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2672742 CF-4174138 AJAX : UI Components DONALD BAERT CFLAYOUTAREA include file will not display Duplicate ID: CF-4165704 Related Bugs: CF-4165704 - Similar to Problem Description: When including a file in a cflayout and cflayoutarea the data initially displays then disappears. Steps
2609723 CF-3792163 AJAX : UI Components DONALD BAERT CFGRID getGridObject no longer defined Problem Description: Many of the pages we developed using CFGRID no longer work the way they did in CF9/CF10. We cannot call the ColdFusion.Grid.getGridObject in CF11. It will always error with "Unable
2611602 CF-3607474 Installation/Config : Connector DONALD BAERT Unable to set file/folder level authentication or SSL. Problem Description: Entire site’s authentication and/or SSL is set to whatever the root of the site is. If site root is set to Windows Authentication we are unable to set any