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5007488 CF-4203408 Dave L. I see this bug has been fixed in build 2020.0.0.314525, however what about the other currently supported versions of CF? This issue still plagues version 2016 and I have many customers still relying on that version receiving updates and fixes.
Comment on cfldap tag will not connect to Windows Server 2019 domain controllers by Dave I.
Comment on jetty lib directory missing after applying update 11 by Dave I.
6269102 CF-4205271 Dave C. Charlie, I am wondering the same thing. My bug report was closed in favor of this one and I don't even know if they are the same. We need some feedback from Adobe on what to do. I have a bunch of ColdFusion servers that are stuck on ColdFusion 2018 Update 4 because
6259329 CF-4205250 Dave D. I placed the patch under /hf-updates instead of /lib/updates on my dev box. When I moved it to the right directory, my broken example works. I also added multiple levels deep as Michael P. suggests. It was still working with the patch. I will confirm in production.
6259329 CF-4205250 Dave D. I've attached sample script showing it broken. It appears related to the within a . I show two versions, one where it is and one were it is not. Pretty simple code. Seems like a serious bug.
6259329 CF-4205250 Dave D. I tested in our production code and I still get "A query driven queryloop tag is nested inside a queryloop tag that also has a query attribute. This is not allowed. Nesting these tags implies that you want to use grouped processing. However, only the top-level tag can
6259329 CF-4205250 Dave D. I think Michael has identified the difference between our production code and the example I provide. As a workaround for us, we've decide to just swap out the tags with where appropriate. However; the example Michael posted is most like our prod issue. "If called from
6259329 CF-4205250 Dave D. Just to confirm, I was given patch hf201600-4205269 and running CF2016 Update 12. I this the right patch?
Dave Cordes No I have not because I don't even know what that flag does. No one from Adobe has explained it.
Dave Cordes Yes I was aware of the option, but again, just because someone from Adobe says to do something, I'm not going to do it just to see if it works. I don't want to be the guinea pig here. I want a solution.
6259329 CF-4205250 Dave D. Is the fix only good for update 12? I'm still waiting for them to send it to me. I'm on update 12 and getting the same error as you.
Dave Watts Is the DLL a 32-bit DLL? Are you using a 32-bit version of CF running in a 32-bit application pool? I think they both have to be the same "bit-ness". Dave Watts, Eidolon LLC
2962266 CF-4198446 Dave H. Please fix this! Been waiting months for this to be resolved. Seems okay in iOS11 now but still an issue for everything before.
Comment on Lost access to Settings Summary page in CFAdmin by Dave I.
2682626 CFB-3818777 General - IDE cfjedimaster It crashed when I typed names = ["Ray", "Scott", "Todd", "Dave"]; //arguments are item, index, and whole array unames = { return n.ucase(); }); /* This too unames = arrayMap(names, function(n) { return n.ucase(); }); */ l
6259329 CF-4205250 Nimit S. Thanks Dave for the confirmation. I am glad it worked for you.    
6881052 CF-4207423 Dave D. Updating the commons-vfs2-2.0.jar to commons-vfs2-2.4.jar will resolve this specific issue, but would need to be tested for other functionality. I think CF2018 also uses the older 2.0 version.
2608464 CF-4088535 Kailash B. Hi Dave, I have tried replicating this issue 3 times in the same configuration as yours. I am unable to do so. I didn't have to change the class at all for the expected results. Can you please try this on a different machine and see if you get the same issue?
6259329 CF-4205250 Nimit S. Hi Michael & Dave, I have tried both the suggestion for the repro case but I am unable to repro it with the patch. Can you please share the settings summary and exception stack trace so that I can confirm the patch is applied successfully? -Nimit
2608234 CF-4159130 Suchika S. HI Dave , I tried the following code on 9.0.2 , 10.0,11.0 & 2016 . I get the same error on all versions mentioned above. Please attach a repro code , if there is some regression ! We would fix ,if there is a regression caused! Thanks, Suchika.
Comment on cfldap tag will not connect to Windows Server 2019 domain controllers by Dave I.
6259329 CF-4205250 Nimit S. Hi Dave, I have shared the patch with Michael and he has confirmed that the patch is working at his end. You can either contact [|] or [|] to get the patch.   -Nimit
Comment on ObjectLoad() Component Never Garbage Collects / ObjectLoad() = Memory Leak by Dave D.
