-3556076 Problem Description: When inside a with a query attribute and value, performing an isNull check on fields of the query results in an incorrect response, ie is
2611574 CF-3608928 Core Runtime Luis Majano Ability to implement custom session storage Having the ability to choose where to store session is important for enterprise systems (more than 1 server). Having the ability to choose the destination of session would be a huge addition. Adobe could offer
2611586 CF-3608332 Core Runtime : Session Management Jae Jung CFCOOKIE setting empty string with double quotes on the client side Problem Description: When setting the CFCOOKIE to an empty string the client side browser shows that ColdFusion placed double quotes as the value. Steps to Reproduce
2613565 CF-3222889 Core Runtime Charles Leverette GetPageContext().getRequest().getParameter('param_name') is undefined Problem Description: GetPageContext().getRequest().getParameter('param_name') is undefined Steps to Reproduce: 1. Create CFM page with following code: 2
2597624 CF-3043159 Core Runtime : Application Tom Chiverton Bug 85961:(Watson Migration Closure)isJSON (etc) don't understand the application-level 'secure' JSON prefix settings Problem: isJSON (etc) don't understand the application-level 'secure' JSON prefix settings Method: #is
) at org.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench.createDisplay( at org.eclipse.ui.PlatformUI.createDisplay( at com.adobe.ide.coldfusion.rcp.intro.Application.start(Unknown Source) at at org.eclipse.core.runtime
3422688 CF-4199524 Core Runtime : Session Management branden johnson session data between sub domains i need to maintain session data between sub domains you can do this easy by setting: this.setdomaincookies="yes" works perfectly because the cfid and cftoken cookies domain is set to ".domain
3127954 CF-4198764 Core Runtime : Session Management ColdFusion 11 update 11/12 losses CFTOKEN Problem: ColdFusion 11 update 11/12 losses CFTOKEN Method: When loading the template for the first time after applying update 11/12. It does display the CFTOKEN however with the second refresh
2608704 CF-4020259 Core Runtime Daniel Mackey ReplaceNoCase throws String index out of range Problem Description: Call ReplaceNoCase( "?rtibat Kurma" , "Kurma" ,"","one") and string index out of range is thrown Steps to Reproduce: Run this ReplaceNoCase( "?rtibat Kurma" , "Kurma" ,"","one
Tracker Issue Invalid Tag Nesting
6297441 CF-4205368 Core Runtime Invalid Tag Nesting Problem Description: Installed ColdFusion 2016 Update 12 Update Level: 12 Update Type: General Install Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2019 22:49:33 -0600 Steps to Reproduce: Ran code know to work. Received the result below, Actual Result: Invalid tag
2613654 CF-3194160 Core Runtime Bill Moniz cfdump of an array with an undefined element throws an exception Problem Description: If an array is created without an initial size, then data is added to an index greater than 1, a cfdump of the array with throw an exception. Steps to Reproduce: Run
2672748 CF-4173657 Core Runtime Kyle Thompson setDomainCookies causes NullPointerException on domain change Problem Description: An application with setDomainCookies set to "yes" will trigger a NullPointerException in coldfusion.runtime.AppHelper.isValidCFID Steps to Reproduce: Set set
2608169 CF-4173282 Core Runtime : Parser/Compiler Henry Ho Trusted cache does not eliminate all file io checking Problem Description: With trusted cache enabled, one would expect it to not stress the disk io as much but CPU snapshot in VisualVM tells us that if cfinterface is used, or if a cfc
2608485 CF-4079303 Core Runtime Alexandre Potvin Latreille Allow to set the exception cause when using cfthrow/throw Problem Description: throw/cfthrow doesn't support the ability to specify an exception cause. Being able to specify which low-level exception caused the high-level exception
2609498 CF-3842517 Core Runtime Rajesh Brukol Error when trying to loop (cfloop) over an empty array that is created implicitly and passed to (as an argument) - returned from a function. Problem Description: There is an error when trying to loop (cfloop) over an empty array that is created
.eclipse.ui.PlatformUI.createAndRunWorkbench( at com.adobe.ide.coldfusion.rcp.intro.Application.start(Unknown Source) at at org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.EclipseAppLauncher.runApplication(EclipseAppLau at org.eclipse.core.runtime
