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Comment on Whitespace being stripped out when using CFMAIL by Dan Corrigan
Comment on Whitespace being stripped out when using CFMAIL by Dan Corrigan
Comment on CFMAIL fails with IDN domains and German Umlauts and maybe other special chars by Dan Corrigan
Comment on CFFTP secure requests just keep spinning without giving an error when connection fails by Dan Corrigan
3053611 CF-4198581 Net Protocols : MAIL Dan Corrigan CF-4187127 is still an issue Problem Description: CF-4187127 says it was fixed, but no version containing the update was listed. This should have been a simple fix but it wasn't in Update 4 either. If its fixed it seems to have never made
2727373 CF-4198219 Administrator : Administrator Console Dan Corrigan can't change password containing trailing space character Problem Description: When installing CF 2016 I had copied in a CFAdmin password from a different document. This caused the password to inadvertently get entered with a
2613472 CF-3310070 Web Container (Tomcat) Dan Corrigan coldfusion.exe not being restarted by coldfusionsvc.exe Problem Description:Coldfusionsvc.exe does not restart coldfusion.exe, unless coldfusionsvc.exe itself is restarted. Steps to Reproduce:With the CF Application service running use task
2608578 CF-4060624 Database DAN CORRIGAN new DataDirect 5.1.3 drivers leak Heap memory Problem Description: We had been running CF 10 Update 13 for over a year with no issues but after we upgraded to update 16 5 different busy servers of ours crashed every few days regularly. With the help
2611573 CF-3608959 Logging DAN CORRIGAN coldfusion-out.log and coldfusion-error.log randomly stop logging Duplicate ID: CF-3324121 Problem Description: same as Bug 3324121. The fix helped but now at some random number of logs rolls it stops logging and Steps to Reproduce: Just wait until a
2613395 CF-3324121 Logging Dan Corrigan Coldfusion-out log stops most logging after log rolls Problem Description: The coldfusion-out.log file stops logging most events after it reaches 20MB and rolls over. The newly created coldfusion-out.log seems to only log info about datasources and FTP
2613459 CF-3311863 Web Container (Tomcat) Dan Corrigan coldfusion.exe stops when logging out from console session on Windows 2003 Problem Description:The coldfusion.exe stops when logging out of Windows when physically at the console or using and RDP session to grab session 0 (using /admin
2613394 CF-3324126 Web Container (Tomcat) Dan Corrigan CF!0 metrics show mostly null values Problem Description: When you enable CF metric logging most values show as null. Only free and total memory show values along with active sessions. the rest say "null". See below: "Information