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Comment on Revise how "generic" CFScript syntax works by Dave M.
2609208 CF-3911221 General Server Raymond Camden each not available for list funcs While listEach works, I could have sworn this worked - in fact, I'm pretty darn sure it did - I had it in a presentation: names = "Ray,Scott,Todd,Dave"; names.each(function(n,i) { writeOutput(n); if(i < n
2600349 CF-3039120 Document Management : PDF manipulation dave Ferguson Bug 78494:extracttext does not correctly extract unicode text Problem: extracttext does not correctly extract unicode text. XML document is written as utf-8. All unicode text is garbled in the xml. Method: result
2612239 CF-3536062 Administrator Dave DeVol In memory file system limit cannot be more than JVM max heap size If you set your jvm.config server max heap size in gigabytes (-Xmx8g) and not megabytes (-Xmx8192m), when trying to make server setting changes in the ColdFusion Administrator - > Settings
5065022 CF-4203450 Chris P. At this point, I'm pretty sure that the memory consumption is somehow caused by the implementation of CFCs. (I work with Dave. He is our CTO.) When I identified this problem earlier, I thought it was a problem with ObjectLoad(), specifically for components. I'm able
2596693 CF-3831792 Language Dave Merrill Equality (eq) result is incorrect for some strings with numbers and commas or hyphens Problem Description: Asking whether two strings are equal with the eq operator gives incorrect results in some cases, specifically some strings containing only numbers