.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench.createAndRunWorkbench( at org.eclipse.ui.PlatformUI.createAndRunWorkbench( at com.adobe.ide.coldfusion.rcp.intro.Application.start(Unknown Source) at at org.eclipse.core.runtime at org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.PartRenderingEngine$ at at org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.PartRenderingEngine.createGui( at org.eclipse.e4.ui
.adobe.ide.coldfusion.securityanalyzer.views.ViewResultSet$16.preShutdown( at org.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench$ at at org.eclipse.ui.internal.JFaceUtil$ at
2608442 CF-4093045 Core Runtime Jork Zijlstra Methods are overwritten by CF version with the same name Problem Description: When creating a (private) method named '_binary" in a component it causes a runtime exception "argumentNotFound" or IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch. Although
6085541 CF-4205012 Core Runtime : Parser/Compiler Error message when compile Problem Description: Receive error message - ..\wwwroot\WEB-INF\web.xml (The system cannot find the path specified) Steps to Reproduce: Use compiler Actual Result: - ..\wwwroot\WEB-INF\web.xml (The system cannot find
2927125 CF-4198404 Core Runtime : Session Management Chad Armond JSESSIONID not passed in URL when using ADDTOKEN parameter OF CFLOCATION tag Problem Description: In previous versions of ColdFusion, the JSESSIONID was passed in the URL query string when using the ADDTOKEN parameter
2608082 CF-4195914 Core Runtime Geoffrey Demoulin GetComponentMetadata incorrectly displaying parent components full name when using relative names Problem Description: When calling GetComponentMetadata on a component extending a parent component located in an other directory by referencing
2672501 CF-4194734 Core Runtime Forrest Hanvey J2EE Sessions disable CFService on CF2016 When I enable J2EE session variables on a CF2016 server instance, stop the windows service, and try to restart it it will become unresponsive and never start Steps to Reproduce: Accesss a cfservices admin
2672562 CF-4187705 Core Runtime John Whish The parser / compiler falsely identifies methods as operators. Problem Description: The parser / compiler falsely indentifies methods as operators. Steps to Reproduce: {code:java} function filter() { return { "gte": function (n
2672574 CF-4186948 Core Runtime Mingo Hagen CF's .toJson() should not trigger on Java object with the same function name Problem Description: When calling .toJson() on a java object which has a method implemented with that name, ColdFusion tries to run it's own version of a function with that name
2673119 CF-4150051 Core Runtime CF Mitrah MitrahSoft Elvis operator inside the closure is not working as expected Problem Description: Elvis operator inside the closure is not working as expected Steps to Reproduce: Run the Try CF URLs to see the issue in CF 2016
2673377 CF-4126677 Core Runtime Sean Corfield Version delimiter breaks all version checking code Duplicate ID: CF-4022322 Problem Description: The change from comma-separated to dot-separated version number breaks all version checking code out there in the wild, and will cause havoc for users
2673638 CF-4120119 Core Runtime Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: deadlocks Duplicate ID: CF-4126642 Calling the following code creates a deadlock in CF2016 but doesn't in CF11: function getObjectFromCache(id) { var result=""; lock name="" type="exclusive" timeout=10
2608340 CF-4118773 Core Runtime Tom Chiverton fileCopy() between S3 breaks meta data Problem Description:fileCopy fails to correctly copy meta data between resources on S3 Steps to Reproduce: Create a file on S3 with Content-Type of 'application/pdf' and Cache-Control of 'max-age=300' run file
2608374 CF-4108132 Core Runtime J S Support mappings to archive files, similar to to Lucee Archives (.lar files) Lucee's ability to package CFML source into Lucee Archives (.lar files) has become foundational to our approach for deployments targeting that engine. It would be a great benefit
2608422 CF-4098395 Core Runtime Jork Zijlstra isnull with argument struct["key"] will cause a element is undefined error Problem Description: Calling a isnull(struct["key"])); with a struct notation like struct["key"] (square bracket version) will cause an element us undefined in struct error