Dave Cordes Has anyone noticed hanging CFHTTP transactions after updating to patch 5 on ColdFusion 2018? I just added a bug report outlining our issues on 5 different production servers.
2673518 CF-4126455 External U. +1 - I agree w/ Pete and Dave. Pete's suggested wording in the description would be good to implement.
6269102 CF-4205271 Piyush K. Dave, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear before. It is especially for CFHTTP. Although HTTPClient would normally be the underlying library used in anything that involves making an HTTP call. I don't see the full thread dumps attached with CF-4205439, but the single thread
2672521 CF-4191659 Immanuel N. Hi Dave, I just attempted to install connector for All sites, created a new site, and attempted to have CFM pages in the new site served, and it worked for me. The connector just ensures 'index.cfm' is added to IIS site's Default Document. If requests to the site
5065022 CF-4203450 Piyush K. Chris/Dave, I understand, the issue arises only when you use Redis with CF2016 update 7, for storing objects. CF2016 does have built-in support for Redis, but for storing session scoped variables only. And we have built-in support for Redis as an alternative caching
2673552 CF-4126417 CFwatson U. Added By:ankumarp Note Added: Dave, edited the bug title. Date Added :2016-02-03 19:14:35.0 Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Dave Ferguson Note Added: This should say "API manager uninstaller" but I can't edit the bug report. Date Added :2016-02-03 19
2673537 CF-4126434 Installation/Config Dave Ferguson Scheduled task names are garbled Post install migration the scheduled task names are all garbled. CF 2016 migration: AS in CF10 install:
2612242 CF-3535992 External U. Hi Shilpi, I helped Dave with this issue, and coming up with a workaround posted here: It looks like tomcat always sets the secure flag on the JSESSIONID if the request is secure (see my blog entry for a link to the code
2597485 CF-3043778 Dave M. Prior to a CF upgrade, I was looking back through my old bug reports, and I see this is marked "Withdrawn". That's nonsense, I did no such thing, and if I had, I would have said why in the comments. I don't know what if any current versions still do this, but the bug
2609208 CF-3911221 General Server Raymond Camden each not available for list funcs While listEach works, I could have sworn this worked - in fact, I'm pretty darn sure it did - I had it in a presentation: names = "Ray,Scott,Todd,Dave"; names.each(function(n,i) { writeOutput(n); if(i < n
2682640 CFB-3793771 External U. Hey Adobe, fundamental functions like "unindenting" are not "low impact". Bugs in CFClient compilation? THAT would be low impact (only affecting Dave Ferguson as far as I can tell). Unindenting is the sort of functionality is something EVERYONE uses. It not working
2609687 CF-3804384 External U. Bloody hell! Only just saw Hari's comment. I completely agree with Dave here. It's fundamentally flawed architecture / language design to have the same function work differently like this simply because it's within tags / client-CFC. It doesn't matter than you
2613156 CF-3342917 External U. I see my ticket here is a duplicate of Dave Ferguson's #CF-3330785. My attached code can be used to reproduce the issue. But please close my ticket here #CF-3342917 as being a duplicate of #CF-3330785. I will go vote for #CF-3330785. Thanks!, -Aaron
2682277 CFB-4130088 Installer Dave Ferguson Unable to install on Mac 10.10 The installer failed when installing on Mac 10.10 stand alone. The installer claims I need a version greater than 10.6. I can install as an eclipse plug-in however and that works fine
2609689 CF-3802931 External U. Hi Dave, Thank you for confirming. Regarding a dateConvert() issue, I would definitely raise another bug report w/ repro code. Thanks!, -Aaron
2673552 CF-4126417 API Manager : Installer Dave Ferguson API manager uninstaller fails The uninstaller just quits out without doing anything. I get to the point that it alerts me that it is being ran a non-root user. I accept the warning then the installer pauses for a couple seconds then closes
2682617 CFB-3833130 External U. I sent the file to '' and it's from my name (see below) I sent the first email on 10/27/2014 and then again on 11/19/2014. Sincerely, Dave
2598355 CF-3041428 Administrator : Administrator Console Dave Ferguson Bug 82838:I was trying to view logs in CF admin after installing updater 1 and received the error Problem: I was trying to view logs in CF admin after installing updater 1 and received the error. Method: Result: The is
6259329 CF-4205250 Nimit S. James, Can you please confirm if it is still an issue or not?   Dave, Can you please share the exception stack trace and sample code that you are trying? I will try the same code at my end.   -Nimit
2672645 CF-4181269 Kailash B. Hi Dave, The bug CF-4167755 has indeed been fixed, but it will go out in HF3. I don't know how it shows HF2 in your side. You are most probably viewing 'found in build' instead of 'fixed in build'. Thanks, Kailash
2609689 CF-3802931 External U. Aaron, just so we're clear, this bug report is not for dateConvert, it's for dateCompare. I appreciate your desire to contribute, but advising how well dateConvert works in CF10 seems off target. Regards, Dave.
