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2672459 CF-4195439 Scheduler Darrell Rapier NTLM option for scheduled tasks Please add a NTLM option for scheduled tasks. ACF has NTLM baked into the product's endpoints, but not when scheduling. Why? We are having to create proxy files that launch other cfhttp request that push the NTLM
2608196 CF-4165797 Nimit S. Hi Darrell, I have tried to repro this issue with the given code snippet. But I am unable to repro this. I am getting the expected output. Have you tried applying the latest hotfix of ColdFusion 11? -Nimit
2608196 CF-4165797 Nimit S. Thanks Darrell for providing this information. I am getting this exception in the command prompt. Are you getting this exception in the browser as well? -Nimit
2614175 CF-3127145 Language : Tags Darrell Rapier Support for Integrated Windows, NTLM (for cfhttp, cfsharpoint, etc...) Duplicate ID: CF-3035879 Provide support for Integrated Windows or NTLM authentication on tags such as cfhttp and cfsharepoint. Inside the Government almost every intranet site
2609200 CF-3912610 Caching Darrell Rapier Clustered cache regions using cfquery causes endless request Problem Description: Using Terracotta's offheap/clustered cache regions with a cfquery causes the server to never finish the request. It is like it is in some infinite loop and the stats
2608196 CF-4165797 Core Runtime Darrell Rapier reReplaceNoCase is throwing a java.lang.StackOverflowError at org.apache.oro.text.regex.Perl5Matcher when using Java 1.8 Problem Description: The regular expression in reReplaceNoCase is throwing an error when it should be matching the string
2764711 CF-4198260 Net Protocols : LDAP Darrell Rapier CFLDAP fails under load and requires CF to be restarted for it to work again. Problem Description: Under a request with thousands of CFLDAP calls the CFLDAP tag fails with this error message" "An error has occurred while trying to execute query