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Comment on ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 9 and ColdFusion 11 Update 17 released by Dave Cordes
Comment on ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 2, ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 8, and ColdFusion 11 Update 16 released by Dave Cordes
2613366 CF-3328875 Language Dave Cordes TimeFormat Function Bug w/Local2Utc Duplicate ID: CF-3323800 Problem Description: Formatting a date/time string using the Local2Utc function reverts to the local server time. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Actual result for the timestamp
2612353 CF-3519649 Language Dave Cordes Could not find the included template Problem Description: I am logging a bug in reference to this blog post on the Adobe forums: Steps to Reproduce: Install ColdFusion on IIS and wait for it to randomly happen
2608889 CF-3970419 Net Protocols : POP Dave Cordes CFPOP With Gmail Returns 0 Records Problem Description: Using a simple POP command to Gmail returns 0 records even when there are unread messages in the inbox. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: The result is I see the dump with 0 records
2608933 CF-3959342 Language Dave Cordes Weird NumberFormat Bug Problem Description: I believe I just found a bug with the NumberFormat function but this only happens when you add 2 numbers together and the second number ends in .01 or .99. Yeah I know, really weird right? Steps to Reproduce
2609499 CF-3842370 Core Runtime Dave Cordes Could Not Find The Included Template Problem Description: In ColdFusion 10 and previous you could add an IIS virtual directory and then add a ColdFusion mapping and use that mapping to include a file. After installing ColdFusion 11 that's not possible
2612242 CF-3535992 Security Dave Cordes Session Cookies Being Overwritten Browsing From SSL to Non SSL Problem Description: Please note I am using J2EE session variables so keep that in mind. I am seeing session cookies being overwritten when browsing from an SSL connection to a non SSL