6269102 CF-4205271 Piyush K. Dave, That's the plan. No timelines yet. Can you pls share the file mentioned in your threadDump (E:\WEBROOT\\global\extensions\components\lloyd_mats.cfc:21)). I would like to see how the HTTP call is being made in your code. You may mail
Charlie Arehart Mike, I understand your stance. To anyone else in Mike's boat, you may want to consider some thoughts I share in replies to Dave Cordes who created 48 | /go/portalentry.html?entryID=2469&commentID=2497#comment2497
2682288 CFB-4130074 Performance Dave Ferguson Content assist causes builder to freeze Invoking content assist causes builder to freeze and become unresponsive. Use the attached code to create a project. In the index file type "
Daniel Szwarc Hey Dave, thank you for this post. Although 2 years old, I find it quite useful today as macOS Catalina does not support Dreamweaver CS6. The reason I love Dreamweaver CS6 and previous versions is because of its unique "related files" feature. I open one file and all the related
2850685 CF-4198338 Language : Validation Dave Levin ISValid("email") allows email addresses ending in period Problem Description: When checking if an email address is valid and that email address ends in a period (.) it will pass the validation check however this is not a valid email address (or
given as to what information was needed. Date Added :2016-01-12 15:46:37.0 Added By:aksriniv Note Added: Dave, by "need more information' I meant test code to repro the error. Thanks. Date Added :2016-01-12 13:52:47.0 Added By:aksriniv Note Added: Aaron, if this code block is enclosed within block
2673461 CF-4126524 CFwatson U. Added By:prk Note Added: Apologize... its my bad, I have not enabled prerelease flag, its enabled now. Date Added :2015-11-26 17:15:31.0 Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Dave Ferguson Note Added: This bug has been updated to "need more information" . Any chance
Release User User Name:Dave Ferguson Note Added: I think you are confusing bugs. This issue has nothing to do with the API manager. This is about the CF server itself. Date Added :2016-02-08 14:47:51.0 Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Dave Ferguson Note Added: issue marked as needing more info
5065022 CF-4203450 Chris P. At this point, I'm pretty sure that the memory consumption is somehow caused by the implementation of CFCs. (I work with Dave. He is our CTO.) When I identified this problem earlier, I thought it was a problem with ObjectLoad(), specifically for components. I'm able
2608933 CF-3959342 Language Dave Cordes Weird NumberFormat Bug Problem Description: I believe I just found a bug with the NumberFormat function but this only happens when you add 2 numbers together and the second number ends in .01 or .99. Yeah I know, really weird right? Steps to Reproduce
. It's described and downloadable here: Dave's implementation spawns a new thread that lives forever, and he had to write some nasty workarounds to get it working. I talked to Dave about it and suggested that an improved
2612353 CF-3519649 Language Dave Cordes Could not find the included template Problem Description: I am logging a bug in reference to this blog post on the Adobe forums: Steps to Reproduce: Install ColdFusion on IIS and wait for it to randomly happen
2608234 CF-4159130 Language Dave Ferguson querySetCell wont take a struct as data I discovered this when porting my blog (running blogcfc) from CF9 to CF2016. In blog.cfc in blogcfc around line 1534 there is this line of code that worked fine in CF9 The var "catData" is a struct set earlier
Charlie Arehart Online ColdFusion Meetup meeting, Nov 7, 6p ET. All welcome We will have another meeting of the Online ColdFusion Meetup, Thursday Nov 7 at 6p US Eastern time (note the changed time compared to the previous one on Oct 31). The presentation will be “SQL, I learned enough to break
2613366 CF-3328875 Language Dave Cordes TimeFormat Function Bug w/Local2Utc Duplicate ID: CF-3323800 Problem Description: Formatting a date/time string using the Local2Utc function reverts to the local server time. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Actual result for the timestamp
2608889 CF-3970419 Net Protocols : POP Dave Cordes CFPOP With Gmail Returns 0 Records Problem Description: Using a simple POP command to Gmail returns 0 records even when there are unread messages in the inbox. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: The result is I see the dump with 0 records