2608583 CF-4058796 Core Runtime Joe Chastain requestTimeout attribute of cfsetting tag not working in Application.cfc Problem Description: Previous to ColdFusion 11, the 'requestTimeout' attribute of the cfsetting tag was working in Application.cfc without needing to be in the 'on
2608587 CF-4057613 Core Runtime Mark Gaulin CFID & CFTOKEN include "hash" prefix this is not compatible with previous versions Related Bugs: CF-4107152 - Similar to Problem Description: CF11 (and at least some recent updates to CF10) include some kind of "hash" prefix in front of the values
2609027 CF-3944603 Core Runtime lannoye xavier custom tag inserts white space in font and behind output Problem Description: I wrote a custom tag to output text regarding user's frontend language. I noticed that when I use my tag into a link, the line of the link was a little bigger than the text
2609128 CF-3925839 Core Runtime James Harris Columns added w/ QueryAddColumn w/o a datatype specified that have at least one value in the column fail during a for-in loop Problem Description: Columns added via QueryAddColumn without a datatype specified that have at least one value in the column
2609529 CF-3836783 Core Runtime Rafael Bandeira Rodrigues en_BR must be one of the ColdFusion supported locales Problem Description: All services that uses locale information crashses when de OS is Brazilian Portuguese Steps to Reproduce: Install ColdFusion Server on Any server thats
2609696 CF-3800047 Core Runtime Reto Aeberli setEncoding breaks cffile action=uploadall with some empty file fields Problem Description: Using setEncoding for form breaks cffile action=uploadall when empty file fields are submitted. This code works fine on ColdFusion 9, it looks that the fix
2609912 CF-3744955 Core Runtime Jork Zijlstra import doesn't help when creating new object Problem Description: When you have multiple component classes with the same name in the same codebase, you use the import statement, the create new 'class' just picks one out of all with the same name
2609970 CF-3740276 Core Runtime Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: implicit struct|array overrides short-circuiting implicit struct|array overrides short-circuiting Steps to reproduce:   {code} function bar(){ writeDump(ARGUMENTS); abort; } if(structKeyExists(variables, "foo") and bar
2609986 CF-3739102 Core Runtime Henry Ho XMLSearch() is not thread safe Problem Description: XMLSearch() throws Expression exception Unable to process the result of the XMLSearch for '' under load if xml object is shared between thread via Application scope or variables scope of a CFC
2610309 CF-3712059 Core Runtime Adam Cameron Implement feature toggling See ColdFusion desperately needs a feature toggling mechanism so things like isValid(), ?: and isNull() can be safely fixed without the perennial
2611049 CF-3648120 Core Runtime Andrew Scott Another example of scoping issues with inconsistent bahviour Problem Description: While doing a bit of code re-factoring I ran into an error with the following code. public void function myMethod(testVar) { var testVar = "defined locally
2612231 CF-3536920 Core Runtime John Bartlett A query object with a column type "object" becomes column type "longvarchar" after being converted to WDDX and back Problem Description: Creating a query with a column of type "object" does not stay "object" if converted to WDDX and back. Adding a new
2612782 CF-3430245 Core Runtime : Session Management Jörg Zimmer Session gets lost on cflocation width J2EE Sessions and Cookies disabled Problem Description: When using cflocation with enabled J2EE Sessions, the redirect doesn't respect the ;jsessionid on the url. So the session gets lost. Steps
2612969 CF-3358817 Core Runtime : Application Adam Cameron Application.cfc-set mappings don't work in onApplicationEnd() See blog article It has code and results. Bottom line, mappings set in Application
2613670 CF-3193399 Core Runtime : Session Management ext-user Enabling ( Memory Variable -> Enable session variables ) and clicking on submit two to three times throws exception "There was an error accessing this page. Check logs for more details. Click here to login" Problem: Enabling ( Memory
2597097 CF-3119991 Core Runtime david ames coldfusion.util.key leaks Problem Description: Objects of class coldfusion.util.key are never released for GC. We have a large CF application that will leak a few hundred MB per day of coldfusion.util.key classes. App server will crash after a few weeks
