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Comment on What ColdFusion IDE Do You Use in 2017? by Dave Levin
2850685 CF-4198338 Language : Validation Dave Levin ISValid("email") allows email addresses ending in period Problem Description: When checking if an email address is valid and that email address ends in a period (.) it will pass the validation check however this is not a valid email address (or
3823059 CF-4200441 Language : Functions Dave Levin WriteDump() should have an option to output to a new line It would be great if writeDump() could have an optional attribute to output a string to its own line. Obviously if you're using writeDump() on an object it already does this, but it could
Dave Levin What ColdFusion IDE Do You Use in 2017? Hello ColdFusion community.  Over the years I’ve used several different integrated development environment (IDE) tools for my ColdFusion projects.  Here’s a brief timeline of the IDEs that I’ve used over time in chronological order: Macromedia
2672645 CF-4181269 Document Management Dave Levin cfpdf action="thumbnail" throws PDFDocException (Windows) Problem Description: This is a follow-up to bug:4167755 which was reported for Linux and marked as fixed in ColdFusion 2016 Update 2. This issue is still present after update 2 on Windows
2608464 CF-4088535 Document Management Dave Levin CFPDF Issue: cf-acrobat.jar is missing PDFToUnicodeCMap.class I discovered this problem when trying to use on a PDF. When I ran the operation I received an error message: "Unable to instantiate com
2671951 CF-4197947 Web Container (Tomcat) Dave Levin fails to serve PDF files when using IIS rewrite Problem Description: When serving a PDF document through and IIS url rewrite the document will be incomplete (thus corrupt). The HTTP response headers that are returned show the wrong content
3985130 CF-4201173 Language : Functions Dave Levin isValid VariableName marks invalid variable names as valid if they have a period in them Problem Description: If you run isValid("variableName") on an invalid variable name that has a period in it, you will get a true (is valid) response. Steps