2608464 CF-4088535 Document Management Dave Levin CFPDF Issue: cf-acrobat.jar is missing PDFToUnicodeCMap.class I discovered this problem when trying to use on a PDF. When I ran the operation I received an error message: "Unable to instantiate com
Dave Levin What ColdFusion IDE Do You Use in 2017? Hello ColdFusion community.  Over the years I’ve used several different integrated development environment (IDE) tools for my ColdFusion projects.  Here’s a brief timeline of the IDEs that I’ve used over time in chronological order: Macromedia
2672521 CF-4191659 Installation/Config : Connector Dave Quested IIS connector doesn't work for ALL sites Problem Description: When setting up ACF2016 to work for 'all' IIS sites it doesn't setup the connector right. The default document (i.e. index.cfm) throws a 404 for any site/path (i.e. http
2597662 CF-3043019 Administrator : Administrator Console Dave Merrill Bug 85494:(Watson Migration Closure)If your ColdFusion instance is on a non-standard port, 9069 for example, the directory selector for mappings does not work Problem: If your ColdFusion instance is on a non-standard port, 9069
2596880 CF-3513929 Core Runtime : Session Management Dave Krajcar IE can't retain session variables Problem Description: When using IE to access code on a CF9 server, the session variables are lost between pages. Chrome does not have this problem, only IE users. (Unfortunately, IE is required
2610317 CF-3711093 Installation/Config : Connector Dave Colledge Apache Connector not working for 2.4.6 Problem Description: When running the apache connector after install, I get a "Could not determine apache connector version" in the Connector log. Steps to Reproduce: Install Ubuntu 13.10 64
yesterday (and previously).

And fwiw, I will be doing a Dev week talk on Friday on getting started with the cf docker images. It’s a revision and expansion of one I did at cf summit 2019, available online.

Note also the recent post here from Dave Byers, 2nd in a series on his take on getting

Charlie Arehart Well, they are offering it as "a solution", so I don't think it's right to assume you'd be a "guinea pig". This is not a workaround some community member is proposing. Still, I understand you are saying you want to know more (as I said in my previous comment). Folks taking Dave
2673562 CF-4126405 API Manager : Installer Dave Ferguson API Manager startup error API Manager should gracefully fail to start if the necessary supporting services are not available. It should also report what was wrong so some corrective action can be taken. Given the error below I would have
2600349 CF-3039120 Document Management : PDF manipulation dave Ferguson Bug 78494:extracttext does not correctly extract unicode text Problem: extracttext does not correctly extract unicode text. XML document is written as utf-8. All unicode text is garbled in the xml. Method: result
one is using writedump while looping over some variables, and sometimes the variable may be complex and sometimes it may be simple, it could be helpful to have an argument that tells the function to create a newline (br tag) either above or below. But I understand some may think this to be a very low
2613606 CF-3206511 AJAX : Media player Dave Ferguson cfmediaplayer fails if using jQuery 1.7 On Chrome my site loads in jQuery 1.7 (at the bottom of the page). The media player loads in jQuery 1.6.1. If I remove my version of jQuery the media player (HTML5 version) works just fine. But if I
2602067 CF-3037267 Reporting : CFReport Dave Boulden Bug 74999:(Watson Migration Closure)Can we have an API to allow us to programmatically interrogate CFR files? Problem: Can we have an API to allow us to programmatically interrogate CFR files? It would allow automated prompts to be generated
Tracker Issue MSSQL 2012 Support
2611323 CF-3630461 Database Dave DeVol MSSQL 2012 Support Problem Description: ColdFusion 10 update 11 is suppose to support MSSQL 2012, but does not seem to support the AlwaysOn "ApplicationIntent" flag that is a big part of SQL 2012. Steps to Reproduce: I should be able to add "Application
2599341 CF-3040311 Database : CFQuery Dave DeVol Bug 80384:cfquery not returning named query variable in certain instances Problem: cfquery not returning named query variable in certain instances. i.e cfquery name="testQRY" will result in "Variable TESTQRY is undefined. " with a query