2597109 CF-3114282 Core Runtime : Application Andrew Scott Bug 87280:-(Watson Migration Closure)I found that while in the Application constructor, one can't use per application or administrator mappings Problem: I found that while in the Application constructor, one can't use per application
2615160 CF-3043875 Core Runtime : Application Eric Twilegar Bug 86955:There is no way to "get" the default datasource set in the application Problem: There is no way to "get" the default datasource set in the application.cfc from other code. Method: Create an application.cfc. Put a in it.In a
2598094 CF-3041746 Core Runtime : Session Management Daniel Mackey Bug 83514:We are getting sporadic "java Problem: We are getting sporadic "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Session is invalid" exceptions since we moved to ColdFusion 9 from ColdFusion 8.This started happening since we turned on J2
2599077 CF-3040612 Core Runtime : Session Management Jason Dean Bug 81187:When using the HTTPOnly flag in CFCOOKIE on a CF9 Web Application deployed on Tomcat 6, the cookie statement is improperly constructed resulting in appending the HTTPOnly statement to the cookie value Problem: When using
2599223 CF-3040459 Core Runtime : Application Mark Mandel Bug 80798:onRequestEnd() doesn't fire when or is used(I'm also 99% sure that it doesn't fire when using either)It would be useful if it did Problem: onRequestEnd() doesn't fire when or is used(I'm also 99% sure that it doesn't fire
2599926 CF-3039574 Core Runtime : Session Management Aaron Neff Bug 79299:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] CF10 ER for: cfhttpsession, to maintain session across cfhttp requests Problem: [ANeff] CF10 ER for: cfhttpsession, to maintain session across cfhttp requests.1|2| 3| 4|if "local
2600185 CF-3039298 Core Runtime : Session Management Luis Majano Bug 78825:(Watson Migration Closure)Session even if disabled via application or the administrator still creates an empty session structure Problem: Session even if disabled via application or the administrator still creates an empty
2602169 CF-3037153 Core Runtime : Session Management James Moore Bug 74764:When "Use J2EE session variables" is checked under Server Settings > Memory Variables Problem: When "Use J2EE session variables" is checked under Server Settings > Memory Variables. Session.CFID is not defined
2602963 CF-3036294 Core Runtime : Application todd sharp Bug 73152:(Watson Migration Closure)Allow application specific class paths Problem: Allow application specific class paths. This setting would point to a directory that contains Jar files to dynamically load for an application. Currently
3475133 CF-4199617 Core Runtime e-domizil License Team ColdFusion service does not start with large cfclasses folder Problem Description: We expierence startup issues of ColdFusion. This happens when the folders "C:\ColdFusion2016\cfusion\wwwroot\WEB-INF\cfclasses" has 50K or 75K class files cached
)start eclipse with a already configured model3) open data model perspective4) open existing data modelstyle/services/model explorer should thrown a stacktrace5)close eclipse6)start cf9+lcds3 instance7)start eclipse and open the same data modelall views should work fine Result: org.eclipse.core.runtime
2611175 CF-3634391 Core Runtime Andrew Scott null pointer exception thrown every now and then Problem Description: There seems to be a certain condition, where the getApplicationMetaData is throwing an exception. Not sure how or why this is occurring and has been seen in my application logs
2608824 CF-3983192 Core Runtime Tom Chiverton CFLOCk with name does not always only allow one request at a time Under only moderate load, we get pairs of stuck threads due to trying to duplicate() a shared object in a CFC. To prevent this, we use a named CFLOCK to single thread requests. However
2596999 CF-3195811 Core Runtime Michael Zock Exceeding the postParametersLimit limit won't log an error message. Problem Description: As explained in a recent hotfix has introduced a limit on the number of form fields that can be submitted in a
4901051 CF-4203360 Core Runtime Any Servlet filter that doesn't have the pattern attribute causes startup to fail Problem Description: If a Tomcat valve is added to server.xml (such as mod_cfml) and it lacks the attribute "pattern", Coldfusion will fail on startup with on Server
( at at org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.PartRenderingEngine.createGui( at org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench.renderers.swt.ElementReferenceRenderer.createWidget( at org