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Comment on Revise how "generic" CFScript syntax works by Dave M.
Comment on Bug 86864:Round trip JSON serialization of queries (serialize to JSON then deserialize back to CF) has a data transparency problem in that null values in the db end up as the string 'null' at the end of the pro by Dave M.
6259329 CF-4205250 Dave D. Is the fix only good for update 12? I'm still waiting for them to send it to me. I'm on update 12 and getting the same error as you.
Dave Cordes Yes I was aware of the option, but again, just because someone from Adobe says to do something, I'm not going to do it just to see if it works. I don't want to be the guinea pig here. I want a solution.
6269102 CF-4205271 Piyush K. Dave, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear before. It is especially for CFHTTP. Although HTTPClient would normally be the underlying library used in anything that involves making an HTTP call. I don't see the full thread dumps attached with CF-4205439, but the single thread
2609208 CF-3911221 General Server Raymond Camden each not available for list funcs While listEach works, I could have sworn this worked - in fact, I'm pretty darn sure it did - I had it in a presentation: names = "Ray,Scott,Todd,Dave"; names.each(function(n,i) { writeOutput(n); if(i < n
2600349 CF-3039120 Document Management : PDF manipulation dave Ferguson Bug 78494:extracttext does not correctly extract unicode text Problem: extracttext does not correctly extract unicode text. XML document is written as utf-8. All unicode text is garbled in the xml. Method: result
2612239 CF-3536062 Administrator Dave DeVol In memory file system limit cannot be more than JVM max heap size If you set your jvm.config server max heap size in gigabytes (-Xmx8g) and not megabytes (-Xmx8192m), when trying to make server setting changes in the ColdFusion Administrator - > Settings
Charlie Arehart Mike, I understand your stance. To anyone else in Mike's boat, you may want to consider some thoughts I share in replies to Dave Cordes who created 10 | /go/portalentry.html?entryID=2469&commentID=2497#comment2497
5065022 CF-4203450 Chris P. At this point, I'm pretty sure that the memory consumption is somehow caused by the implementation of CFCs. (I work with Dave. He is our CTO.) When I identified this problem earlier, I thought it was a problem with ObjectLoad(), specifically for components. I'm able
2596693 CF-3831792 Language Dave Merrill Equality (eq) result is incorrect for some strings with numbers and commas or hyphens Problem Description: Asking whether two strings are equal with the eq operator gives incorrect results in some cases, specifically some strings containing only numbers