2598554 CF-3041203 AJAX : Plumbing Dave Boulden Bug 82501:I am attempting to refresh the contents of a CFLAYOUTAREA tab panel using the underlying Ext library as there appears to be no supplied method via the ColdFusion ajax scripts Problem: I am attempting to refresh the contents of a
2609499 CF-3842370 Core Runtime Dave Cordes Could Not Find The Included Template Problem Description: In ColdFusion 10 and previous you could add an IIS virtual directory and then add a ColdFusion mapping and use that mapping to include a file. After installing ColdFusion 11 that's not possible
2612242 CF-3535992 Security Dave Cordes Session Cookies Being Overwritten Browsing From SSL to Non SSL Problem Description: Please note I am using J2EE session variables so keep that in mind. I am seeing session cookies being overwritten when browsing from an SSL connection to a non SSL
Bug 87084:[maestrofjp] I've confirmed there is a bug in ACF9 having to do with StructKeyDelete() and structs shared by reference
2596693 CF-3831792 Language Dave Merrill Equality (eq) result is incorrect for some strings with numbers and commas or hyphens Problem Description: Asking whether two strings are equal with the eq operator gives incorrect results in some cases, specifically some strings containing only numbers
2612765 CF-3431423 Database Dave Merrill INSERT query on Oracle database with maxrows attribute on cfquery tag crashes Problem Description: Running a SQL INSERT query against an Oracle database with a maxrows attribute on the cfquery tag crashes. Steps to Reproduce: INSERT INTO Some
3509624 CF-4199727 Language Dave Merrill Query column values resolve incorrectly in a query passed as an argument to a CFC method Problem Description: Query column values resolve incorrectly in a query passed as an argument to a CFC method. Inside cfloop, when a cfc method is passed a query
2611322 CF-3630470 Net Protocols : IMAP Dave DeVol CFIMAP Flags - "SEEN", or "RECENT" or "SINCE" flags not supported Problem Description: CFIMAP does not allow for additional flags. I can get email from an IMAP account, but I have to get all the emails and can only limit by record count. If I try
2671951 CF-4197947 Web Container (Tomcat) Dave Levin fails to serve PDF files when using IIS rewrite Problem Description: When serving a PDF document through and IIS url rewrite the document will be incomplete (thus corrupt). The HTTP response headers that are returned show the wrong content
2600236 CF-3039246 General Server dave Ferguson Bug 78721:When loading files into "ram://" server eventually became unresponsive Problem: When loading files into "ram://" server eventually became unresponsive. Server had to be restarted to regain normal operations. Granted my intent was to cause
2600237 CF-3039245 General Server dave Ferguson Bug 78720:When loading files into "ram://" server eventually became unresponsive Problem: When loading files into "ram://" server eventually became unresponsive. Server had to be restarted to regain normal operations. Granted my intent was to cause
2612961 CF-3360555 Installation/Config Dave DeVol Tomcat Access Log enabled by default in server.xml Problem Description:Tomcat AccessLog enabled by default in server.xml Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: When this is enabled, all requests to the tomcat server are logged. This results
Tracker Issue CFChart issues
3025670 CF-4198546 Charting/Graphing : Server Dave DeVol CFChart issues Problem Description: Previous versions of CF used to have the ability to set Threads in the CFAdmin, CF2016 does not, although this is still available in the adminapi. The docs says you can set this from 1 to 5. If CF2016
not exist on my server so I am not sure where that came from. Method: Result: 06/25 11:44:03 Error [jrpp-1] - GC overhead limit exceeded The specific sequence of files included or processed is: E:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Dave\crash.cfm' 06/25 11:44:03 error ROOT CAUSE: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead
2603278 CF-3035807 Text Search : Solr Dave Ferguson Bug 72679:While indexing about 10,000 records from a query the indexing process stopped without error Problem: While indexing about 10,000 records from a query the indexing process stopped without error. Any attempts to update that index fail